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Eva's Last Cry

Infidelity and Pain

By Sue McGaugheyPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Eva's Last Cry
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Eva cried out, “How could you? How could you do this to me again”? Tears flowed down her face like water from Niagara Falls. Tom dropped to his knees, grabbing at her pants leg and begging for one more chance. “Please Eva, you’re the only woman who owns my heart, my soul, my everything.” “You should’ve thought of that when her nails were clawing down your back, making sure I’d see the evidence of your unforgivable infidelity!” she cried.

Tom sobbed uncontrollably as his mind went between flashbacks of his idiotic decision and his relationship with Eva that he so desperately wanted to keep. He didn’t think he’d ever be caught, but he was and now the damage was too much to repair. His obsessive drinking caused him to make a piss poor decision, a one night stand that may have just ruined his whole future.

Eva ripped her leg from his grip. As she walked away she said, “We could have had a wonderful life together. You ended that when you did this to me for the very last time. Good bye Tom, for good this time.”

Written by: Sue McGaughey

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Sue McGaughey

I worked 24 years in special education primarily doing behavior management. Writing has always been my passion. I was lead writer for a Lifestyle and Entertainment magazine for 8 years, until they closed during Covid.

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  • James M. Essigabout a month ago

    This is another great piece written by Sue. The article is a profound and moving story about how relationships can be broken. Guys should take note of this story before entering a relationship and understand clearly what good relationships and communication methods are all about. Another great article written by Sue.

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