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Who was she? He had to know...

By Hazel Rymell Published 7 months ago 8 min read
Photo by Ayush Madikunt on Unsplash

He looked up from his daily newspaper and peered over his dark rimmed glasses, as he did so, the gentle morning breeze swiftly picked up and a burst of cool air drifted across the pages and touched his face.

He didn’t know what had made him impulsively pause in mid sentence from the current affairs article he was engrossed in, but he had unexpectedly found his eyes diverting up from his newspaper and glanced across the road...

She was there, strolling along the opposite side from him, her familiar ankle length dark coat was, as always, unbuttoned and flapping in the wind. The hood of her coat embraced her head, hiding her pale face. Long luscious dark curls entwined around her shoulders, with small wisps attractively falling across her neckline.

She wore the same high heeled boots which he had always seen her in and stockings; she always wore black stockings, showing off the pale flesh of her long slim thighs, which flashed seductively as she held up her long purple dress, avoiding the puddles which had formed from that morning’s downpour.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, fixated by her appearance, he longed to run across and speak to her. Even if it was just a “hello”. But, strangely, shyness seemed to overcome him whenever he saw her.

He willed her to look his way, but, as usual, she didn’t. As far as he was aware, she never knew of his existence.

She continued on her way, his eyes remained on her until she disappeared, lost among the crowds of commuters on their way to work.

Who was she? He really wanted to know. Living in the city, there were plenty of people around he could ask, however, he doubted any one of them would know. He couldn’t just approach a complete stranger and ask “Hey there, do you know that woman?”

Why would they? He didn’t, yet he saw her most days. If not in the mornings on his way to work, then it would be evenings that she would suddenly appear, always in the distance, but never far away...

He had never seen her close up, not until last week, yet he had always known she was so beautiful; he could tell. The people who passed her in the street always glanced her way and stared at her, men would smile and look her up and down, as any red blooded man would, as he himself did, on the day their paths crossed and he got a close up glimpse of her..

That day he had actually walked past her in the street, as he made his way home from the horrendous day he had experienced at his office. Head throbbing from the days stress, he couldn’t wait to get home and pour himself a large whiskey.

He had just got off the train and emerged from the station when he looked ahead of him and there she was, walking towards him, wearing the same long coat and high heeled boots.

She wore a long red dress with a split cut into the side of its skirt. When she walked, the split exposed her long stocking legs; a beautiful woman in stockings was a sight never to be missed, he mused, as he noted the untanned skin of her thighs matched the skin of her pure creamy white complexion.

As she grew closer towards him, she very briefly looked into his dark brown eyes, then looked away.

He gasped! She had the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen! They reminded him of stunning emeralds; emeralds set between diamonds; diamond whites of her eyes...

Dazzled by those bright emerald eyes, a wave of fire had enveloped his entire body. Flushed and dizzy, his heart felt it had stopped for a moment. Then as he caught his breath, he had become aware of his rapid, pounding heart, which thudded profusely...

He blushed and his heart raced again as he relived that fleeting moment, a moment which lasted just seconds, but somehow, remained etched in his memory; that moment still took his breath away – she took his breath away.

Was it love? Lust? He didn’t know, all he knew was that for some strange reason, he was drawn to her, completely lost in her chemistry - was that what it was - chemistry? Sexual chemistry? In his thirty four years and being single, he had experienced what he believed to have been sexual chemistry many times, but this, this was more powerful than any lustful moments he had with any woman from his past.

Who was she? Where did she live? Did she work? If so, where? He had to know...


She knelt on a cushion, the room was warm and silent, just the glow from the numerous flickering candles scattered around, lit up the room.

Her naked body was briefly covered by a long black laced cloak. Her thick raven hair fell into waves and cascaded down her back and across her shoulders.

She wore black lacy fingerless gloves, which accentuated her long black manicured nails on her slender finger tips.

Her eyes were closed as she inhaled deeply for several seconds before slowly expelling. Each breath generated a powerful energy, an energy which encircled around her body, before slowly sweeping out across the room.

She held her bare arms out above her head, before spreading her hands wide. Moving her arms down, she reached out towards the large black pot she had on the floor in front of her – a cauldron...

Leaning towards it, she began to move, swaying her arms and hands around in large circles above its contents – potion; a potion simulating a rainbow of colours in dark murky water, which began to emit green smoke and swirl around, as if by magic, in time with her arms.

She swayed her entire body, dance like, faster and faster and as she did so, she chanted:

“Ama me, ama me, peto ut ames me”

“Ama me, ama me, peto ut ames me”

“Ama me, ama me, peto ut ames me”

Over and over, the same words:

Ama me, ama me, peto ut ames me”

The intense energy from within her conjured up a burst of flames, ignited underneath the cauldron, the mysterious concoction heated up until raging bubbles came to the surface, as the green smoke thickened more and began to rise.

A sudden gust of wind blasted into the room from nowhere, the candles extinguished as the incense from the cauldron slowly filled the darkened room.

A sea of green clouds covered the entire ceiling of the room. Resembling wild thunderclouds, it’s colours, a variety of pale and dark greens began to dance around in the air, spread into every corner of the room until the entire room was filled with smoke, illuminating the room with its unusual contrasting hue.

The intensity of the room gave off a mesmerising heady energy as the chanting slowly became barely a whisper, until eventually her words were slowed down, until silence...

Her arms dropped to her side, she bowed her head and sat still in silence for a few minutes, before slowly opening her eyes; her beautiful bright green eyes spookily lit up in the darkness, like cats eyes, her pupils dilated from the darkness of the room.

She languidly stood up and walked over towards the moonlit window. Curtains open, she sat in the armchair by the window, covering her nakedness with her cloak, she stared out of the window...her eyes rested upon the huge full moon, which shone down, like torchlight, onto her.

The smoke around the room began to disperse, growing cold and dark as the power within her calmly began to drain...


He woke with a start and opened his eyes. The moonlight from his bedroom lit up the corner of the room. Sweat pouring from his bare torso, his heart pounded as he sat up in bed.

What suddenly woke him?

A dream, he remembered. A woman’s voice in his dream. What was she saying?

“love me, love me, I need you to love me”

That was it, over and over again;

“love me, love me, I need you to love me”.

The soft voice of a woman, and the image of her came to his dream...

Her bright beautiful green eyes looked into his dark eyes. She smiled as she spoke those words...

“love me, love me, I need you to love me”

I do, he thought to himself. I do love you, I really do, as his love for her became far more powerful than before...

Who was she? He had to know, he needed to know.

As his heart slowed down to a normal rhythm , he caught his breath, looked once more towards the moonlit window and closed his eyes as she entered into his imagination.. To dream of her again he hoped. Yes, he hoped, to dream of her again, as he fell into another deep sleep...

Who was she? He had to know, he needed to know, as he felt his love for her grow and grow, he knew he was under her spell...



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Hazel Rymell

..Suddenly I crash back down to earth with a big almighty bump!

...when not in a dolly daydream, creative me is at home in the UK doing the normal everyday mundane jobs, that seem to go on forever...until the daydreaming kicks in again...

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  • Chua Yuan Heng4 months ago

    Fun magical fantasy story about a magician lady, who knows how to cast a love spell!

  • Whoaaa I did not see that coming! I loved the twist! He definitely was under a spell, lol! Fantastic story!

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    Very nicely done.

  • Tiffany Gordon 5 months ago

    Spectacularly written! Very Intriguing piece!

  • Adam Chant7 months ago

    Intriguing and very vivid. Had me captivated.

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