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Dragons of Mydoria

A fantasy prologue

By Julie LacksonenPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 6 min read

There weren't always dragons in the valley - specifically, the Mydo Valley. Against my better judgement, I summoned them.

My name is Mistress Wizardess Laylawny. I earned my title through years of hard study, starting at the age of six, followed by two years of apprenticeship, and faithful service to Queen Shima.

Five years ago, the more mischievous fairies started creating havoc in our beloved land of Mydoria. They destroyed crops. They magically made people get lost for weeks in the forest, only to return aged by five or ten years. Once, they stole a baby girl and replaced her with a twig doll. These troublemakers were nearly impossible to see, let alone capture. It was I who strengthened our magical defenses in order to keep them away.

Then, a year ago, giant creatures called Borlocks invaded our valley. The 10-foot bipedal creatures had seemingly impenetrable skin. They were fast and had insatiable appetites. Most of our livestock was gone in a week. With our barns filled because of the fall harvest, our only remaining animals had to be kept indoors, much to the chagrin of the owners.

Queen Shima's advisors convinced her that if I were to summon and control two dragons, that our troubles would be over. Who would invade us if we were protected by the most powerful creatures ever known? They reasoned that a dragon would be happier with a companion than alone. The moment she told me the plan; I knew nothing good would come of it. But Queen Shima and her councilors were adamant and could not be swayed by reason.

I was given one week to prepare. I was told if I didn't succeed, my young apprentice, Syla, would be given my job. I can imagine what would happen if Syla attempted to summon dragons. We'd probably be besieged by carnivorous lizards or fire-breathing dragonflies.

At first, I thought I might enjoy the challenge set before me, but soon, it became apparent that this goal was unprecedented. Even ancient tomes and scrolls seemed of no use. I would need to create new spells if I were to succeed.

On the third day, to practice, I summoned a single plant from the otherworld. It was an innocent-looking purple plant with a beautiful red flower.

Syla clasped her hands and asked, "Wizardess Laylawny, may I keep it? I love the colors."

I sighed and pointed at the plant. "Put up a simple defensive spell first."

She nodded firmly, "Right away. Thank you, Miss."

Satisfied, I turned to write in my notebook.

I glanced briefly in Syla's direction as she began, only to notice her lean too close before completing the spell. The flower launched darts at her face. One stuck to her cheek and one pierced her nose. The result was instantaneous. She collapsed, unconscious but breathing, and her face started turning bright red and began swelling.

I completed her spell quickly and then uttered a healing spell. I called for a guard to send for a healer. By the time he arrived, I had removed the darts and applied a simple tincture. Syla was conscious, and the redness in her face had nothing to do with the plant.

That afternoon, I again appealed to Queen Shima about the danger of the plan.

She scowled. "In the matter of risks versus rewards, I believe we are doing the right thing. I have faith in you, and we cannot survive another season with Borlocks ravaging our valley. Do not fail me."

I bowed. "Yes, my Queen."

I returned to my lab. Though cluttered with herbs, gems, candles and shelves of countless scrolls and tomes, I knew where everything was housed. I stared at my spellbook, trying to decide how to proceed. There were no dragon artifacts to ascertain a successful summons.

Then, something occurred to me; I had one unicorn hair left. If I could find the names of two dragons, I could fashion my own summons quite easily. I searched my oldest scrolls carefully. Ah! Rizo was a dragon in ancient lore, thought to assist our kind before being banished by Master Wizard Branen 200 hundred years ago for supposedly killing a knight. Everyone knows that dragons live for millennia, so it was possible that Riso was still alive. I also found one named Varia in the same scroll. She seemed to be Riso's mate. Now I had something to work with.

The next step was to figure out how to control the dragons. I hoped that a binding spell would do the trick. I would need to make it extra strong to control two massive creatures. I made a note to try it out on a couple of Borlocks. If it worked on them, maybe I could get rid of them without resorting to extreme measures.

The next day, after staying up late, my binding spell was ready for a trial. I stood on the wall surrounding the castle, aiming my staff at a Borlock who was about to bash in a farmer's front door. I yelled, "Mindorno Myolia!" Blue light streamed from my staff and enveloped the Borlock. He growled, glared at me with his green eyes, and charged at the stone wall. He kept bashing at it with his head until he collapsed, dead. That didn't exactly go according to plan. Not only did I have no control, but now there was a significant need for repair on the wall. I sighed, shoulders slumped. Back to the spellbook.


When my week was up, I was as ready as I could be. I had no way of knowing if any of my spells were going to be successful, or if I was going to lose my job to rattlebrained and inexperienced Syla. I was hoping that my binding didn't work on Borlocks because their minds were so simple.

The whole town gathered in the square to witness their salvation. I stood on top of the well wall. I uttered the first spell while holding my staff aloft, drawing a wide circle in the sky. The doorway to the otherworld opened with a shimmer. I called the names of Rizo and Varia with the unicorn hair attached to my staff adding strength to my call. I shut out the sounds of the villagers' cheers and concentrated on my binding spell.

A great, black dragon appeared first, followed by a smaller green one. In my mind, they spoke as one, "How may we serve?"

With my mind, I showed them an image of the Borlocks and communicated that they were to be eliminated. They nodded and flew off down the valley, devouring the first Borlocks they came upon.

I couldn't believe it worked! It was worth burning up my last unicorn hair. The cheering was now thunderous. In my celebration, I neglected to shut the doorway with haste. One more dragon flew from the otherworld to Mydoria. He was a small, red one. He surveyed the scene, opened his gaping maw, and blew fire at the pub. It was a good thing no one was there, because the whole building was incinerated in seconds.

The cheers turned to screams, and everyone ran for their lives. I fell over backwards, landing awkwardly into the well with a chilly splash.

Now, there is much to be done if I am to keep my job.


About the Creator

Julie Lacksonen

Julie has been a music teacher at a public school in Arizona since 1987. She enjoys writing, reading, walking, swimming, and spending time with family.

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  • Stephanie Downard12 months ago

    Great story! I love it! I always enjoy your stuff! ❤️

  • Jason Hauserabout a year ago

    That was well written. Thank you for sharing :)

  • C. H. Richardabout a year ago

    I really enjoy this piece. Loved the way you used the opening line. Very engaging❤️

  • This is soooo absolutely fantastic!

  • Babs Iversonabout a year ago

    Magnificent fictional fantasy!👏💖💕 Loved the read. Loving it!!!

  • Rosemary Kashabout a year ago

    This is great! Loved the world build!

  • Absolutely wonderful , loved it all

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