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A Fantasy Fiction Excerpt

By LalainaPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Courtesy of Midjourney

Trigger Warnings: Mental Illness, Kidnapping

My body was made of trauma and bone. I had broken apart so many times, there were remnants of me scattered across my floor. However, for the first time, I was terrified I would not be able to put myself back together again. Blood screamed in my ears as the attack overwhelmed me.

That was how he found me. My panic attack called to him across dimensions, my hyperventilating singing to him like a melody. He chose me because I was the most vulnerable of the Firehearts. I was the perfect vessel for his plan, a blip in his life’s journey. He could not be bothered with getting me himself. Instead, he sent his horde.

I fell of my bed, my legs tangled in a mass of blankets. Between my panic attack and the adrenaline, I only saw flashes. A fang, a beak, a horn. I tried to claw at them as I once had my own arms. That was the closest I had ever been to physically hurting myself, but right now I very much wanted to hurt them. I heard nothing else as my body collapsed through the ground.

It took me a week to realize the world was not mine. It took me another two to escape.

I was not sure what they needed me for. They didn't even seem to know my name. They simply called me Fireheart. Not that they ever spoke to me directly. I was fed and allowed to use the restroom, but they avoided my eyes. Most of the trips were uneventful. Once, a horned being ran towards me with a knife. The demons decapitated them then continued to walk me to the main house to relieve myself. I learned then that perhaps I should just listen to the demons if I didn't want to die.

The world was overwhelming. It was as if a filter was placed on the landscape. Everything was too much. The flowers too black, the mountains to green; however, the sky seemed to be trapped in a perpetual fog. There were no stars and at night everyone was submerged in darkness. Apparently, that did not make much difference to Lunarists, but as a human my skin crawled with everything unseen.

They seemed surprised whenever I asked for books. I started to piece together the person they called Fireheart. Someone between a human and a demon. A Chosen One. A rebel leader. Fireheart was not her real name; at least, I was fairly sure it wasn’t. The demons hardly seemed to know much about her. Apparently, she mostly had an army encompassed of humans and demi-humans. There were other rebel leaders, but she was the terrifying one.

They called her Fireheart like the stones in the mountains of Droll, glowing like magma and hot to the touch, even among the icy peaks. She was their sunlight and I was nothing more than a shadow.

Fireheart didn’t like to read. Fireheart was a fighter, her fists having taken down several demons. I had seen scars and glares on demons. I still did not know much about the world I had landed in or about my supposed namesake. All I really knew about her is that she died by falling off those mountains of Droll. Fireheart had thrown herself down that cliff so they wouldn't recover her body, to save her cause.

I was not like her. For some reason, I still wanted to live. And I had no idea if I was going to if I stayed any longer.

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She/Her. Writing Center Coordinator & Professor. Novelist. 29. Proud Latina.

I'm obsessed with my cat and fantasy fiction.

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