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Drillmington: Rats and Rap

TSL performs with knowledge of his being a snitch…again.

By Skyler SaundersPublished about a month ago 3 min read
 Drillmington: Rats and Rap
Photo by Chase Fade on Unsplash

With full confidence, TSL looked into the camera.

“If you ever see a weapon out. Don’t touch it. Go to an adult and let them handle it. Guns are no fun if you don’t know how to use one. And that’s real rap.” The video wrapped.

“Excellent job. We should have these running in a few days.”

“Glad to hear it.” TSL took his thirty thousand dollars for the ad. He found Julisia’s arms.

“You’ve done well again. If you keep this up, they’re not gonna know what to do with you.”

He smiled. It wasn’t a smirk of great cynicism but of light acceptance. They left the Lightray and piled into the Starlight en route to the Wilmington venue.

“Another sold-out event,” Julisia recalled.

“The opening act is going to be a few minutes late. ‘Engine trouble.’”

By Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

“Okay, that should give us time to go over the set list. This should be a boon for us in trying to keep the crime rate low and be the best rapper and manager in the world.”

“Keep your dreams lofty.”

Once they arrived at the venue, the deejay spun the records a while longer to compensate for the late rappers. He spun and the room seemed entranced and not really worried about when the show started. He continued his skills on the wheels of steel which were actually just a laptop and a mixer. But he did it with agility and guile.

TSL prepared himself for the time he would step out onstage. His heart moved to the rhythm of the beat pumping just a few feet away. The muffled tunes seemed to mimic his own patterns.

He memorized all his songs and presented himself as a professional. Never did he have to skip a line or use a backup audio to aid him in case he forgot a line.

By Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

The other rappers arrived. They took to the stage and multiplied. It seemed like a gushing of humanity had descended upon the venue.

“Turn off your phone,” TSL told Julisia.

“You know we have to—”

“Do it, babe,” he kissed her forehead.

She obliged.

Once he took the stage he excelled. In his mind, however, he thought about the crimes that would be committed. He wanted Julisia to witness his greatness. In the truth that he had built around himself, he knew just what it meant to be a myth. He could escape into this entire realm of knowing what was what and apply that to his life.

Julisia didn’t listen. She used a headset to say a fraudster in the East Side of the city planned to defraud innocent people with just a flip of some money bags.

Jolted but not mistaken for being off in any way, TSL kept the night going. He launched into three more songs and then found his way backstage to applause and fanfare.

“I told you to turn it off,” TSL scolded.

“It’s our job, too. Thousands of people have no clue their favorite rapper is a snitch.”

“I’d like to keep it just as you said. If I keep running out on these shows, I’ll have no presence beyond the digital realm.”

“I know that, T, but—”

By ActionVance on Unsplash

“But nothing, Julisia. We have to continue to fight for the ideal that I’m going to be an international superstar. I’m not one to be humble as you’ve already known.”

“No, you’re definitely not that.”

“But I don't stardom for stardom’s sake. They already know I do commercials for the police, but no one knows outside of this room that I’m an informer. Rap and rats don’t mix, sadly.”


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