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Dragon vs Dragon

by Latoya Giles 4 months ago in Sci Fi
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The Beginning...

There weren't always dragons in the valley, but when they did arrive, life as we all knew it would never be the same.

My homeland of Africa was a great and beautiful land. It was a land ruled over by a beautiful ebony king and queen. Gold under the soil and in the hills. Mother Africa was a rich land with rich people. There were sprawling fields and tranquil streams. One day a person not of African descent showed up. It was a man. We discovered that this light colored man had brought others. The others were light colored men as well. No women were to be seen. At first glance, these visitors seemed harmless. We were terribly wrong and would pay dearly for this huge mistake...

They appeared to be good men. We soon learned that good men they were not! Dragons are what these "men" turned out to be. Dragons had come to the valley. A shame it was. We learned that these dragons are able to shape shift. They can present in any form. ANY FORM! These treacherous dragons can be men, women or even a child. A precious child?! A precious child as something so dark as a dragon. Another shame it was. It caught us completely off guard. The deceptive dragons apparently don't breath fire like the storybook dragons, oh no. These dragons use their words to wreak havoc. The demands the bark out can ruin lives in an instant. Such power they have.

Disguised as gentle ambassadors trying to share their wealth and discoveries with us and our mother land. Our wealth was already abundant, but it was with the thoughts of our future and young ones that we agreed to listen and negotiate. So many lies they told. Within the blink of an eye, myself and my people were stripped naked and shackled. Even our beautiful women and children. Shackled like dogs. After being shackled, the dragons loaded us onto their ship. We were put onto the very ship they claimed to have gold on. Many chose death over capture. Brown bodies rolling into the vast ocean. A death of honor. Many, many hours after we had set sail, we came to a halt. More of my people had perished during transport. Death from starvation or sickness. It saddened me greatly. The sadness soon gave way to anger. It was an anger I had never felt before. The anger then gave way to rage. A pure and burning rage. My eyes turned red. My body was on fire. A mighty roar bellowed from deep down inside and left my mouth. My shackles snapped. The fell to the floor with a clang. I heard voices. The men have arrived to offload the "cargo". My people and I were in the very bottom of the boat in the cargo hold area. The large cargo area door began to move. A sliver of light shone through. The amount of light grew larger as the door opened wider and wider. The door finally got opened completely. For a second or two, there was no one in sight. The men stepped into view prepared to wrangle us up and get us all out. My people had no more fight in them. I did though. So there I stood, in all my glory. I became a dragon. It was now my turn to wreak havoc. Their eyes met mine and locked. I imagine their fight or flight was initiating. Too bad. Before they had a chance to run, I leapt out..."How the tables have turned! Who is big and bad now?" I chuckled...

Sci Fi

About the author

Latoya Giles

I'm just a single mom tryna make it. Come with me on my journey through life in writing... "A dream deferred is not a dream denied"

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