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Fixed Mistakes

by Rebecca Hackney 6 months ago in Fantasy
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fixing the past

Do you wish you had the power to go back in time? To go back and fix one mistake, to say something you should have said or unsaying something you regret? Well I have the power to go back in time. Why am I telling you this? I wanted my side of the story to get out, before it gets twisted like most supernatural stories do.

Now before I get ahead of myself let me explain some aspects of these powers. It is not as glamorous as the movies make it seem and it is not simple either. There is a lot of research that has to go into the time lapse to make sure nothing major is being done in the present. Another aspect is I can’t go back unless I was present, this means I can only go back as far as my birth. Oh and I can’t go to the future, only backwards. Now I can go to different countries and states however I have to be physically there first. By this I don’t mean I have to be there the time I am trying to transport back too, rather the present time I am starting from. Alright now that that is out of the way let us begin….

From the beginning Kaylee knew she was different, although she didn’t know how or why. She had a very normal upbringing, a loving mother and father, and a couple siblings but she always felt different than the rest. It was on her tenth birthday when she realized she was indeed different; that she had the ability to go back in time. Kaylee didn’t know how it worked at first or even what she was doing so she started practicing. Fast forward twelve years and that is where the story really begins.

Another boring workday at the office of Smith and Richards investigation services, Kaylee stared out the window and couldn’t believe it was a year since she started working. Get a job her Mother kept telling her. In fact, Kaylee’s mother was the one who got her this job. Kaylee remembered the conversation like it was yesterday….

Kaylee and her mother Lisa were having their weekly lunch date “You need a job honey. You can’t keep wasting your life away.” said Mother.

“I know mom. I’m working on it but there hasn’t been anything I’m interested in doing.” replied Kaylee.

“Well right now you don’t need interesting, you need money.”

“But mom you always said to do the job you love and it won’t feel like work.”

“That was before you needed one and everyone I have been finding for you you throw away.”

“I know I know. Listen I’m super grateful for putting the word out for me and helping me find jobs. But I just don’t know about some of them.”

“I get it, but even if you don’t like these jobs they can get you by until you find this so called dream job.”

Kaylee sighed, “You’re right mom, it is time that I start doing more. Ok, next job you find I will take it seriously and try it out.”

“I’m so glad you said that dear. Here his name is Richard and he owes me a big favor.” Lisa handed Kaylee a business card and left the table.

So here Kaylee was a year later working for Richard, she still couldn’t believe how long it has been. Then again for Kaylee even a minute feels long with her ability. She sat there lost in thought when her boss walked in. Richard was an older man, roughly in his sixties; he had short gray hair and a welcoming face. He wore a dark blue suit with a red stripped tie. Richard was the Richards in Smith and Richards investigation services, most of the time Smith was never there. Most employees don’t know his first name or even what he looks like. Rumor has it Smith left the business but due to legal issues Richard can’t change the name.

Richard approached Kaylee’s desk with a big smile on his face. He spoke with an upbeat tone, “Hello Miss Kay, how are we today,” he asked Kaylee.

“Hello Mr. Richard. I’m doing fine, what can I help you with?” Kaylee asked.

“Straight to the point I see. I have a business meeting in twenty minutes and I need you to be in there to help me take notes and smooth the process along. My secretary quit on me, so you have just been promoted. See you in twenty.” Richard said as he walked back into his office.

Thirty minutes later the meeting officially started. Kaylee took her place next to Richard and brought out her laptop and notepad. Richard stood when the man walked in. He was younger than Richard. Quite handsome, like a movie star but in a rugged way, he had light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a black shirt and a pair of jeans with boots, not cowboy boots more like work boots, he was carrying a black briefcase.

Leon Smith arrived at the meeting ready to get it over with. He didn’t like when his father made him do these kinds of meetings. Leon had a mind of his own and didn’t want to go into the family business. Yet here he was again, doing his father’s dealings like he has been for the past year ever since his father got sick and can’t get out much anymore.

Leon walked into the meeting and stopped in his tracks. Richard was there, but there was also a young woman. She had strawberry blonde hair; it was halfway up in a braid with the rest tumbling down her shoulders in curls. She wore a blue blouse that had ruffles going up the middle, black dress pants and black flats on her feet. She stood when he walked in, smiled at him, and then sat back down while Richard greeted him.

“Hello, Richard nice to see you again” he said, his voice a velvety tone with a hint of an accent.

“Hello Mr. Smith glad you could make it. Please take a seat. This is Miss Kay, she will be taking notes for us.”

Kaylee was confused, was this “the” Smith that owned half the business? If so he was not what she expected not to mention he was on the younger side to be a business owner. Kaylee was lost in thought she didn’t hear Mr. Smith calling her name.

“Nice to meet you Miss Kay, please call me Leon. I have been telling Richard to call me that since I took over for my father. He is Mr. Smith, I am just Leon.” He said with a grin.

Kaylee was about to tell him her name was Kaylee, but Richard spoke first.

“Alright let’s get this meeting started”, Richard said as Leon took his seat.

“So is you father finally ready to give the whole business to me, or is he still dragging his feet” Richard rudely asked.

“Now Richard let’s not start off like that. I came here to have a civil conversation. You and I both know my Father’s condition, and that he has a hard time letting go. So if you can’t talk nicely and without distain then I will be leaving.”

“It was supposed to be taken as a joke. Something to liven up the conversation, I can see now that you are just like him. I’m not sure I want to conclude this meeting.”

“Well ok, I guess our lawyers will have to finish this meeting.” Leon said as he stormed out the room.

“Great this is just fantastic. This is not how I wanted this to go. If they get their lawyers involved we are finished here.” Richard stated as he took a seat next to Kaylee.

“Well if you didn’t make him mad about his Father, then he would still be here.” Kaylee said.

“You are right. I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t know he would react like that. Damn.”

Kaylee knew what she had to do. Although she didn’t really like working with the company other people did and Richard needed this. So she did what she did best. She went back and fixed the mistake.

10 minutes earlier….

“Hello, Richard nice to see you again”

“Hello Mr. Smith glad you could make it. Please take a seat. This is…”

“Kaylee, my name is Kaylee” she interrupted, “Nice to meet you Mr. Smith. Sorry to hear about your Father. Hopefully he is ready to let go of the business and we can move forward.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Nice to meet you too Kaylee, please call me Leon. Thank you and yes my Father is ready to officially retire and we can all move on,” He returned the smile and sat down.

“Ok great. Let’s get started” Richard said.

Ten minutes later the meeting ended on a high note with Richard and Leon walking out the conference room laughing. Kaylee walked out after them and headed to her desk, she was dying of thirst, an unfortunate side effect of using her power, when Leon stopped her.

“Hi, again, thanks for all your help in there”

“No problem. Hope I did ok it was my first business meeting”

“It didn’t show. I do have to ask though, how did you know about my Father? It isn’t suppose to be public knowledge”

“Richard told me before you showed up. Said that you would be handling the meeting since your father is ill”

“Oh, ok. That makes sense. Just thought it was a little strange that you knew that and interrupted him before he could introduce us. Most of his secretaries are quiet during the meetings and just take notes.”

“Well like I said it was first time. Usually I’m out here working the calls and doing research, next time I’ll make sure I’m quiet”

“That’s not what I mean. You aren’t afraid of him or to lose your job for speaking out of turn. I like that,” He said with a wink as he walked off.

Kaylee stood there blushing watching him leave. That was odd she thought, but then again what did she know. She sat down, got a much needed drink of water and went back to work.

Finally, finally he had found her! He didn’t know it was “a her” he was looking for however he was pleased with what he found. Now how to talk to her without scaring her off; maybe he should just be straight forward and tell her what he knows. Leon stared out the window of his hotel room thinking about how to proceed. He would have to go back to the office tomorrow to sign the final paperwork. He needed to think fast, Kaylee wasn’t like the other woman he was use to dealing with. She was different, but in a good way. Leon knew what he had to do and hopefully it works out.

Another day, another dollar at least that is what Kaylee’s mother always told her; lately though it doesn’t feel like it. She was tired of this job, tired of doing everything her mother asked. In two days at their Sunday brunch she was going to tell her mother everything and come Monday she would quit. Kaylee just sat down when Richard called her into his office.

“Miss Kay, take a seat. Mr. Smith will be here shortly to finalize the paperwork. Now yesterday you spoke a little out of turn, I let it slide since it was your first meeting. Secretaries are to be seen, not heard unless spoken too. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir” Kaylee couldn’t wait to be done with this place. To be done with Richard and his outdated views. No wonder all his employees quit on him or left. Kaylee went to stand up when Leon Smith walked into the office.

“Good morning Richard, Kaylee. Shall we get this signing over with?” Leon said as he took a seat next to Kaylee.

“Hello Leon, you are early. Miss Kay can you please go get the paperwork so we can get started.”

Kaylee stood up and went to get the papers that needed signing. She also got an extra pen because Richard is always forgetting his. She wanted this meeting over with quick and easy so she could get back to the sanctuary of her desk.

Leon watched as Kaylee walked away, she was wearing jeans and a tee shirt today. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she had on the same black flats. She seemed off a bit like she was frustrated or angry. Wonder why she was in Richard’s office, hopefully she wasn’t in trouble for the other day. Leon knew how Richard treated his employees, especially the ones of the female variety.

“Pretty, isn’t she? I usually don’t hire the real pretty ones because they usually are dumb. Not her though. She has looks and brains. I was skeptical though when her mother called and asked for me to give her daughter this job. Glad I did though.” Richard said.

Leon just smiled. He didn’t know how to respond. Kaylee came back with the papers and they both signed. Kaylee signed too as a witness, then she went off and made copies. When she came back Leon was at her desk waiting for her. She handed him the copy and took her seat.

“Are you ok? You seem a little different than yesterday.”

“I do? How so?”

“Yesterday you at least said hello to me. Today you didn’t even look at me. If I did something to upset you please tell me.”

Kaylee signed, might as well tell him. “Its not you, I was reprimanded before you walked in.”

“Is it because of yesterday?”

“Yes because of yesterday. According to him I talk too much.”

“There is nothing wrong with how much you talk. Why do you even work here and deal with him”

“It’s a job, plus my mom got it for me.” Kaylee leaned in and whispered, “I’m about to quit Monday. Just want to talk to my mom first.”

“Come work for me then.” Leon said with a grin.

“Are you serious? What do you even do?” asked Kaylee.

“Come in on Monday so we can talk. I’ll text you the details.” Leon said as he walked away.

Kaylee awoke Sunday morning with a purpose. At lunch today with her mother she was going to tell her about quitting the job with Richard. Kaylee didn’t know how she would do it yet, then again she can figure it out later. That is how her powers work, as long as it wasn’t too far back in time she could go back multiple times, which came in handy when it came to talks with her mother. Kaylee checked the mirror three times to make sure her outfit was good enough for lunch with her Mother, Lisa. Once satisfied she grabbed her cell phone and wallet and headed out the door.

The walk to the diner took about five minutes, when Kaylee arrived Lisa was already seated and ordering from the menu. Kaylee put a smile on her face and headed toward her mother.

“Hello Mom” Kaylee said as she leaned in to kiss Lisa on the cheek.

“Hello dear, you look nice.” She replied motioning for Kaylee to take a seat.

Kaylee sat down then proceeded to tell her mother about quitting the job. It was not going too well, Kaylee went back four times already yet her mother still over reacted. She decided to wait until after they ate and tried again.

“Mom, I’m quitting my job with Richard.”

“What?” Lisa gasped. Kaylee was about to go into her speech about how Richard was when Leon Smith walked over to them.

“Kaylee?” Leon said smiling.

“Leon, uh, hi. What are you doing here?”

“Kaylee don’t be rude. Introduce us.” Lisa said.

“I’m Leon Smith, Kaylee’s new boss.” Leon said before Kaylee could.

“Oh well that’s good then.” Lisa said grinning, “Care to join us for lunch?”

“Thanks but I actually need to head to the office and finalize a few things. See you Monday” He said walking off.

Lisa finished lunch by talking about how handsome Kaylee’s new boss but warned her to be careful. Kaylee left and walked back to her house.

Monday morning arrived fast and Kaylee was hesitate to start working for Leon. She walked into his office and Leon was waiting for her.

“Ok. So I’m gonna cut to the chase. I know you have powers and can go back in time.”

“What?” Kaylee replied.

“I don’t want to scare you or freak you out but we are connected somehow. I can feel when you go back and I remember how things were before you change them. Like when you went back at the meeting the other day.”

“This is crazy.” Kaylee said.

“Yeah it sounds crazy but I’m telling you…” Kaylee went back five minutes to test Leon. If he was telling the truth he would just finish the conversation.

“The truth.” Leon smiled.

Kaylee felt like she could trust him. “So what exactly are we gonna do here?”

“We are going to change the world.”


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