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Fitting in Somehow

by Alice K.S. 3 months ago in Fantasy

So the misfit is the fitting in...

The Stage - Painting by KarmSpi Art

It’s like you arrive in a new world and you’re the only one there, no one to hear anything.

After taking a deep breath, eyes closed, the thought occurred that one day things will be different. “Oh Gosh! By the time I finish my thought, it will be here already!” Eyes closed not only to dream and to wish, but mostly to savor the preciousness felt all around. This world is beautiful and now it is even prettier, like a million suns shining from everywhere across the universe.

After my initial arrival, in the heart of the forest, the air was filled by a heavy gray cloud. It was dense and made it difficult to see and to breathe. I managed to find the remaining of what had previously been the plan of action. After tweaking it a bit, to make it more feasible, the stage was now well on its way to being rebuilt. It had to be on time for the next show.

Today, when the Queen went rehearsing, she made her appearance from the right side of the stage. The spotlights were all lit up, tilting to the exact position, shining, tilted to their respective perspectives, thus giving the day light a mysterious edge. She had her veil on.

"The deep shallow shall not be reached from the deepness of our reach for they can’t hurt us here.”

That’s the exact thought that crossed her speech as she was addressing the forest. The pond replied. It moved in a way to express that not only something was coming out of the water, for anyways, truly it had to mature; its state needed to be altered. So on its shore, flowers grew. Some deep red, some bright yellow, some gold. An interesting shade of purple gleamed from under. The water was crystal clear and it no longer reflected the little peaks from the choppy waves, nor the steep ones that were heard in distant echoes. The white veiled lady didn’t have to speak to convey a message, her presence emanated. All leaves around her vibrated on each other. It’s magical! My puppy always follows her to the forest when she goes rehearsing. I think he likes the fine sound they make. Legit! It’s true magic, I love it too!

Promise not to say. I wouldn’t want people who don’t understand to get confused, but after she was all done, it was there, it came out of the water. And even when she wasn’t there anymore, the shadow of her light kept on pointing towards it all the time until it finished crossing to the other shore.

One keeps something that has the history because the memory of that story contains the value. After all, what more would this little one serve me unless it would be more useful to someone else? And since I cannot speak about it, I offered it as a gift for her story to rise in value. I am the body of water that keeps the history, that hears the message, and that feels the story.

"The Pond Knows"

Do you wonder what came out? I can affirm you, it was a little mouse. At first it came out on that shore, and when it got ready, it crossed to the other shore. I can also affirm that I saw someone who saw it and took a snapshot of it. Although I cannot affirm the rest of the story, I heard it went running towards the mountain over towards that direction, and apparently, it already reached beyond the line of the great pines.

I can believe the challenge, to be the subject of this very uncommon phenomenon, poor little thing. What a cultural shock to suddenly feel yourself like a fish straight out of the water.

Ok sorry I got sidetracked. So it was a maritime crossing, it’s called.

I also once experienced a similar sensation. I’m not sure which of the two it was exactly; either I was traveling and it felt like home, because it may also be that I was home and it felt like travelling. Actually, it was when I first arrived in the forest. I was experiencing this sensation you feel when right among friends and loved ones. I saw the burning sky and felt lucky to have arrived to witness it.

In reference to that crossing, I recall... Before we got deported, I tried to save our land. The story, the history, and the music tell about how it happened. For me, the sadness came from the fact that there was nothing I could do to change the situation, other than unclenching my fingers and let it slip out of my hands. It happened after he lost his mind; one lets go of something when it becomes meaningless.

* * *

“Do you want a piece of cheese?” I asked the little mouse. And then keeping busied by what it was best busied at, it didn’t reply. This little mouse is named Gus. Cinderella has one too! Named just like it. Do you think it’s the same mouse? Well they both can speak and both behave very differently than any other mouse I ever studied at school. “How many pieces do you want?” I had to interrupt his thought because he has not replied yet.

“No you don’t understand” he said. “Anything like that can’t be done” he added.

I was so furious. I felt like leaving. I said: “Can you at least just leave a corridor somewhere? I hate it when all doors close on me.

“May I steel a moment from you?” said the little mouse “Perhaps there’s something you could say.”

Oh he wants me to go speak. I felt like the moment was a little unripe but I knew this was exactly what he wanted. “Ok I’ll be on my way.”

"The Pulpit"

As I walked up the steps that led to the stage, it felt necessary to be prepared for the improvised speech. The pulpit, as I was approaching, molded the idea of a mass public. I rested my book in place, and filled with purpose and assurance I stared at the vast open space before my eyes. The ground was layered by an arrangement of sliced rocks tightly fitted together. I imagined a crowd of people. I thought it was awkward and out of place, that there was no one, but before the thought had time to be absorbed into a feeling, I started speaking: “Good late afternoon everyone. We are here today to inform you that we have found the great keyhole. It was here before us, as it has always been, for the ones with sight to see. The sun is shining on us, our spirit is light and, on this, deer friends, we shall continue the quest and unlock the door. We wish you all a very good rest of your evening.” As you can imagine, it was mixed with somewhat of a social confusion… Truly if there been at least one soul there, it would have felt less foreign. I would advise you, if you ever experience something similar, to step slightly to the left side of that mirage and everything should unfold smoothly.

"The Keyhole"

I can say, moments like those, are well beyond the feeling of being a misfit. Things, out of place or out of space, no longer give the feeling of being lost. We reached beyond and throughout consciousness. Tuning in with this new concept, we are now attempting to discover this path. It awaits to be uncovered.

"The Speech"


Alice K.S.

I once believed I was a gifted ballerina.

She beseeched me for something to live for,

so I started painting it for her.

Welcome to my wordly world!

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Alice K.S.
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