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Eternal Echoes of Love

True love can never truly lost

By Ronna DonquePublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The Past to Present

In the city where time is gold, amidst the chaos and noise, Adrian, a struggling musician with a guitar and dreams of making it big, met Isabella, an aspiring writer with a heart full of poetry. Their road crossed one rainy evening in a dimly lit coffee shop.

Their eyes locked across the crowded room, leaving only the soft strumming of a guitar and the gentle tapping of rain on the windowpane. a connection was made.

From that day on Adrian and Isabella started to walk in the same path, they built love that they both cherished and treasured. Their love story was an enchanting symphony, each day was a beautiful melody of their lives. They laughed together, cried together, and shared their deepest fears and dreams But life has a way of testing even the strongest bonds.

Adrian's music career began to take off and Isabella's writing career also flourished, and their worlds grew busier, leaving less time for each other, unaware that their roads are about to apart. but despite the physical distance, their love remained strong, sustained by late-night phone calls and heartfelt letters. As the years passed, the sound of music that connects them started to fade, the strains of their separate lives began to weigh on their hearts. They felt like two stars in the sky slowly drifting apart.

Until fate started to do its work , while Adrian was on tour in a distant city he received a call from Isabella's mother that shattered his world. Isabella had been in a terrible car accident, and her chances of survival were slim ,Hearing those word Adrian rushed back home and hopping that everything would be just a nightmare.

He arrived at the hospital and his heart is heavy with fear. Isabella lay unconscious and her fragile body bruised and broken. Adrian held her hand and whispered words of love, promising to be with her always.

Isabella's pulse grew weaker with each passing moment but her eyes full of love just stood their looking at Adrian and tears drop to her beautiful face that took her last breath, Adrian loudly cried while hugging the dead body of Isabelle asking her not to leave him.

After Isabelle is buried, Adrian's music and life lost its meaning. He stopped working and started to drink night and day, he blames his self because he was too busy and left Isabelle alone ,The people around him is worried but they can't do anything.

As the years passed Adrian slowly putting his foot on music again with the help of his family that always by his side. He continued to write, compose, and perform but he never married, never loved another, for his heart remained bound to Isabella.

Adrian is a regular performer in a small club of their town. One day he notice a woman entered the room and slowly walking towards the stage with teared a eye looking at him and their eyes meet. Her name is Evelyn a woman with her own share of pain and loss that's why she was enchanted with Adrian's music and his eyes is full of pain like hers.

After the performance , Evelyn saw Adrian in the long corner of the table alone and drinking , She approached him and complemented his performance. Adrian is unknowingly comfortable with her and they talk and smile for a long hour. From that moment Adrian find a Companion who understand the things he fell , Days passed they began to spend time together, sharing stories and supporting each other through their respective hardships. Adrian found solace in Evelyn's company and slowly the ice around his heart began to thaw.

As their friendship deepened his songs were no longer just mournful ballads; they were infused with a glimmer of hope, inspired by Evelyn's presence in his life. For the first time in years, the possibility of a new beginning is about to approached him.

Evelyn, too, began to heal through her connection with Adrian. She found comfort in his music and solace in his arms. As time passed by their friendship began to bloom and love is about to grew, realizing that maybe they had a chance for a second love story, A love story that is different from the first but equally profound.

But as their love bloomed, Adrian couldn't help but feel guilty. He felt like he was betraying Isabella by allowing himself to love again but Evelyn understanding the complexities of his emotions. She believed that Isabella's spirit would be happy for him, knowing that he had found a way to move forward.

Adrian decided to visit Isabelle's grave and with tears in his eyes, he asked for forgiveness because he will start to love again and move with his life, he knows that Isabelle will be happy that he finally found the sound of music that was lost after her death.

Adrian and Evelyn continued their journey together, their love strengthened by the knowledge that they were not betraying the past but honoring it. Isabella's spirit lived on in Adrian's music, and her memory served as a reminder of the enduring power of love, even in the face of tragedy.

Young AdultthrillerShort StoryPsychologicalLoveFantasyWorkplaceTeenage yearsHumanityFriendshipDating

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fantastic work! Good job!

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