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Dreamer - Chapter 27

by Mel 5 months ago in Series
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don't be fooled by what others tell you

"I refuse to lie just to please you."

"You lie about other things."

"I do not."

"You're lying right now."

"Oh really?" I asked him, "What the hell am I lying about?"

"Oh, I don't know. I don't live your life."

"See. I don't-"

"You lied about liking Ace."

"I don't like Ace." I say, sitting uncomfortably in my seat.

"Look at that. Another lie."

"How would you even know that I'm lying?" I asked him, "It's not like people parade around screaming out 'I lied! I lied!'"

"I know about the kiss."

My cheeks began to grow hot. "I don't know what you're talking about. What even is this kiss you keep on mentioning?"

"The one you gave to your little chicken shit of a boyfriend at the hospital yesterday."

I sighed, staring out the window, "He's not my boyfriend."


Rev pulled off to the side of the road, leaning his car just slightly inside of a ditch, "Out."

"What? No. Why?"

"Didn't you want to go home?"

"Yes. Home. As in a house. I don't live in the goddamn ditch."

"You really need to learn the surroundings around your own house," He leaned over my body to open the door, "You live just up that driveway there. Now, Lex, get out."

"Why can't you just drive me-"

"Get out before I push you out."

Knowing Rev, he'd do it as well. I got out, slamming the door hard before turning up to walk up the driveway.

"Where are you going?" He asked. I turned around to find him leaning up against the car door I just slammed shut.

"How do you always manage to move so quickly?" I asked mostly to myself.


"Never mind," I said quickly, "What do you want?"

"I never said you can start walking."

"Oh? Did I forget to read the book of Rev's Rules before I came out here? I am so very sorry that I didn't prepare for someone I didn't even plan to meet until my first night in a new house."

"You should've. I heard that book has a lot of interesting facts about me." He smirked.

"I just want to go home."

"You are home."

"No. I want to be inside my home.. where I should've been that night." I glanced into his eyes before taking a step back, "I was stupid then and I am stupid now."

"So now you regret everything?"

"I've always regretted it, but I just decided now is the time to say it out loud."

"Are you trying to say that you don't want to see me ever again?"

"That wasn't obvious, already?"

He gave me a glare before over to the other side of his car, opening the door, "Go fuck yourself Lex."

"I'll be glad to." I threw my finger up in the air high enough so that he was able to see it.

He sped off as I turned on my heel and began walking back up the driveway. I held my arms close to my chest as the cold air hit me, finding myself walking at a much quicker pace up the driveway. The darkness began to surround me and a terrifying feeling grew inside me, remembering the last time I walked down this driveway in the dark. I had a sudden urge to stay on high alert and keep track of my surroundings. "Don't show fear," I told myself, "Just in case."


I turned around, afraid to see Rev standing right behind me, but nobody was there. I continued to walk faster. Faster. My heart was beating even faster now.

"Come back, Lex."

My quick pace suddenly turned into a run.

"Why are you running, Lex?"

I saw the porch of the house and ran even faster without even looking behind me. Once I reached the porch, I opened the door and quickly got inside.

"We need to talk."

I slammed the door before backing away very slowly. "Go away," I said to myself, "Just leave me alone." I looked over at the fridge.

"I brought you food. You were completely out."

I opened the fridge, revealing all the goodies he had placed nicely inside. They all looked very delicious, yet horrible at the same time.

"Why would I eat your stupid food? I barely even know you." I mumbled as I placed my arm inside, using it as a scoop to allow for all the food to slide out and smash along the floor. The glass jars smashed to tiny pieces at my feet and the bags of hard food smacked against the floorboards. "You're nothing but a stranger I forced into my life," I said as I chucked a jar of pickles across the kitchen. Luckily it only landed into the sink, but I could still hear the smash as it shattered. Tears lined my eyeline as I let my hands smash against the refrigerator doors before falling to the ground, falling to my knees as my forehead leaned against the empty fridge doors as I tried not to let the tears escape down my cheeks, "You ruined everything."

"Princess?" Dad's voice appeared from behind me.

I quickly wiped my eyes before looking back up at him, "Yeah, dad?"

"What happened here?"


"But the floor-"

"Dad," My voice cracked from the tears but I quickly stood back up, "I'll clean it, alright."


"I'll clean it up." I stepped over the shattered glass to the sink and switched the water on to try and attempt to push the pieces of the jar down the drain. I knew how much damage this could be put on the small drain, but it's still better than explaining how this new house has ruined my life to my father. I don't even know how the hell I'm gonna explain to my dad who Rev was, or what he did in the past few days, because my father would never me out of his sight ever again. I was definitely not going to tell my dad what went on just before I got home today, or that I willingly shot an innocent animal. Oh god. The horse. I shot a horse. I slammed my fist down on the counter. I shot a goddamn horse and I can't even blame Rev for making me do it.

"You sure you don't want any help?" Dad asked again. He looked as if he had been startled by my actions. He never looked at me the way he is right now. It scared me. What has Rev done to me? What did moving to this town do to me?

"I don't need any help," I avoided eye contact with him, "I'll manage this."

"Not even any-"


"Alright. I get it. You can do it by yourself. I'll just be in my room if you decide that you actually do need me."

"Alright." I turned my head to ask for his help when his door shut, "Dad?" I took a slow breath before letting the next words flow out of my mouth, "Would you stay with me tonight?"

"Sure thing."

"Dad?" I turned around to face the door my dad had shut just before.

"Why do you want me to stay with you tonight?"

I backed away from the sink, walking towards my bedroom before closing the door quickly behind me. "Go away."

Silence. I backed up until my legs crashed into my bed. My breathing began to speed back up once again. My heart began to race yet again.

"Open the door." A growl sounded from the other side. The doorknob began to jiggle before a bang pounded against the door, "I know you're in there."

"Leave me alone!"

The door flew open and standing in the doorway was the familiar figure of the person I saw just moments before.

"Oh my god," I clenched my fists together, "Get out of my house!"

"I thought you wanted me to stay?"

"Not you. I have to be completely insane to agree to let you stay here."

"Are you?"

"Get out!"

"You can't kick me out," He came closer and leaned over my smaller body.

"It's my house."

"It was mine, first."

"What?" I asked out loud. He lived here? In this house? The place where I sleep, eat, and breathe? He once lived in the place I felt safe? Did he also share the same bedroom as me.. was this room not as safe as I thought it was? "What are you implying?"

He stepped backwards until he was leaning up against the wall, "Forget what I said."

"I can't just forget what you said. Tell me. Now."


"Did you or did you not live in this same house before me?"

"Not exactly."


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