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Dreams of Another Life

True Meaning of Happiness in the Pursuit of Dreams

By Rao Muhammad AsadPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Lila had always felt like there was something missing in her life. She daydreamed about another life, one where she could travel and experience new cultures. But the reality of bills, work, and responsibilities kept her from pursuing those dreams.

One day, Lila received a ticket to a small village in Europe, the very place she had been dreaming about. She took the leap and traveled to the village, where she found a fairytale-like place filled with friendly locals and new experiences.

However, Lila soon realized that the dream of another life was not all that it seemed. She had left behind everything she knew and was now lost without a plan or direction. But one evening, as she watched a group of people playing music in the town square, something inside her shifted. She realized that she could create her own life, one that made her happy.

Lila joined the group and found a new talent in playing an instrument. For the first time in a long time, she felt truly alive. From that moment on, her life took a new turn, and she realized that dreams of another life were not just idle fantasies, but a call to action.

Lila stayed in the village for a few months, playing music with the group and exploring the surrounding countryside. But eventually, she knew it was time to go back home. She had bills to pay and responsibilities to tend to, but she left the village with a new sense of purpose and inspiration.

When Lila returned home, she quit her job at the bookstore and began to pursue her passion for music. She started playing at local venues and even formed her own band. She traveled to new places and experienced new cultures, just as she had always dreamed.

Looking back on her journey, Lila realized that sometimes the things we think are holding us back are actually pushing us forward. She had thought that her routine life was holding her back from pursuing her dreams, but it was that routine that gave her the stability to take the leap and travel to the village.

Years went by, and Lila became a successful musician. She was living the life that she had always dreamed of, traveling the world and sharing her music with people from different cultures. But despite her success, Lila found herself feeling unfulfilled once again. She had achieved her dreams, but she realized that her passion for music was not enough to make her happy.

One day, while performing in a small venue in the countryside, Lila met an elderly man who had lived in the village where she had discovered her love for music. He told her about the history of the village and how the people who had lived there had always found joy in the simple things in life. They were content with what they had and did not seek happiness in material possessions or achievements.

The man's words resonated with Lila, and she realized that she had been searching for happiness in all the wrong places. She had been chasing after success and achievement, thinking that they would bring her happiness, but she had forgotten about the simple joys of life.

Lila decided to take a break from her music career and travel to the village where she had discovered her love for music. She wanted to reconnect with the people and the culture that had inspired her so many years ago.

When she arrived, she was greeted with open arms by the people she had met years ago. They welcomed her back as if she had never left, and Lila felt like she had come home.

Over the next few weeks, Lila spent her days exploring the village and getting to know the people who lived there. She realized that happiness was not something that could be found in a job or a material possession, but it was something that came from within. She found joy in the simple things, like spending time with her

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About the Creator

Rao Muhammad Asad

Longtime teacher, now trying my hand at writing. Poetry, essays and even experimenting with fiction.

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