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Dragons and knights, witches and metaphoric princes

From Bedtime dreams to reality

By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
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Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence( the immortal words of the Luther Vandross song), I loved fairytales. Or maybe I just loved the idea of living vicariously through all the adventures (good and not so good) of the many characters.

It was exciting to fly on magic carpets with Aladdin, go to the ball with Cinderella, tinker with Tinkerbell (I am a tinkerer) dance with Beauty and the Beast and swim the ocean blue with The Little Mermaid.

Unfortunately for us real life princes and princesses are pretty hard to find these days. The magic has been squeezed from the carpets and they no longer fly. There may still be some magic left under the sea. It is a whole different world down there.

They were great stories to open the minds of children to learn and hopefully love reading so much, that they would strive to widen their minds to many wondrous possibilities.

One of my favorite books 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, which is not really a fairytale, teaches the consequences of selfishness and greed.

Ghosts and ghouls and witches. So many appealing ideas to discover, enjoy and improve upon in modern times.

My all time favorites of this era were the dragons.

King Arthur and the valiant knights of the round table. I loved to read of the exploits of the knights and their encounters with dragons. Dragons were, it was said, inherently good and kind beings. King Arthur was a friend to dragons, and they helped carry him and his men around. Dragons were a great help. They were a fire breathing flying fortress airship.

In order to be a true friend of a dragon your hearts and souls will have to be joined by true kinship. Dragon and rider must be in sync and have total understanding. But the best part was that they had the ability to speak with you, out loud or telepathically.

If you crossed them they would seek you out breathing fire and destruction.

I always dreamed of acquiring my own dragon, joining hearts with her, naming her 'Windrider' and go flying around the world.

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Mila went to sleep at 8pm. She was six years old and had an active imagination.

She was really tired, and when mommy said it was bedtime she complained and said it was too early. "Can I stay up a bit longer, pleassssse mommy."

"I will be there in a minute to tuck you in and read you a bedtime story." Mommy said.

But there was no need, after brushing her teeth and jumping into bed, she was asleep instantly.

She dreamed of flying baby dragons and pretty colorful dragons.

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The dragons were friendly and allowed her to touch them, they talked with her for a while and invited her for a ride high up in the sky.

"I am Nazek, this is Ky and over there is Mya with the bright eyes.

"We can ride after the children are asleep, their dad Ptka will be home by then."

''But first, you need your parent's permission.''

''Why, I can go by myself.''

"Yes, I am sure you can, but we don't want them to worry. So let us do the right thing so we are all happy."

"Oh, all right," said Mila.

"Do not forget to say 'please' and 'thank you'." Nazek said.

The dragon babies were running around happily and playing. They twirled around Mila's feet chirping and trying out their wings at flying.

When their mother called, they answered immediately, did what their parents asked without complaining and went to sleep when they were told.

Mila got her mother's permission, climbed timidly onto the dragon's back and closed her eyes.

"Hold on tight," Nazek yelled into the wind.

Mila was afraid to open her eyes, Nazek flew gently at first, then asked if Mila was all right.

She opened her eyes slowly, looked down and saw the evening lights of the houses winking at her. "This is fun," she said . "Let's fly forever."

Nazek laughed and rose higher into the sky.

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"Maybe not forever," Nazek giggled again. "We can fly whenever you like, just remember to ask your parents first."

"Go to bed when you are told, listen to your parents and eat your vegetables."

Mila woke up. It was morning.

"Eat you vegetables!, YUCK!"

What a great dream. I hope I remember to listen to mommy." Mila smiled.

She thought she would love to fly high with the dragon again.


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