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Eyes Open


By KiKi WalterPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 1 min read
Eyes Open
Photo by Angel Balashev on Unsplash

That noise…what’s that noise? It was the hollow bellow of silence–deafening in its quake.

She struggled to regain consciousness. Oh my God, wake up. It’s so cold. Around her, she sensed something soft and silky, cool and damp.

Eyes flickering open.

I can’t see. I can’t see! Panic set in and her hand searched hungrily around. Where am I? She was confined and unable to move, save for the movements of her right hand. Was she moving?

Her heart throbbed.


And as her hand scratched one last time at the silkiness beneath her…she disappeared back into darkness.


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KiKi Walter

I am The Memoir Queen...

Writer. Editor. Memoirist. Humorist. Born and raised in the Adirondacks—now living in Orange County, CA. I love nostalgia and have a snarky sense of humor. My writing influences are David Sedaris and Dorothy Parker.

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  • Suzanne V. Tanner7 months ago

    Kiki. Terrific and terror-ific! I read it and felt the dread. Nice work.

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