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Dragon Maise

The 3rd Solar Dynasty

By Rajkumarie DeviPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 9 min read
Photography by Rajkumarie Devi

Dragon Maise

The 3rd Solar Dynasty : Introduction

Year 16:

Kilara Aewn, a Dragon Maise and daughter from the ancient House of Danu, set her long staff into the soft soil to steady her aging body as she looked up at the sky and waited, the memory of the dragon’s arrival in the valley as vivid as it was sixteen years ago.

Year 0:

Although she had never raised a dragon herself, at forty-five years of age, Kilara had been Dragon Maise for five years, inheriting the position due to her extensive knowledge of the gods and her experiences as a Light-Treader of The Sun Path.

Kilara looked toward the East. Dawn was just breaking, and the five Dragon Watchers were busy with their papers, brush and ink, calculating and graphing the land and skies as they waited. For more than eleven years, they had followed the dragon from the east, across the Great Waters, through mountain passes and flat lands to this valley surrounded by mountains on the western side of Tortoise Land.

Kilara walked around a little more, taking mental notes. It was silent, except for the rustling about and quiet voices of the Dragon Watchers. There was not even a whiff of a wind. The valley was empty of everyday life. It’s people, afraid of what the arrival of the dragon meant, had all taken refuge behind closed doors, as if the dragon would come down upon them. Or worse; bring calamity. They had heard rumours of the destruction caused by torrential rains and floods following in the wake of a dragon. This valley was not prepared for such disasters.

Kilara let out a small sigh and looked up at the sky. Loaming, unmoving over the valley, was a Cloud Dragon, large and white against the blue sky. It was a stunning sight. And a frightening one. She had never seen such a perfectly formed Cloud Dragon before. Or one so still and close.

Moving toward her intended destination, a small mud clay home painted a creamy amber, Kilara could hear the faint sounds of a young mother groaning in the beginnings of childbirth pain. It was not her first child, but nonetheless, if the prophecy was correct, it would not be an easy birth. This would be no ordinary child.

Solaay, the Birth Assist, a woman in her mid-thirties and a Shee who had left her native homeland, walked out of the home to stand beside Kilara. ‘The birth is still many hours away.’ She informed her quietly then re-entered the home. Kilara spent the day waiting with the Dragon Watchers. There was nothing else to do but wait.

In the hour of the highest moon-point, when the dark was lit brightly by its full light shining near the Cloud Dragon’s head, from inside the little home, a scream tore from the mother’s mouth, filling the night air with her dread.

Kilara walked into the home. She needed to complete her task. It abhorred her to do what she was about to do, but there was no other way. The people of this valley had not been guided by a Light-Treader before and were too fearful for this child to remain here.

The mother and father had been informed days before of the possibility their child would be born of the Veil. They had agreed to give their child to the Temple of Danu for raising, however, from experience, Kilara knows, removing a new-born child from its mother would be as if they were cutting the very heart from her chest.

The new-born lay next to its mother, not making a sound, it’s head and face covered with a thin layer of translucent skin that masked it’s features without hiding it completely. Kilara moved closer to watch.

Solaay slowly peeled the Veil away from the child’s head, ears and face. She placed it reverently on a flat clay platen, then returned to cleaning the child.

When Solaay finished swaddling the child in a new cloth, Kilara moved closer to the mother and said, ‘I must take her now. Please, say your farewell.’ Kilara could see her wanting to refuse as she held her child closer to her chest and began to sob deeply.

The child’s father, who had been standing facing the entrance, his back to the room, turned and moved closer to his mate and child. He bent down and gently began to remove the child from its mother’s arms. ‘They promised to keep her safe’, he told her, rising and stiffening his shoulders before walking to Kilara and handing her their child. He laid his hand upon the top of her tiny head for a moment, his eyes closed, then moved back to sit with his sobbing mate.

‘I must take her, or fear will eat this valley alive. The villagers will be told the child has passed by still-birth.’ Kilara settled the new-born into her arms and moved toward the door. ‘The Temple of Danu will provide for your family for as long as this child remains alive,’ she said, ‘and when you wish to see her, follow the river to Mount Danu, there are guides there who will take you to the temple.’

The Temple of Danu had been built into the mountain itself, making it impossible to breach accept by it’s one hidden entrance. The child would be safely raised there among the Daughters of Danu.

As Kilara left the little home and the door closed behind her and Solaay, a mourning wail spread outward from the home and surrounded them. She knew that sound well, for she herself, was a Daughter of the Veil, removed from her mother’s arms at birth.

The memories of that time and the mourning wail as her mother’s heart broke had remained with her. Kilara pushed away the recollections of her birth pangs that resurfaced in moments such as these. She had retained memories from her birth and beyond into several of her past incarnated lives that emerged at times and aided her in mirroring the emotions of others. In this way, she was able to empathize and fully understand what another person was feeling. It was a useful tool for resolving conflicts.

Year 16:

The Cloud Dragon had settled over Mount Danu for the day. It returned each year with the fully lit moon of the third month, since it first appeared over the valley sixteen years previous, the day the Veiled One had been birthed. Kilara lowered her head and turned to face the Dragon Watchers as they came into view. Dragon Watchers were all Sons of the Veil who had followed the Cloud Dragons for millennia, recording their movements and the effects of the world around them, first onto stone then clay and now paper.

Kilara left the Dragon Watchers to their tasks and entered the Temple. Two Ban-Shee warriors were placed in dark hidden crevices on either side of the entrance just inside the Temple. If a person did not know they were there, they would not be able to see them. Kilara nodded slightly in acknowledgement and continued down the dark hall.

She knew this path so well, she could walk it blind; though now, she moved much more slowly and needed her long staff for support. To save her birth mother’s life twenty years ago, Kilara had transferred her healing abilities to her, shortening her own lifespan in the process and making regeneration of her body now almost non-existent. Her time in this life was limited. She needed to fully train The Veiled One and make her Dragon Maise.

There were those among the Children of Danu who had no wish to see such a thing occur. And for good reason. If The Veiled One raised a dragon and lost control of it, it would create havoc throughout the world.

Kilara reached the center of Mount Danu, the inner sanctum and Temple of Danu from which paths led down many halls to different areas within the mount. At the center of the temple was placed a stone image of the Maid, Mother and Crone aspects of the Goddess Danu.

There, kneeling before the Mother aspect, was The Veiled One. Her head was covered with a veil so thin, it was almost transparent, and flowed like water. It had been a gift from the Shee, one of the best creations of their cloth-makers.

The Veiled One bent forward over her hands that had been held together before her, palms up in the ancient supplication of Dua. She suddenly began to shake, her face a mass of pain. Her fingers that were previously straight, started to curl inwards, claw-like, as if pain were shooting through her palms.

Kilara remained still and continued to watch her silently. Summoning the dragon for rebirth was a task only Daughters of the Veil had the ability to accomplish.


Glossary of Terms

Danu – An origin goddess, in both Celtic and Hindu ancient texts, related to water, mother of demi-gods, Human beings, and other races.

Maise – State or act of becoming – Old Irish – Maisse - (

The Veil – The Veil is a thin gossamer membrane/skin that sometimes covers an unborn baby’s head and face within the amniotic sac like a veil, helmet, mask, or caul/cowl. Those born with it are rare in number and often have immense wisdom or abilities beyond what is considered normal. They can be telepathic, empathic, telekinetic, have the sight (foresight/future sight), enhanced physical senses, healing abilities, time travelling abilities, etc. They are revered as leaders, prophets, or queens by some people and hunted as witches by others.

Daughter/Son of the Veil - Those born with The Veil.

Solar Dynasty – According to ancient Aztec myth the Earth is currently in her 5th Sun; possibly meaning that there have previously been four destructions of the Sun before our current one as there are different names for the Sun Gods. The asteroids cruising through our solar system are the remnants of old stars that have exploded after their deaths. When the old star dies, gas giants such as Jupiter, ignite and become the new solar system, pulling the Earth and her moon into their orbit, destroying all life. Another Solar Dynasty then begins, new life seed is planted, and evolution is repeated.

Shee – Ancient race descended from the Goddess Danu. The elite of the 3rd Solar Dynasty.

Ban-Shee – Those of the Shee who are trained as screechers/warriors – having the ability to implode/break any physical material, even rocks with their voices – they can kill a person with just their voice, destroying their life organs from the inside. Those that break the rules are often faced with the punishment of having their tongues removed or their mouths temporarily sealed with a metal mask.


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  • Tricia Vivienne Blanc2 years ago

    I absolutely loved reading this intro! Your world is unique, and it feels very intentional. It feels like there is much more of it that lives outside these paragraphs. I hardly needed the glossary, because you did a wonderful job of creating a sense of things too. I am eager to read more! Best of luck!

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