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Emperor's Empowering Exalting Exposed Empire

Empress Encompassed

By Thavien YliasterPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
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"Goodness, what a buffoon."

"Hush, Ceolwulf. We're guests here," she elbowed his ribs.

"Humor me, Celeste. His idiocy displays excessive naivety. Him doing this, inviting us, including his potential enemies, exemplifies his weaknesses."

"You're certain, Ceolwulf?"


The other guests at the ball couldn't ignore it as well. It demanded their best breeding to remain composed.

"Thank you for joining me on this lovely evening," the emperor waltzed down the steps from his throne. "Allow me to regale you with a story." The audience had a few light chuckles amongst themselves. "Earlier, I was visited by a pair of wandering salesmen, peddling forth sacred threads," the chuckle surged like a wave. "Once I saw the value of their wares I sent them on their way, profiting two pieces of silver."

"Fool's been scammed," Ceolwulf mumbled to Celeste.

"One for me," his wife sheepishly approached him, "and one for my lovely Dorete." She wiggled her fingers at the audience, anticipating what was to come, "Pardon, hers are just underneath this paltry garb." Ripping her dress in two, he peeled Dorete from it. Offering his hand, she stepped out from her gown. As her hands went to cover her mentionables, he admonished her, whispering, "No."

Lifting their hands, she timidly sauntered around him. Several of the queens there wanted to shield their kings' eyes, thus saving the empress from further disgrace, but would it be viewed as an act of treason to not take in her beauty, or would it be more treacherous to gaze upon her? What was the emperor's rationale?

"You've been had, Trygve!" Ceowulf shouted. "You shame yourself, your spouse, and your empire by your impetuous leadership!" His laughter was joined by the court.

"Finally, somebody said it!"

Emperor's New Clothes! More like THE EMPEROR'S NUDE CLOTHES!"


So embarrassed was Dorete that she almost peed herself whilst crying. Staring at the floor, she prayed for this to pass.

"The strong bask whilst weaklings cower."


Trygve replied, "You heard me. I pity you, your kingdoms, your rule..." He kissed Dorete, "The mighty do as they please. You lack power. You're either conquering or conquered. Dishonest lives live in fear."

Thavien's Token: This story is crafted for L.C. Schäfer's "Fucked Up Fairytales - An Unofficial Challenge."

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  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    I feel sad after reading it but overall story was amazing

  • I felt so sad for Dorete. I'd have died if I was her!

  • JBaz2 months ago

    This tale is such a good lesson on vanity and gullibility . Well written and presented

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    I sometimes think folk should get married naked, just themselves with no pretense.

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