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Farahilde's Fantasy

by Sai Marie Johnson 7 months ago in Excerpt
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Another snippet from the Age of Enlightenment Series

Farahilde Ada von Masoch was the youngest of all the fairer, and more elegant young ladies of Limburg, Austria. Born of a scandalous affair between her mother, and a nobleman. She was born out of wedlock, and therefore unable to claim heir ship to anything he possessed, but to her fortunate fate her grandmother was the Baroness of the city. As it were Farahilde was sort of the orphaned Cinderella who by goodwill only barely skid by on being a pauper rather than somewhat proper. Nevertheless it was this lack of pure right to anything that made Farahilde linger more in the shadows than most girls her age. It wasn't that Farahilde was so young she could not be dated, but more so because of her dislike for some of the words others associated with both her, and her family; a subject of rumors that were the lifeblood of these sorts of people. She was stunning truthfully with ruby red lips, and ringlets of silken chestnut brown. They fell like a cascading waterfall over her shoulders, and framed a heart shaped face. She even possessed the pouting lips of a siren, and somehow all she wanted was to find the proper male to kiss them. Like something out of a fairytale as her prince charming descended the next fine twisting staircase.

Such things never happened, and Farahilde at seventeen years of age only wanted to be that princess for just one night. Then it so happened that the announcement of her cousin's arrival from Switzerland would bring about a ball for all ages one where Farahilde was expected to show up simply because of the guest of honor's position to come in society. Such a surprise brought a wicked grin to capture Fara's lips, and bounding away into her grandmother's room she announced lively, "There is to be a ball in honor of Kai's return from Switzerland! When can we go?" She clasped her hands in front of her, and smiled widely.

"A ball in honor of Kai's return? This is not going to become one of those scandalous affairs that Leo designs now is it, Farahilde?" Charlotte her grandmother, asked.

"Scandalous affairs? Grandmother, no! This is going to be a dance. It will be so fun. Please don't separate me from the rest of the family." She whined. Charlotte peered back out the window, and groaned.

"Oh, for Heaven's Sakes, Farahilde. I truly do not want to go to anything that is ran out of the Lamplighter's Inn. You must understand my reasons, and what if Magdelyn shows up? I cannot be seen with that grandchild anytime before my funeral." She said matter-of-factly. Farahilde frowned, and sighed.

"So I cannot go then, grandmother?" She asked again sadly.

"I cannot be a part of such a thing. I forbid it, and I will make sure to have my servants Anaise, and Daniella warn me if you venture out for it also." She said waving her hand for Farahilde to depart.

"This is so cruel, grandmother." She said traipsing out of the parlor, and running towards her room. Always forbidden from doing anything that was remotely entertaining Farahilde fell in a heap on her bed, crying. There she cried, and cried until the moment that finally dawn broke through her curtains, and the sun fanned across her face. She arose quickly, and darted out the door to go visit her cousin. If there was any particular person who could help her with this venture it was she. She would find some way to keep Anaise and Daniella quiet, and some way to appease grandmother Charlotte enough for Farahilde to enjoy the benefits of a ball, "I will attend that ball, and no guardian, or mean servants will prevent it. I just know Kai-Kai will find some way." So when Farahilde found herself approaching the stairs to her uncle Leo's tavern she grinned happily. Her cousin may not have been any fairy godmother, but she certainly knew how to make wishes come true. At least in all that Farahilde had seen. She clutched the doorknob, and opened the door waltzing straight into the parlor.

"Oh, Fara!" Her cousin, Kai exclaimed. A woman of equal beauty stood before her, and some even said Farahilde resembled her more than anyone else. With an alabaster white complexion, and cheeks a soft tinge of crimson her cousin also had fabulous onyx locks. The same heart-shaped face was framed by the only minor difference between them, which was, the shade of their hair. Kai also had the most dazzling of eyes that seemed to appear like vermillion as opposed to any usual hue that irises tended to possess. It was a unique trait, and one of Kai's most beautiful features. They instantly drew one into them, and upon settling on Farahilde they did the very same to her.

"Kai-Kai! I heard all about the ball." She started, "And I am sure you are aware that grandmother has forbid me to go as was expected." She whispered. Kai gave a nod, and looked over at her sister, Bethy.

"Yes, Bethy and I were quite expecting that. Not to worry, Fara, dear. I have already invited Anaise and Daniella before grandmother will be able to get a hold of them. So you can sneak out while Bethy, and I make certain grandmother receives her nightly tea a bit earlier than usual. She will never know the difference, but you still only have until midnight to enjoy the festivities. Is that understood?" Kai asked. Farahilde smiled from ear to ear, and began nodding quickly.

"Of course! How genius of you both! It will be perfect. Now, then what about my wardrobe?" She asked enthusiastically.

"Bethy, will accompany you down to the tailor, and a dress shall be prepared. Now shoo the two of you off to have fun." Kai smiled turning around, and waving the two women off for the adventure in shopping. It appeared Farahilde's fantasy of enjoying an aristocratic ball was going to be, and the Cinderella treatment was now being paid off.


About the author

Sai Marie Johnson

A multi-genre author, poet, creative&creator. Resident of Oregon; where the flora, fauna, action & adventure that bred the Pioneer Spirit inspire, "Tantalizing, titillating and temptingly twisted" tales.

Pronouns: she/her

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