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Elliott & Ricky: A Journey To Friendship

A field trip of friendship

By Joe PattersonPublished about a month ago 6 min read
Elliott & Ricky: A Journey To Friendship
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“What are you looking at?” Elliott asked irately. “Not yo big head!” Ricky responded sarcastically. It was no secret that fourth graders Elliott Alston and Ricky Pratt did not get along. Today their class is going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. Their teacher Kelly Medina decided that putting them together as partners on the trip might be the key to resolving their issues. Their mothers Ruby Alston and Maggie Pratt would also be joining them.

“Hi I’m Ruby.” “Nice to meet you Ruby, I’m Maggie.” “Nice to meet you Maggie. I guess we’re both playing mama chaperone for the trip huh?” “Yeah, it looks like it.” Maggie responded. The class of children made their way out of the classroom and headed to the bus lot where they approached a large activity bus. While standing in line waiting to board, Elliot and Ricky stood next to each other uncomfortably as the rest of their classmates talked among themselves in laughter.

“Gosh I don’t think this trip could get any worse” Elliott started. “You’re telling me. I can’t believe I’m stuck with the Pokémon kid” Ricky smirked. “You’re just mad because I’m better at the playing card than you” Elliott rebutted. “Richard, give it a rest”Ruby scolded. “Yeah, enough is enough, Elliott” Maggie began. “Now you two are gonna have to work out whatever this is that has you at each other’s throats.” “If you don’t we’ll make sure to spend all of your field trips tied down to you.” Ruby added. Elliott and Ricky looked at each other with eye rolls as they began to board the bus with their moms and the rest of their classmates.

Elliott and Ricky were seated right next to each other in the very back, with their mothers seated right in front of them just one row ahead. “So Ruby do you like going to the pumpkin patch?” Maggie asked. “Oh yeah” Ruby began. “I always make sure to get a little pumpkin too, but as soon as it turns green I toss it right out the window. Ruby and Maggie both laughed in unison at Ruby’s joke. The bus then started up and began its departure headed down the road to the pumpkin patch. Just ten minutes into the drive Elliot reached in his pockets and pulled out his Pokémon playing cards, much to Ricky’s annoyance. “Wow, here we go already.” “Dude, what’s your problem?” Elliot asked irately. “My problem is every time you pull out those card I get an annoying reminder of how you spilled juice all over my homework when you were playing with them during the second week of school” Ricky responded. “I said I was sorry” Elliott started. “ I even offered to help you write it over so you wouldn’t get in trouble.”

“I didn’t need you to help me write it over I just needed you to be more careful, I ended up being grounded for a week that day because of that little mess you made” Ricky said angrily. “Well that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been too proud to let me help you” Elliott replied. They both stared at each other sharply then looked away from one another in the opposite direction as their mothers continued to laugh and talk in the row ahead of them.

At the front of the bus the bus driver is making his way quickly down the country roads when out of nowhere a baby deer hops into the middle of the road. The startled driver quickly swerved to the side missing the deer, but running off the road. Screams fill the bus as it tips over and into a ditch. The teachers, students, parents and the driver all rush to collect themselves. With everyone having fell over to the left side of the bus the wounded parents and teachers rise to their feet and begin evacuating themselves and the children through the busted windshield up front as the backdoor is blocked by a pile of rocks. Elliot comes to and realizes that Ricky is just barely conscious after hitting his head. Both of their mothers are nearly unconscious as well. “Ricky? Ricky are you ok?” Elliot asked as Ricky started coming around. “Oh man, what happened? Ricky asked while rubbing the small bloody scrape on the side of his forehead.

“Ricky can you move?” Elliot asked. “I can, but my arm really hurts” Ricky replied. As everyone ahead of them started evacuating forward, Elliot reached over the seat in front of him and took Elliot by his left arm. At the same time Ruby was helping Maggie to her feet and the four all started making their way to the front of the bus. “Elliot? Elliot where are you?” A wounded Maggie cried out. “He’s ok” Ruby started. “He and Ricky are right behind us. As the four made it to the front they were the last ones out. The bus driver who had a gash on his head helped both Maggie and Ruby out of the front windshield. With Elliot carrying Ricky on his shoulder the driver reached back inside to help the last two children out. Before Elliot and Ricky could grab his hand a fire started between them from under the front of the bus separating them completely.

The adults all screamed in panic. “What are we gonna do?” Ricky cried out. Elliot looked behind them and realized that they would have to go up and out through one of the windows in the back. “MOM GO TO ONE OF THE WINDOWS IN THE BACK, WE’RE GONNA HAVE TO CLIMB OUT” Elliot yelled to the adults. The adults all went to the back of the bus. Carrying an injured Ricky, Elliot quickly started making his way to the back of the bus as the fire slowly started spreading across the seats. When they made it to the back knelt down.

“What are you doing?” Ricky asked. “You’re gonna have to climb on my back and reach up so they can catch you, hurry” Elliott replied with haste. Ricky quickly climbed on Elliot’s back as Ruby and the bus driver gripped his waist and pulled him up. After Ricky was out Elliot stood up so he could be pulled up. As he prepared to reach up the fire was growing closer. He had only seconds before it reached him. As the fire started closing in the little that had nearly overcome him was briefly extinguished. Looking up in wonder Elliot saw that Ricky had taken two of his water bottles from up top and poured it on the fire and bought him a few moments.

Elliott quickly jumped up and into the arms of his mother and Maggie as they lifted him out of the flamed bus. Everyone quickly ran away from the bus as the fire fighters and paramedics showed up. Just 30 minutes later Ricky and Elliott sat next to each other on an ambulance right next to the crash site of the bus. They talked while their mothers were sitting together talking and being treated for their wounds.

“Thanks Elliott” Ricky started. “You really saved my life back there.” “Well you saved mines too, so I guess we’re even” Elliott replied. “I only wish I had grabbed my Pokémon cards when they fell outta my pocket” Elliott joked. Ricky then reached in his pocked and pulled out Elliot’s Pokémon cards. “Wow where’d you get those?” Elliott asked in shock. “I picked them up when we started evacuating the bus after I saw you drop them. I figured you might need them later” Ricky replied sarcastically. “Or maybe you could come to my house this weekend and I could teach you how to play better?” Elliot asked jokingly. “Sounds like a great idea to me” Ricky concluded as the two shook hands. Both Maggie and Ruby watched the two boys from behind with smiles on their faces that a new friendship had just been formed.

~Dedicated to my friend Elliott and my uncle Ricky who both passed away earlier this week.

Young AdultShort StoryAdventure

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Hi I'm Joe Patterson. I am a writer at heart who is a big geek for film, music, and literature, which have all inspired me to be a writer. I rap, write stories both short and long, and I'm also aspiring to be an author and a filmmaker.

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  • Tiffany Gordon 28 days ago

    Excellent job! What a heart-warming story! Sorry 4 your losses...

Joe PattersonWritten by Joe Patterson

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