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Edged In Clay, Lowered 50 Feet. Oh No, I Think We Forgot Something!

What could it be?

By Cathy DeslippePublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Edged In Clay, Lowered 50 Feet. Oh No, I Think We Forgot Something!
Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

Looking out of the helicopter down at the Turtle Caves, we realized how high above the ground they were. Looking up at the geographical graphs that we brought, the depth was 62 feet.

Trying to find a plato to land on that was safe, our helicopter pilot was taking his time to make sure we were lined up at the top to lower the two of us in.

Turtle Cave for years was known for its unique shapes of the caves, for the many hidden gems that were found inside. For every geologist something new was found upon every visit.

Dr, Rogers and I Dr. Singh were both excited and and yet a bit nervous as we were coming off of the ladder that was tangling below the plane.

Once landing on our boots on the ground the pilot gave us a thumbs up, and off he flew above in the clouds.

Having a snack and water before taking the plunge and going down to an amazing adventure. We made sure we had everything we needed to make new and exciting discoveries. (all was intact)

As the two of us had travelled to this area before we knew a bit about the caves, we knew where other geologists had been so we attempted to go deeper and find something different and unique.

By Michael Behrens on Unsplash

After mastering 30 feet or so we could see directly down at what looked like aqua-blue water, it was lit up with the sunshine bouncing on the walls.

Our destination this time was not to go as deep, we took many amazing photographs but we wanted to go 50 feet for sure.

As no one had mastered this area, or had done any research we found it was our turn to explore the unknown area.

Struggling down, with a hand as we lower ourselves down the stones. We finally made it, the alarm went off to let us know we had finally arrived.

"Wow", we were both surprised. Lots of cobwebs that is for sure and we could see why no one wanted to explore the area. An untouched area met a lot of exploring was about to happen. This would mean taking lots of photographs and trying not to unsettle anything that is of value.

Many turtles were edged into the clay walls, writing of what looked like Arabic writing. Taking photos one after the other to analyze when returning to the station, so we possibly find out what it was saying could allow us to know who may have carved it and what period.

We found a ledge that we were able to walk along before finding a path that led us further into the caves.

A unique but captivating room was just ahead, clearing our way before we entered. We had stumbled across old papers, jewellery and large maps etched again in the wall.

Now this made us rather curious, it was almost like that of a pirate ship looking for treasure.

No one was ever to take anything from the caves, so we had to take lots of photos and put back anything we looked at for others to explore and educate themselves.

This adventure turned out to be so exciting.

After concluding our research, placing everything where we found it, the best we could. We checked off the list of everything we needed to go back up and alert the helicopter pilot to come back and get us at a designated time.

Checking not once but twice making sure we had everything before venturing out. We were ready to climb back up.

Coming down was easy as we were using a pully and jumping, Going up was rather a chore. We decided when we reached twenty feet from the top we would stop, something was just not right with me. I felt like we were forgetting something. What could it be?

Settling on a rock we checked our backpacks, our file of all of the things we had written and then, all of a sudden with dread on our faces. "We forgot our cameras!"

It was like forgetting your clothes. The outmost important part of the trip was the cameras.

Reporting back up to the helicopter to make a couple of loops while we went down. Taking big breaths, as the wind picked up.

The struggle this time was making it right to the area we were before.

Lower and lower we went, not using the pully. Just gliding along, we finally made it. It wasn't easy but wow, we got there.

Now walking back in we were trying to retrace our steps. Okay, the path was clear, with no cameras, maybe in the room with the jewels or possibly near the writing.

The search wasn't as easy as we had hoped it would be.

Both of us tried to move fast, looking everywhere possible.

At that moment, down below the maps, we found our cameras and the containers for the film. Making sure not to lose our precious findings we couldn't wait to make it back up.

Onward and up, to heading home and resting then researching.

Lesson taught, look around, make a list and never forget the most important things you need before leaving a very tall cave.

Up,Up and away.


About the Creator

Cathy Deslippe

Catherine Deslippe

At the age of 7, I became an author. I am an international writer with many authors; all royalties went to cancer patients without insurance. I used to write to cope, but now I write to bring others hope.

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