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Dragons and Butterflies

I Live Here too

By Della LonakerPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read
Dragons and Butterflies
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

There weren't always dragons in the valley. A valley where ugly fire-flamed dragons roamed deep into the earth, hidden by trees, caves, and scared nature trying to survive. Beautiful butterflies flitted among the flowers, burned to a crisp by the flames.

Dragons in the valley, armed with fire and their magical breath, they attacked everything and everyone in sight. However, the valley was dark, and nearby residents had no idea if dragons were nearby.

A crazy lady noticed that a butterfly had landed on a flower nearby and was happily sipping nectar from its petals. The woman smiled at how happy it seemed to be just enjoying itself and taking joy in the little things in life.

But then she noticed something: that butterfly had a cocoon!

The crazy woman lost her smile and scowled at the butterfly as if it were personally responsible for ruining her good mood. "Why do you have that cacoon?" she shouted at it. "You will not build your home here!" The crazy lady continued to shout.

The butterfly looked up at her with wide eyes, confused by this outburst from this strange person who was suddenly yelling at it. It shook its wings slightly, trying to fly away but finding itself unable to move even though there were no obstacles around it blocking its flight path or causing any physical impediment preventing its escape from this angry old woman who kept screaming. even though there wasn't any reason for doing so other than making herself feel better by taking out her frustrations on some poor, defenseless insect that couldn't even understand what she was saying.

 The butterfly was scared and just wanted to go back home to its family, but every time it tried to fly away, she would get more upset and start yelling all over again about how "it's not fair" that butterflies shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever they want just because they're beautiful creatures.

The butterfly was very confused because it had never been yelled at before by anyone, much less a human being. The butterfly had lived all of its life in the valley where it worked hard to survive, so it had no idea why this crazy woman would want to yell at it for doing what came naturally – flying around freely outside in the fresh air. The crazy lady had no idea the butterfly just wanted a taste of fresh nectar to enjoy such beauty. Yet the crazy woman continued talking to the butterfly, disrupting the moment.

The butterfly continued to look at her with a confused expression on its face before fluttering its wings once more in an attempt to get some air flowing through them again. This helps the butterfly fly off as quickly as possible if need be. It was getting harder and harder for it to stay afloat, but the crazy lady did not seem to notice or care. She continued to shout at the butterfly. "Where did you come from?" You do not have permission to be in my flower garden. Go away, go away!

"How did you do it? "How did you survive all this time?" she asked, as if expecting some sort of answer from the insect sitting on her flower. Then it just continued to hover in place while staring back at her; it had no answer to her question either. As the butterflies struggled to hover, a firm voice spoke out; "Well then, I should tell you," said a familiar voice behind them both, one that neither knew well enough nor recognized right away: Old Man Peterson.

Old Man Peterson had been in the valley for years and knew a lot of history on most topics. He always had admirers for his wisdom and knowledge. He never backed down from defending what he knew was right.

The crazy lady looked up at him in awe and wonder, while being annoyed by his presence. "Why are you here?" she asked him directly.

"To find out why you are here," old man Peterson responded with no hesitation whatsoever—

the butterfly listened amongst the two, continuing to savor a moment of fresh air and enjoy sweet nectar.

"Well," said Old Man Peterson, with a smile so warm and genuine it was impossible not to want to be around him all day long, "that's exactly why I'm here too!" Then he reached out his hand towards hers.

Together they walked, reaching the edge of the hidden valley. The old man, Peterson, continued talking as they walked. "I am not going to the Valley," said the crazy lady. frightened, crazy lady held tight to old man Perterson, "Aa,"

he continued as they walked closer to the valley.

The butterfly was just trying to do its job as a part of nature: pollinate flowers for food and, if there were any left over pollen grains from their efforts, then maybe lay eggs on leaves where they could hatch into larvae and grow into new butterflies for another generation! You see, butterflies are important parts of our environment—without them, we would have no flowers left growing anywhere!

Butterflies have been around since dinosaurs walked the earth—long before humans even evolved. Yet here we are today with these beautiful creatures still around us. Trying to survive the dragon's breath, there was nothing left but ashes. Destroying all flowers and plants. As nothing was left for food or water sources, dragons had to move to other areas to survive.

Watching the butterfly continue to navigate the flower garden and build a home The old man stood up, "Well you know why butterflies are here." Dragon breath didn't make it easy for butterflies to survive in the valley. There weren’t always dragons in the valley-maybe they might visit the flower garden to do their job.

Heat filled the air as the ground began to shake. A loud thunder rolled among them. Just as Crazy Lady glanced up, Old Man Peterson's eyes were wide open. A crashing sound knocks old man Peterson down, and a roar sweeps through the flower garden... air filled with smoke. The sky fell dark.

Maybe... just maybe, the butterfly understands language... crazy lady and the butterfly starred at each other in fear. As an old man, Peterson spoke in a firm language no one would understand. All the rumble and heat with a strike of light. Burst of flames lite the sky as thick smoke filled the air. What was about to happen? "Why are you here"? Go away, go away. Crazy lady cried out... Nothing but darkness. And cries were heard beneath Old Man Peterson's voice.. Come see, come be, come with no fear, repeated come near.. Come see, come be, come fearlessly,..









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