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Elementary Spacial Physics

A Tourist's Trip to Earth

By Schuyler EbersolPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

“Don’t look up.”

“How long have you been watching these things? Look up? You should be more worried about them suddenly understanding timewave theory.”

“What’s it like to be that self-absorbed?”

“Why don’t you ask them?”

“Right, because I really want to be that being.”

“I can picture it now,” said the taller being, his short, slender legs outstretched under the console, his head emersed in the fluid substance, eyes trained lazily on the bi-pedal gathering below. “Miniature alien kidnaps and probes unsuspecting home-owner. Is Hal Thorton crazy, or are aliens among us?”

The shorter one laughed, ducking his head out of the substance to take a sip from a mug of green liquid. “You know, we’re up here in a piece of technology they couldn’t begin to understand even if we somehow dumbed it down to elementary spacial physics, and what do they call it? A flying plate.”

“You’re expecting ingenuity from a species that has to put Do Not Drink in large letters on the cans of poison they use to exterminate vermin.”

“So why did we take off six weeks to fly all the way here again?”

The tall one shrugged. “The brochure looked interesting. Ready?”

The short one maneuvered the ship fifty miles south to hover above a cornfield that stretched to the horizon. “This time we’re going to actually make a design they can’t disprove.”

“They’ll find a way, and be grateful they will, or Interplanetary will suspend us into the next millennium.”


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fantastic! Great work!

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