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Ep-2 "The Mystic Realm of Deemuran"

Uncover the Secrets of the Mysterious Beach!

By Deepika VPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The sun shone brightly on the Land of Amorosa. It was a perfect day for the Oswalt family, who wanted to start a new life in this new land of happiness.

Oswalt and Gytha had been married for nearly fifteen years, but the last few had been especially difficult. Gytha had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the couple had made the difficult decision to separate. With the help of their children Edith who is 12 years old and Godwin's age 10, they had decided to spend last few days together on this Amorosa.

Dunstan was an orphan. He had no parents, no family, no one to care for him. He had been living in the small village of Middleham in Amorosa for as long as he could remember, scraping by on whatever meager resources he could find.

One day, while out looking for food, Dunstan stumbled across a family of strangers. They were a weary-looking group, with a few worn bags and a 2 children. He found Oswalts family by the way. Dunstan could tell they were in dire need of help.

Without hesitation, he invited the family to stay with him in his small hut. Dunstan provided them with food, shelter, and whatever else he could find. He even went out of his way to make sure the children were well taken care of.

The family was eternally grateful for Dunstan's kindness, and his willingness to take them in without question. They stayed with him for several weeks, until they were able to find a more permanent home. During their stay, Dunstan and Godwin formed a strong bond.

Ruther, physician in the Kingdom with his wife, daughter and mother arrived to the land of Amorosa, where they found a temple which they all visited.

The Oswalt family had been travelling through the land of Amorosa, in search of a new home. As they approached a small village, they noticed a magnificent temple in the distance. Intrigued, they decided to take a closer look.

As the Ruther family walked through the temple gates, they were greeted by an elderly man. He welcomed them warmly, and told them that he was the priest of the temple. He introduced them to his daughter, who was also a physician, along with her mother.

The Ruther's family was amazed by the size and beauty of the temple, and they were even more impressed when they were invited to stay the night. They were given a warm welcome, and the priest's daughter showed them around the temple.

The family was awestruck by the beauty of the temple, and they were even more amazed when they saw the many healing herbs and plants that were growing in the temple's garden.

Dunstan's uncle both Ruther and Oswalt, family if they would like to visit a nearby island, so they could explore saying that it was a beautiful and pleasant place.

As the Oswalt and Ruther's families prepared to leave the land of Amorosa, they spotted a husband and wife in the temple. The woman was having a seizure, and the husband was desperately trying to help her. The families rushed over to help, and the physician family quickly diagnosed the woman with epilepsy. They provided her with first aid and the necessary medications to help manage her condition then both the families reached the beach in the next day morning.

Lovely beach, there standing a singer Luke watching his wife getting into the see deeper.

As the Ruther and Oswalt's family explored the beach, they noticed Luke standing on the shoreline. Oswalt called Luke but no response from his side.

Godwin and his sister, Edith, were playing on the beach when they noticed something strange floating in the water, near the rock. As they got closer, they realized that it was a body, floating lifelessly in the sea. Shocked, they ran to the shore and called for help.

Suddenly, Ruther appeared on the shore. He shouted at them, telling them to stay back and not go any closer. He then ran into the water and pulled the body onto the shore.

Godwin and Edith watched in horror as Ruther inspected the body. He then looked up and shouted for all others to come closer. They cautiously approached, and he told them that the body was a lady.

Who is she???

To be continued....

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  • Praveen kumarabout a year ago

    I hope it's Luke's wife (the woman diagnosed with epilepsy, isn't she?

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