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Enough Is Enough

About Face/ Would be scientist's, Unite!

By Kelli Sheckler-AmsdenPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 12 min read
Enough Is Enough
Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say."


These were the same "they" that swore, that it was our best interests they had in mind, when they aborted the rescue missions half-way through, leaving the human part of the crew behind to die. "They" said that would never happen again, either. "They" said a lot of things, in ways we needed to hear them- to get us to comply.

Kim and Sam wanted to be the brother and sister duo that proved this kind of deadly and misleading propaganda wrong. They needed to put a stop to it, they felt they owed that to their family. These lies, used to sell a false sense of security, had to be exposed.

But there was so much more they didn't know.....


Kim and Sam came from a military background and had been in training for this kind of scenario, for years. The question is, can you ever truly be prepared for this kind of global disaster? They were accredited to leading thousands of people to safety, after the meteors destroyed their cities, forcing them to flee to the unprotected badlands, to rebuild.

They were just what the rebels were looking for. They had what it took to defend and deescalate most any situation imaginable, in order to thrive, and not just simply survive. They also had the trust of the humans, and the other life forms in that galaxy.

Life seemed manageable, even enjoyable, until the rebel forces that occupied the majority of the badlands, began arresting and killing the innocents who unwittingly discovered the truth about their plans. They began to enslave and dominate how every other life form lived. Using human lives as a form of disposable currency. The rebels were able to buy and sell lives for power, under the guise of the law. But they were hiding their true motives.

Kim and Sam decided then, they could never comply, or aid this corrupt entity again. They vowed to each other that they would die first.


Lost Without You:

Kim stood there motionless in her flat, shocked. Watching helplessly as the events played out, live, on her TV. Everything around her was moving, and spinning so fast, but she was frozen, paralyzed by what she was seeing. She covered her mouth in horror and fell to her knees. She couldn't make a sound. This couldn't really be happening, it was impossible. He promised her. She sat alone in silence, unable to pull her gaze away from the screen.


It had been 10 months and 11 days since she slammed the door in Sam's face. She didn't even bother asking him why it had to be him, she was just so angry, she didn't care. She had been against his participation from the beginning. They agreed when they joined the rallies and boarded the first shuttle to badlands, that no matter what, they would not cooperate with the rebel forces. They only agreed to go, to collect information. "Sam, it doesn't matter, no! - Stop talking over me. You said, and I quote, Kim, we only need to go to collect information, bring back for Bruce to analyze, and then, we would put together a plan to move forward. You said that Sam!" She scrunched and exhaled through her nose "hmmpft," to further show her disapproval.

Sam put his hand in the air to stop her from arguing, "Kim, I am going, and that's the last I want to hear of it. Listen, I need your support. They won't ever suspect me of spying on them. My god, they approached me!" Kim refused to listen, she began to push him towards the door.

"Then get out, Sam," she yelled, " If you won't listen to reason, I'm not going to waste my breath, get out, go." She turned around and pushed him with her butt. "Just go ahead and go, you think you know it all!" She fought back a smile, as Sam crossed his eyes at her, moving his lips to mimic hers. "It's not funny Sam, you never take me seriously, and I don't care if you stand on your head and sing, I mean it, get out. If you want to get yourself killed, be my guest." With that said, she slammed the door. She turned up "Rocket man" on the radio, drowning out his terrible singing. But, she ran to the window to wave goodbye, like they always did. This time, however - Sam never looked back.


She couldn't sleep, visions of her brother’s ship exploding, played over and over in her head, 24/7. She didn't know how she would ever forgive herself for not protecting him. The guilt ate her alive.

Fast forward 3 months:

Kim stood in the building that she and Sam had purchased just 12 months earlier. They needed a place to get their plans in place to make their stand against the force. They sold everything they had to afford it. They decided they should name it, giving it power and making it a symbol of their combined strength and wherewithal. They agreed immediately on the name, as Sam spoke it

"We should name it, Enough" Sam said. Kim nodded enthusiastically while he spoke. "So there will be no doubt of where we stand, no miscommunication as to what our purpose and mission is. Today, we begin our journey to a new life, the life we deserve. We have had enough, and we will fight until we have enough!" he waved his arm in front of the building, like he was presenting a gift. Kim rolled her eyes. They entered the old building together, giggling.

The banner on the wall read:

"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say."

She screamed through her tears, "Well, they are liars! Have you ever heard the saying, don't believe everything you hear? Well, that my friend is a rule you should all learn to live by. You cannot believe everything being said. Hell, you can't believe half of what you see, or what you thought you knew or what might happen next.

"They have us so conditioned, so congenial, so controlled that we can't make a decision about anything without their approval. I, for one have had enough of it. And that's precisely the place we find ourselves today, isn't it?" With people crowding in, Kim made her way to the front of the room, and up onto the make shift stage, constructed for this quick, inconspicuous gathering.

"ENOUGH!", she shouted, "this building was erected and named to remember and honor those that have given their all, including my brother, to guarantee we have a better future. One we choose for ourselves. Those of us who have had enough, suffered enough, sacrificed enough, and are now declaring enough as our battle cry, it is our time to stand!"

The room was bustling, nearly full of supporters for a better way, and a select few, that were chosen to participate. Wiping her eyes she continued, "I'm sure you are all wondering why you have been brought here today. Some of you, against your will, but if you give me a few minutes of your time, I am confidant that you will see things differently."

As voices begin to rise, Kim cleared her throat indicating she was about to speak again. As she stood in the spotlight, it was apparent that she was bloodied and bruised, but not shaken or deterred, by a group of the current commander's bandits. Following the events involving her brother, they needed to show their strength. So, they reached out to her, to make an impression, an example, in an effort to talk her out of challenging the powers that be.

She presented a little tougher than anticipated.

"Please, just hear me out", she pleaded. "Most of you knew my brother, Abbott Face, formally known as General Sam Face. He changed his name to make more than a sarcastic point. He was determined to make a statement! He knew that a change was what we needed for us to survive the path his supervisor's have chosen for us." She wiped a tear from her face and said, "He was a hero!" She fumbled with her phone as she attempted to illuminate a photo on the screen.

From the back of the room a man stood and said, "Your brother was a wanna-be scientist, a fraud and a trader. There is absolutely nothing you could say that will change my opinion of him. No matter what I think of you!" Kim squinted and cupped her hands around her eyes, to get a better look. As she made eye contact with the heckler, she began to smile.

Bruce, her brother's college roommate, fellow would - be scientist and Kim's high school crush. He was on the flight that took her brother from her, he wore the physical reminders that survivors understood.

"Hey Bruce, I'm so glad you could make it," she turned the spotlight directly at him.

By Tom Jur on Unsplash

Though tears she motioned for Bruce to join her up front. As she spoke her voice was shaky.

"Bruce and my brother were sent on a mission. On this mission, they made a discovery. One they were not supposed to make. One they were not supposed to share. One they were not intended survive. And, as you know, one of them didn't"

Bruce stood beside Kim, taking her hands into his, he said: "We entered into a perfidy with our leaders to protect our way of life and all those we hold dear. But "they" have betrayed our trust and have used us to further their successes, building their future on the bodies of our families. We have only served as pawns in their deadly games, and now, they wish to silence us. But we now know the secrets they have killed to hide.

I sat with my friend as he screamed through the vacuum of space, and it was not silent, like they tried to make us believe it was. Just as we refuse to be silent any longer. We officially declare debellatio, (the act of conquering or subduing, literally, warring the enemy down) on our captors. No mercy! No parlay! No surrender! No prisoners!"

The entire room stood and cheered. Each one saluted Bruce, together they chanted, "about face, Abbott Face, about face, enough- enough- enough!" Bruce reached into his pocket and handed Kim a small memory drive. She quickly placed it into her phone, her eyes widened and her face turned white. Before she could reveal what she saw, the doors blew open and at least 100 soldiers stormed into the room.

"Get them out of here Bruce," Kim begged. "I will hold them off, I can buy you some time. It's me they are looking for, hurry, get them out of here!"

Bruce hesitated for a moment and said, "Kim, I will be back for you, I promised Sam I would look after you, I will come back!" She held on to his fingertips long enough to smile and nod that she understood. She then yelled, "this way you cowards" she leapt off of the stage and disappeared into the crowd.

When she awakened, she was lying on her back, it was completely dark, she was cold, sore and stiff. It didn't take long to discover that she was unable to move. As she tried to pull herself up, her entire body jerked in pain. Waves of electrical vibrations surged through her face and body. Extreme pressure, like bolts of lighting swept across her face, around her scalp and into the back of her neck, like fire.

There was an intense piercing in her eyes. She nearly passed out, overwhelmed by the extreme pain and smell of blood. Reaching her hand up, she felt nothing but her eye sockets, she tried to cry out, but was unable to form a sound. "To punish you for seeing what you saw," A man's voice muttered. "We had no other choice but to take your eyes, and I found little pleasure in severing your tongue. You left us no choice-they had to go. " "Now, be a good girl and lay still," the voice hissed. She felt someone slightly lift her head. "You may feel a little pinch", the voice laughed.

As she lay there, she could feel a probe being inserted into the back of her neck, and with a slight tug on her skin, the saw began to cut. She thought for a moment about fighting, but instead, surrendered to the pain. Everyone she’d ever loved was gone now. She resolved herself to this fate, finding peace knowing that her death would soon be avenged. About face, she thought to herself smiling, envisioning the greatest of battles in her head.

As she felt her head disconnecting from her body, she thought she heard Sam's voice. There was a warm flash and she felt his hand gently touching hers. “Hold on to me," he said, "I think we are a little unsteady.”

By Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Their fingers clasped tightly together, she began to hum, “Rocket man, burning out his fuse up here alone, and all this science I don’t understand-oh, no, no, no , I'm a rocket man” She imagined Sam squeezing her hand and smiled.

Kim felt peacefully numb.

Suddenly, there was someone tugging again at her shoulders. She didn’t want anything to interrupt this moment with her brother.

She heard a familiar sound, so she tried to concentrate. It was like someone tapping on glass, tap, tappet tap. It was Morse Code! She counted the taps. Could it be?

In the distance, Kim heard someone calling her name. “Kim, hey Kim! Stay with me, it’s ok, don’t be afraid. “


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  • Made in DNA6 months ago

    I think you'll pulled off a mix of stream-of-consciousness and creative fiction here! Very original. Love to read more!

  • Such a sad fate for Sam. But the ending, could it be him? I hope you're writing the next part, I would love to read it. Also really curious to know what did Dam and Bruce discover. This was a fantastic story and I loved it!

  • Cathy holmes6 months ago

    This is great. Very well done

  • Call Me Les6 months ago

    oh wow! Not gonna lie, def shed some tears for poor Kim and I love when a story can move me to that degree. That is a masterful culmination and a gripping prologue. Very well done. <3

  • Excellent story, I was sure I had read this but zero sign of my presence, and I love the music you included. Top drawer, really good.

  • Scott Wade6 months ago

    Great story. Awesome writing Kelli. ❤️

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