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Dream Sequence

by Ocusan Mi 9 months ago in Short Story
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Above & beyond

Dream Sequence 8/28/21

I was in a building somewhere that connects to a holographic world maybe through a black hole. The walls were cement covered with a white plastic that i might have found a piece of in the swimming pool here. I found a soup kitchen where they were serving only orange soda, as they said they were out of food. I wondered out and found another roon with a ice rink that served purple shaved ice. I found a large door with a women standing who said it was a subway, they door didnt open until the subway arrived and when it did i asked where it went, she said , New York, the door opened and she went out. It immdiantly closed like a compressed airlock most likely so not to let any air escape. I didnt see the subway but it could have been floating or something to be within building. I wondered more and found a room where i met a mother and daughter. They said they were preformers and they were watching a preformance on a tv. I think the daughter said her name was Ern, i asked how to leave the building, they said, the gate keeper..I walked for it seemed hours in the puffy white clouds towards a sole light beaconing like a floating lighthouse in space & time, untill i reached a chrome plateform alone in the mist. There underneath the lantern i could see a shielded dome with a tulip like flower potted in the fertile space soil. My gloved hand was upon the terrium like dome studing it when i felt a hand upon my shoulder. "You going to have to go back to where you came from, I suppose it was the biulding, folks arnt allowed to venture at night" The elderly man said with concern. I turned my head slowly back to the plant all alone in the dome. " Most people around here dont know about the flower, its best you keep it secret" His thick eyebrows beackoned. I asked, "Are you the gatekeeper?" He nodded his head. "I am! Theres my ship over there." He pointed to a small idoling craft near a floating bridge. " I was told that you can help me back to Earth ." "Yes i can, we dont get many transetiets, but I know the way. " "How did you get here in the first place? " We walked through the clouds & talked. The moon was full as I felt dizzy. "I cant remember" He helped me in his hubacraft as I gazed back at the flower. He drove forward through the clouds. "Well, You'll be home in no time." He had his thermos in his hand & took off his work hat with a light, & turned up a radio that played strange alien music that seemed so sureal. "What do you do for work on Earth? "Im a scientist" "A great job indeed, maybe you can help us take care of the flower, It cant survive much longer out there in the cold, but we must take care of her" "How did it get there, & what is it for" "No one knows, it just appeared with a note saying, please take care of her." The driver looked sad. "Shes not just a space flower but a massive communication device with wired cables underneath her plateform." "What gives her life?" "Energy through cables & Electric storm she like to create. But shes not happy, needs company, more flowers, and Its too expensive for my home planet to send the electricity." "Where is your home world?" "Orion" "Your tecnology is far beyond ours, not sure how I can help, but I have a idea. I once found a alien power source inside a pyrmid, inside a waterfall. Its walls were cracked & leaking as I drew the conclusion that it was thirsty and needed to draw water from the fountain. I patched up the walls with tree amber resin since i had no cement in the rainforest. When it dried the fountain worked with the alien power source inside. It immidiatly sent a electric pulse of lightening to a star as if a light switch was turned on." "What a magntic show that must have been! If you can do that, then surely you could help reginerate the space flower." He said with a grin.Lets keep in contact,"he said as he handed me his buisness card. He didnt even need my address as I could see my house below."Thanks a lot Mister" I stumbled out like Fred Astar, doing a dance happy to be home. "Byebye, he waved & was gone in a flash of light. The door to my home looked ever so welcoming.

Short Story

About the author

Ocusan Mi

I write surrealist settings & a bit of supernatural, influenced by mostly my cat. A cat isnt just a animal to hoard & make fun of, cats are psychic creatures. Deep in thought, i imagine a plot while my cats mind can link with mine.

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