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File Doomsday Prequel

Allison, always and forever …

By CR. Phoenix Published 2 years ago Updated 10 months ago 6 min read

Dust turbulently swirls in the distance. It’s cloud stretches over a thin mirage on the horizon. A Sentinel droid Jo3 glides above the surface of SECTION 10, once known as, The Mosaic Dunes. The droid closely swoops across the rolling hills, kicking up dirt, marking a path from its propulsion jets.

It’s hard to say when the first few cases were recorded but it's clear that key figures of The Supreme knew it was only a matter of time. A matter of time to when evolution would eventually take its course.

The inhabitants of The Mosaic Dunes were good people. They were the kind of people you wanted to emulate and make your friends. They were always willing to lend a hand with any chore or task required; no request was too big.

As a newly developed community in COMPOUND 9. The residents quickly made The Mosaic Dunes their home. It became a well-established and quite promising venture for The Supreme.

And although the people of SECTION 10 never agreed with The Supremes’ agenda. Their strength rested on the sole belief that progression is best fulfilled when looking out for one another.

For the most part, they worked diligently to provide for The Supreme, but they did so in honor of working together towards a common interest. That one day, they could live out their existence peacefully and happily in a place they called home.

It’s still unclear what had caused the tragic events that wiped out an entire community and the answers were even tougher to collect. The Archive offered no insight for the remaining survivors of COMPOUND 9 and The Supreme denied any involvement.

The Statesman for The Supreme would only comment to say that it was a sad day for humanity.

The J03 abruptly stopped and hovered over a spot. Its jets briefly rumbled as they shut down and the Sentinel dropped to the ground, touching down over a shiny object.

There laying in the dirt was a heart-shaped locket.

From its breastplate the J03 shifts some energy to its hand. The transfer of power creates a magnetic field and the locket springs upwards.

Upon further investigation, the J03 scans the heart shape and notices a chip buried within its shell. He inspects its contents and plugs it into his head ...




FILE #PHA-24 April 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... According to the P.H.A (Prime Health Authority). Infectious diseases will be a thing of the past.

Scientists at the P.H.A have made strides in detecting the principal causes of the ever-changing strains. They have discovered a new way to combat the increased numbers.

Although the latest outbreak of the Hades virus still has the public up in arms with how the P.H.A is dealing with this deadly disease.

Even with the dramatic increase in cases, the P.H.A has assured the public that there’s no need for alarm.

When asked for comment, the Statesman for The Supreme simply stated that “good news will arrive soon.”

FILE #27 April 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 EXCLUSIVE ... This just in, good news has arrived, The Supreme has delivered on its promise. The scientists at P.H.A have created a brand-new vaccine to eliminate all known strains of the deadly virus Hades.

CP9DRONE is live at the press conference capturing the event.

“The P.H.A is proud to announce and introduced the newest warrior to all known strains of the Hades virus, its name is ... HIR (Human Immune Regeneration).”

“With just one capsule of HIR, people can induce a healthy positive boost to the structure of their immunity. A new way to help fight off any infection, almost instantly.”

FILE #29 April 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... The “Hades” virus spread through a local community near the Amazonian District (SECTION15). The P.H.A have responded to the minor outbreak and have supplied the region with the HIR14 vaccine.

FILE #30 April 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... Reports have shown that the recently developed HIR14 vaccine appears to be working above its original batch and the scientists at the P.H.A continue to praise their advances.

FILE #13 May 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... Reports connected to the Amazonian District (SECTION15) have surfaced about something bizarre occurring to the miners at the newest mineral mining site of The Supreme.

File #24 May 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... Witnesses believe that a mysterious creature is the cause of these particular incidences. Sources speculate that there’s an outlining concern. A feeling which they think is leading to another issue.

FILE #25 May 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... In the Statesman’s press release today, he reassured the people of the Amazonian District (SECTION15) are handling the situation and have everything under control.

In related news, five new members assigned to mine the latest dig operation for The Supreme have recently gone missing.

FILE #25 May 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... The Supreme has announced that they will deploy several J03 Sentinel droids to investigate the current affairs with the missing miners.

FILE #27 May 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... SECTION15 has been breached. The droids have distorted images of an eruption and the footage shows that unknown creatures have caused these explosions.

The Supreme has since removed all records of these strange incidents. Siting that the clips were made to disparage their efforts by soliciting messages of hate.

Witnesses speculate that these monsters are the creation of the HIR vaccine, triggering mutation in their DNA.

FILE #28 May 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... In a follow-up report to the breach of SECTION15. It’s believed within the remaining members of the community that these creatures suddenly arriving was not a coincidence. They suggest it’s based on the composition between the vaccine and the new strain of the Hades virus.

FILE #A-28 May 2240

MEDIA FEED CP9 ... Reports surface to reveal that the mine fashioned by The Supreme was in fact where the Hades virus originated.

In related news, explosive devices were allegedly used to seal off the mine. The people within the community however say that it was The Supreme trying to cover their tracks.

And even more unsettling was the unfortunate use of explosives that caused a massive breach in SECTION15, knocking down the wall and leaving a twenty-foot gap when the ground imploded.

Security teams have been laboring through the ordeal as more J03 Sentinel droids were deployed to assist with protecting the area and with rebuilding.




MESSAGE #1 ...“Hey J0E, I know it's been a while since we last spoke. I just wouldn’t want you to worry. Well anyway, talk to you soon...Bye.”

MESSAGE #2 ... “Hey J0E, something's been weird lately. A few of the clansman went off to the new Mines over in SECTION6 and they still haven’t returned.”

MESSAGE #3 ... “Hey J0E, I managed to pull some files from The Archive before they were deleted. Were you one of the Sentinels sent to SECTION15 the area you warned me about?”

MESSAGE #4 ... “Hey J0E, if you receive this message, I want you to know that no matter what happens you’ve been such a great friend to me and I deeply appreciate the time we spent together...thank you, love Allison, always and forever.



“Hey Allison, how are things?

“All things considered, pretty good J0E.”

“What are you doing hanging around here in SECTION 13?”

“You gonna call it in?”

“Hey, come on, you know I have to secure one of four quadrants.”

“Yeah, I know, but why can’t we roam these areas anymore?”

“Well ever since the breach in SECTION 15. The Supreme ordered all citizens to remain within their respective sections.”

Sci Fi

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CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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