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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan37

by Jonson Berrko 2 months ago in Young Adult
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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan37

Chapter 37 Begins

The elm cover slowly closes.

Everyone can feel that their bodies seem to be completely integrated with their surroundings. In the beginning, there will be a sense of breathlessness of short-term fans, but soon, everything starts to change. The breathing became open again and the surrounding cut also began to brighten.

ID check!" Ariel lay in the simulation cabin and heard the electronic sound.

"Huichen, first-year student, Awakening Department. In this exam, you will be assessed as a red name. Please be cautious.

After the reveal, in the next instant, Yi Chen felt a shock all over his body, everything around him became clear, and he had a feeling of regaining control over his body.

The first time, he gathered his own strength and quickly looked around.

There was no one around, no one.

This is the backside of a small hill with some weeds growing on the hillside, but no big trees. This is the examination room? It is simple and direct, and it is directly sent to the examination room.

Ariel was surprised at the same time, and immediately found a taller bush to hide in, and then eagerly climbed to the top of the slope.

Hide yourself first, then pay attention to where you are, look for opponents, and then adapt. At this moment, his wrist suddenly vibrated a few times.

He looked at his wrist subconsciously, and was surprised to find that his soul communicator was on.

He turned on the Soul Guidance communicator, and a light curtain suddenly projected from the communicator, forming a map in front of him.

"_The final exam of the grade begins, the exam content: Survival. Please kill other students as much as possible to get points. Every time the exam area shrinks, a reminder will be sent from the soul communicator. Please note that the yellow circle is the safe area city, Outside the safe area, there will be attacks by unknown terrorist creatures. After the student dies, the points earned will be halved.”

"You are participating in the assessment as a red-named person. Every time the assessment area is reduced, the location of the red-named person will be displayed on the map once."


After reading this reminder, Ariel's mouth couldn't help but twitch, even with a red name reminder? This exam rule is specifically for the four of them, right?

As early as when he heard that the four of them were "Easter Eggs" with red names, he actually realized it. Now, it seems that this target is very obvious! That is to say, no matter how he hides, one. When the area shrinks, his position will be displayed at the first time, which is likely to attract a large number of students. He went on a hunt.

Although Ariel is very confident in his own strength, but, with confidence, he doesn't think he can deal with the siege of multiple Shrek Academy students of the same grade at the same time!

However, it's not completely useless to suggest the location of the red name. At least the four of them can know where each other is, so that it is relatively easy for them to gather together.

After a brief thought, Ariel already had a plan.

He didn't move first, then hid in place, waiting for the first test area to shrink. As soon as the exam area shrunk, and their red names were displayed, he started to move again, moving closer to the other "easter eggs" closest to him, and trying to meet earlier. At the same time, he also changed his position in this way to reduce the possibility of being besieged as much as possible.

That's the most important thing!

Those who survived first were tested in this area. From the map, there were several students in the test area, including a forest, a hilly area where he was located, and a valley. Exam "national, some people quit the exam because they were killed. The smaller the number, the more red-named "color"

After starting: The karma will be safer.

Xing naturally observes the surroundings silently. Suddenly, a strange feeling came, and he seemed to be relying on

This illusory feeling.

After a few moments, it became a little blurry, and not far in front of him, a silent figure seemed to be at the forefront of everything.

Straight up... Seeing this figure, Ariel almost blurted out.


Son, why are you here?" The woman looked at Ariel in surprise, her eyes closed with tenderness, the woman has come closer, and the smile on her face has become more and more winked with Ariel

Name even clapped his hands and stroked his cheeks naturally.

At this moment, Ariel's right arm suddenly swelled, and the fiery qi and blood surged in an instant, and punched the opponent like a count.

Face 1" The woman exclaimed and subconsciously blocked it with both hands. But the explosive force of Yi Chen's punch was quite astonishing, and with a bang, the woman was knocked into the air.

A mouthful of blood spurted out, and the woman fell to the ground. In the next moment, the woman rolled and jumped up and said, "Nizi, do you want to kill your mother?"

Ariel snorted coldly: "I don't have a mother like you. If my mother was so gentle with me, I wouldn't be comfortable with it."

As he said that, his toes were a little on the ground, and in the next moment, his body was already dry like a cannonball, and he flew straight towards the woman.

The woman instantly realized that she was wearing a gang, and her face was already pale, and her body suddenly burst into confusion.

The fog made the surrounding cut become illusory.

"It's useless!

Ariel's double removal suddenly turned dark purple, and an icy aura emanated from him, and everything around him became sluggish in an instant.

I saw that his right hand was pressed, and black airflow bursts out, as if he had eyes, and instantly locked the woman's position.

A charming figure appeared, and the surrounding scene became clear. Ariel's fist instantly became bigger, and at this moment, his right arm doubled in size, and he punched out, and the dark red fist burst out.

The figure turned into a streamer and disappeared. From beginning to end, he didn't even see what the other party looked like.

A cold electronic sound rang.

One hundred is his original base number, and this "zero" is naturally the points obtained by killing a student just now.

The moment Yi Zhan killed his opponent, a layer of bright red light immediately radiated from his body. This is not his own ability, it is obviously brought by the red name.

Ariel was a little speechless, this is too obvious. However, from the point of view of points, killing them is rewarded with 100 points, but in fact, the initial points given to them are 100, which is equivalent to killing 100 people first. This seems to be not bad! Sure enough, there are advantages and disadvantages, not purely suppressing them. That seems to be fair. Of course, there is no doubt that the four of them are the target of public criticism.

At this moment, his eyes moved slightly, and his keen perception almost instantly captured at least seven or eight figures rushing towards this side from a distance.

Without a moment's hesitation, Yi Chen bent down and burrowed into the bushes, running down the hillside in an instant. he

Use the fastest speed, as shown on the map on the Soul Guidance Communicator, and rush in the direction of the forest. He doesn't think he can handle the siege, what's more, the assessment has just started, and there are a total of them. Thousands of students, even if he can really kill a few people in a row, what if more people come around? He can't be surrounded, or he will be finished.

Relatively speaking, the forest will be more beneficial to cover up the figure, and, he found that in that direction,

Shrek Academy outer courtyard, gymnasium.

In the observation room of the gymnasium, there are more than forty teachers gathered, most of them are teachers of grades, and some are teachers of senior grades and senior leaders of the outer courtyard.

At this time, everyone's eyes were focused on the big screen.

Young Adult

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