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egyptian pyramids

short story

By sümeyyePublished 8 months ago 4 min read

Gizem, Ceren and Sude were all friends. All three had grown up in Egypt. They were all smart kids. Gizem, Sude and Ceren were going to the Egyptian temple. While Gizem, Sude and Ceren were on their way to the Egyptian temple, they found some money on the way, took it in their hands and continued on their way. They saw a cobra snake on the road, they were all looking at it with excitement, they forgot the money in their hand, then they went towards the temple, the man asked them where they got this money from, they answered honestly, that money is there.

When the man saw that they had brought their money, he was happy and gave them some money to bring their money.

Thanks to the money that the man gave, they entered the temple.

The temple was empty and dark, and luckily they had a flashlight with them.

The lantern's battery is dead and they're trapped.

They were all very scared. The sun was pouring in from somewhere. At least it looked a little bad.

Ceren thought she was blind and started running around.

Ceren: I'm blind...

Then mystery and water took hold of him and asked him to open his eyes and he did.

While Sude and Ceren were thinking about this, Gizem started to look around. Mystery found a key on the floor and showed it to his friends. She started looking for where she was. She said she found the water and inserted the key.

Suddenly the key disappeared. and they all fell on a mat. and they all found themselves in the market.


The mystery had never seen anything this big. The article was: GHOST TIREN ... then ceren

and they looked behind them and they saw the writing on that sign. It looked really great.

The girl appeared. They went to her and asked her name; Her name was Dilara. Then they became friends and came to the room. Then

They went to the ghost train sign. And they got on the train. The man over there said not to get on, but they didn't listen.

and dilara got on the train. They saw a girl on the train. - What are you doing here, they asked. They didn't forget his name either. First Name

it was hayrunisay. Then they came to the end of the road. A girl appeared at the end of the road. they became friends very quickly.

Name: Beyza ,Ceren got off the train and everyone fell down. on millions of pillows

they found it. Then spiders appeared in the pillows. Everyone was afraid to kill the insects with their feet.

they started. All of them got scared and mystified, all of them mystery why are you shouting. Dilara from there

the girls called for a door. Sude then said come on girls and then they all ran and at that moment Hayrunisa

fell down the pit. Everyone shouted Hayrunisa, but it was too late. Now they have Hayrunnisa with them.

They were decreasing now, then they continued on their way, then after they all fell on the slope, but

one did not fall. Dilara shouted at the girls - the girls. she said and started crying.then the girls started shouting

they were less. After that, while Beyza was falling from the slope, she got stuck on a branch of a tree and Beyza was no longer there.

they fell to the ground and now they found in a forest, stunned Gizem, Sude and Ceren remained in the forest.

they combined the bushes and made a tent. and they cover it with large leaves they find on it. After that, rain

it started to rain and it rained heavily. after that the girls went outside and

Half of the leaves had fallen. It was night now, they needed light. then something came to mindCeren had a lighter in her pocket. He immediately took it out and burned some of the bushes to obtain the light.

There were many wolves in the forest. Ceren was very happy to get the light. After that, the wolves came to us.

They started attacking. We were trying to escape from them. Sude fell while running and broke her foot.

Ceren took the lighter in her hand and was holding it towards the wolves.

four of them were burned to death. Later, the mystery found wood on the ground. He burned paper clips by rubbing them. Then Sude found

they found a few coconuts and ate them, they didn't have a house or a mother and a father anymore.

They were not afraid though. After that, the girls from there, this is the sign on the sign called "GHOST TIREN".

"Remember the article," he said.

and she couldn't live. The girls were scared and she cried that she wanted to go home now.

They don't want to live to the end. They don't want to be separated from their parents any more.

Meyerse, they all woke up at the same time, it was an event they all experienced when they were little, but this is not over a

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  • Dosta Çağrı8 months ago

    İts perfect and cool

  • Zülfikar YAŞAR8 months ago

    İts cool and good

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