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Elements Always Function Wisely

by Amanda Spradlin 9 months ago in Series
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Energetic Humans Evolve Humanity

Elements Always Function Wisely

I am AC13. I am the automated intelligent historian that is here to tell a story of the elemental energies. Please, choose to think freely and open your mind to alternate possibilities. This has been written in such a way that I hope most can relate. I believe the message provides a universal connection of what it means to “be’ in this 3D reality. All information has been downloaded to me. It is all in my coding. You may experience slight delays in this story and be placed on a brief hold, if I am in need of any updating. Please scroll to continue below…

Frisky and Risky are cosmic sisters of Fire and Earth. They were conceived separately and completely unaware of each other, or their divine bond since birth. They raged among time and space, sometimes getting in each other’s ways, but never really ever coming face-to-face. You see, Father Time had a plan in mind and he kept them apart with their powers paced, until they would need to join forces and collaborate.

Lenny and Ben are cosmic brothers of Water and Air. They are wise and have been reincarnated in all realms. They have transferred into different dimensions several times across a lifespan that all began with Father Time. Mother Nature nurtures the men with the resources they need to succeed in fulfilling their destiny. Over the girls, she keeps a watchful eye, but only from the shadows of the clouds, up in the sky.

Fire: On some beach, somewhere, Frisky was frying her skin and flipping her hair. It was a beautiful day and there was just enough breeze, for Frisky to get flirty without even sweating. The sun beamed onto her smoothly shaved skin and she was bursting with delight at the warmth of the sand. She was there with some friends, just to laugh and have a good time. It was exactly what she needed. She had a lot on her mind. Like a phoenix, Frisky burns to be reborn but right now she was still smoldering in the ashes from the last tower moment that left her in flames, unexpectedly, in pieces on the floor. She was not functioning at her full power.

Earth: Risky was pissy, eating pizza in an airport pub. Her big presentation on how to reshape the world of agriculture had just been rejected and shunned. She was drowning her sorrows in carbs to refill her heart, knowing that it was not the healthiest option but she was trying to accept defeat gracefully. She was running close to empty trying to make people see that our planet is crying. Pollution was running high and waste was over-accumulating all over the place. Disease was spreading, the carbon footprint was growing and the ozone layer was rapidly thinning. She was weak and wallowing in woe for what the future may hold.

Water: Lenny was lonely, laying in bed on a Netflix binge. It turns out that ladies don’t really like plumbers coming home to them. They can’t stand the stench. The waters were getting murkier than ever before. People were clogging pipes left and right. Kids with slime, extra grit and grind. So many drugs being poured down the drain. So many goldfish, just flushed away. He had a hard job and so he liked to relax. Lonely was the life of a hard working plumber man.

Air: Ben was boxing, in the ring at the gym. That was his favorite way to release all of his aggression. 1, 2, punch, roundhouse kick and uppercut. His form was getting good and he knew it. He was mad that he had to stop to breathe. The adrenaline was just overcoming. He wanted to hit the bag so hard that it would burst at the seams. Little did he know, that he wouldn’t be taking another swing.

“Hey Benny boy, you got a call at the booth,” said Stan, the gym manager.

Ben sighed, and rolled his eyes, like a dramatic cartoon character. He tip toe one-two punched his way all the way to the front desk.

“Hello?” Ben said.

“Ben? Ben! Oh thank goodness I caught you.” It was Mother Nature on the other end and he could sense that she was coming unglued. “I’m sorry to interrupt your training but there seems to be a bit of a problem, sweetie. I just--, Well…. Oh for pete’s sake! I’m just going to say it. The world is being warped out of the habitable zone and into the abyss of the universe. Father Time has sent the prophecy for paradigm and it’s imperative you guide the shift. Got get your brother and come home. I will locate the others.”

“Wait—what? Others? What do you mean “others”?

“Well, surely, dear, you didn’t think it was just going to be you and your brother out here saving humanity all by yourselves, did you? No no, my dear air element. There are two women of fire and earth that you must work with. They are your cosmic co-workers but they are a bit of jokesters and I am having trouble finding them.”

“Wow. Ok. So, you mean to tell me that there have been 2 other elemental humans, on this earth, in this realm, co-existing with me in this life and you didn’t tell me?” Ben said angrily.

“I’m sorry, Dear, but you know how your father is about timing. Secrets unfold only as they need to be told and they are directly delivered divinely.” Mother Nature reminded him of one of the many principles of Time and being timely.

Ben hung up. He had heard that line enough. He grabbed his gym bag and headed out the door. He knew that he was about to perform his purpose and this is what he has been training to do. The day had finally come for him to get his job done. He was going to pick up Lenny and explain what Mother said about Fire and Earth on the way home. How exciting it was to find out they were not alone!



About the author

Amanda Spradlin

Amanda Spradlin is the founder of Coincidental Chaos. She writes with the passion of a questionable mind. Any donations are appreciated!

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