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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan36

by Jonson Berrko 2 months ago in Young Adult
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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan36

Chapter 36 Joining forces

After leaving the small conference room, the four of them were a little dazed.

In fact, Shrek Academy was really unfamiliar to them. Although they have been here for a year, they have never appeared in the academy at all, and even the school uniform and soul communicator have just been obtained.

The students who took the exam with them at Shrek Academy at the beginning probably don't know them anymore. After all, they have changed so much in the past year.

There is a navigation to the test site on the soul communicator. Dai Ying turned on the navigation and went straight to the examination room.

"Wait a minute, don't worry." At this moment, a voice sounded.

The other three turned to look, and it was Mengmenbai who was talking.

"What?" Dai Ying frowned. She was still a little impressed by Mengbibai. Back then, he was the first to absorb the life energy of Sea God Lake.

"I think we should discuss countermeasures and see how to deal with this exam." Mengmenbai said in a low voice.

"What countermeasures?" Ling Yumo asked dumbly.

Meng Bai said: "We are the 'Easter Eggs' with 100 points. This means that the four of us will immediately become the target of public criticism when the exam starts. As far as I know, there are thousands of students in the grade. Even if we The individual strength is stronger than them, but it is not strong enough to not want to take countermeasures with the rent of four to one thousand, and it is very likely that the car will overturn!"

"Makes sense." Ariel nodded, "Then what do you mean?"

Meng Bai said: "It's true that the four of us are opponents to each other, but it doesn't prevent us from facing each other until the last moment. I think, first of all, we can't let the teachers lose their minds, we can join forces Get the top four. At that time, it will not be too late for the four of us to confront each other. Because only the four of us are 'Easter Eggs', and everyone else will target us. Therefore, the best choice for us is to join forces.

Dai Ying frowned, but did not refute, apparently thinking about the feasibility of the four joining forces. Ling Yumo blinked and said, "I can do it, anyway, safety comes first."

Meng Bai smiled and said: "The four of us are safest together. At the beginning of the exam, everyone should be teleported to different places. Anyway, let's try to get together first, and then start killing other students. . We avoid crowded places, and use the way of wandering to find and attack opponents. Take your time and don't rush. As long as we can survive to the end, we should be stable in the top four. Everyone tries to equalize points to ensure that We can be in the top four, and at the end, we'll play against each other and fight for the place."

Ariel looked at him, then at Dai Ying, her eyes moved slightly, and said, "I think it's ok.

Dai Ying narrowed her eyes, hesitated for a moment, nodded, and said, "Yes."

"Me too." Ling Yumo looked at Meng Baibai and nodded.

Meng Jubai took the initiative to stretch out his right hand, Ling Ximo also stretched out his right hand and put it on Meng Jubai's hand, then Yi Zhan and Dai Ying. The four "Easter Eggs" reached an agreement in a short period of time. Although this alliance did not know how long it would last, it was finally reached temporarily.

The exam was conducted in the Shrek Grand Gymnasium. By the time the four of them came here, the gym was already full.

All the students of the first grade are gathered here, queuing up to register with their own soul communicator before entering the gymnasium.

Four people lined up and entered with the other students. Everyone wore the same school uniform, and they belonged to different departments, and no one noticed any difference between them.

When passing through the door, the registration of the four went smoothly. Only the teacher who was in charge of registration changed the eyes of the immortals slightly, apparently discovering the identity of their "Easter Eggs".

Shrek Gymnasium is a relatively short-lived building, only a few thousand years old.

A lot of modern teaching takes place in the world of Douluo, including sports. The experience gained in Douluo World has reached the point where it can be fully fed back to him.

This also has the credit of the Spirit Transferring Pagoda. The Spirit Transferring Pagoda opened up some technologies belonging to the Ascension Platform to the world of Douluo, thus allowing the world of Douluo to undergo a very major upgrade.

In the main stadium of the gymnasium, there are a Taiwan Douluo World simulation cabin neatly placed, there are a full two thousand, all of them are the latest models.

Shrek Academy has always been rich and powerful, and they can be the first to use all the latest technologies of the Douluo Federation.

After registering at the gate, each student gets a number of his own, and then finds the simulation cabin to which he belongs according to the number, and prepares to start the exam.

Ariel, Dai Ying, Ling Yumo, and Meng Bibai also found their simulation cabin according to the number. The Douluo World has spread throughout the Douluo Federation, and people can be picked up from almost any planet to which the Federation belongs. They naturally played Douluo World when they were young, and although they hadn't touched it for a year, they were still familiar.

The students were not eager to enter the world of Douluo, but gathered together in twos and threes to chat. When the four of them passed by Yi Chen, I heard a little bit. Most of these students were forming gangs and finding familiar people to form a team. Their general idea was similar to the four of them. Meet acquaintances and team up, and then kill others to get points. Most people in the same department do this.

Some details of the rules of the exam have been announced, and for auxiliary departments that have no personal combat power at all, they will have a certain protection mechanism. For the first hour of the exam, they will be invulnerable and will not be harmed.

This is obviously to give them time to "hold their thighs", provided that their assistive abilities can be recognized.

Other than that, there are no other benefits. Whether you can persevere in the exam depends on your comprehensive ability.

Almost all of the people who can be admitted to Shrek Academy are the favored people of heaven. Everyone has their own little abacus, and no one wants to be the last fifty.

The higher the ranking, the more Academy rewards you get. The first reward is the Shrek badge. Shrek badges are widely used, and can be exchanged for heaven and earth treasures, opportunities to cultivate in the cultivation place, and teacher's teaching hours, and so on. On weekdays, everyone would also find ways to earn micro badges, and the final exam was the best chance to earn Shrek badges.

More than a thousand people did not enter the simulation cabin, and for a while, the main stadium seemed a little noisy.

Ariel and the four did not communicate much. Although everyone's intentions have been agreed, they must meet after the Douluo World exam. If they can't insist on meeting each other, then it's all about nothing.

"All students enter the simulation cabin, and the exam is about to start." The electronic sound rang. There are no teachers in the venue at all, and the teachers will monitor the exam as a whole through the monitoring screen. This kind of scramble test method has a very high degree of freedom. The teacher will not interfere, and will only observe the various performances of the students in the test. This includes the assessment of their own ability, comprehensive quality, psychological quality and other aspects. Of course, the character assessment is a hidden assessment content, which the students do not know.

Lake Academy's requirements for character are very strict. Students who graduated from Shrek Academy,

It is not only the ability to be strong, but also the character must be good. Only then can you truly become a useful person. Once students with bad character are found, they will be eliminated almost immediately.

When the simulation cabin is opened, the first thing the students come into contact with is a substance similar to colloid, which is like a living yang. When the students step into the simulation cabin, this gelatinous body will naturally wrap up, covering the whole body, leading the students to immerse in it.

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