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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan35

by Jonson Berrko 2 months ago in Young Adult
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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan35

Chapter 35 Red Name "Easter Egg"

"The first-year exam requirements of the Shrek Academy's outer courtyard." The famous student looked at the communicator on his wrist and said slowly.

"This test will be conducted in the Douluo World in the form of a big fight. All participating students will be teleported to different places in the same area. The content of the test is to kill the enemy. You can use any means to kill the opponent. , each time you kill a student, you will get a point. When you are killed, half of your points will be obtained by the opponent, and the other half will be your final score. After a period of time, the test area will be reduced to a part , will eventually shrink to the size of the ring, until there is only one student left."

"Special reminder, in this assessment, there will be four 'Easter Eggs'. They are special participants arranged by the college in the examination room. These four 'Easter Eggs' will be displayed with red names, and they will be successfully killed. Any one of them, you will get 100 points. But they are stronger, please treat them with caution.”

"During the exam, it is not forbidden to form a team, but when the result is settled, it is only calculated according to the number of opponents killed. In the end, only one student can survive."

All the students saw the test requirements and looked at each other for a while.

"Are the rules of the final exam so simple and rude? What about our auxiliary department?" a girl said with a sad face.

"Of course, the auxiliary department is to assist, find Dali as soon as possible.

According to the overall quality of the ranking, there should be arrangements at that time. College final exam group "This is a big fight. It's pretty good, it seems,

Jiang Sai test on-the-spot adaptability. I think we should start to maintain our strength, our strength, and their physical strength. Anyway, the further back you are, the accumulation of everyone's body, let others go to the road system first, to eliminate

The more points you get,

He has half of the points, which is much more cost-effective than the previous shot. May not be able to live to the end. "Kill one, get "You're smart? Others won't think of this?" If everyone can come up to see it, when the test area continues to shrink, sooner or later, you will see it, and sooner or later you will have to take action. The best way to deal with water is to distribute evenly.


For a while, the discussion was in full swing. The specific test) method has come out, which is equivalent to lying on the ground, which is much better than everyone's concern before.

At this time, four people were a little confused.

It was the four "Easter Eggs". Four people gathered together, each wearing their own conductance reduction communicator. This was the first time they had gotten this thing after entering Shrek Academy.

After not seeing each other for a year, the four people have changed a lot. Although they are only one year older, they have become completely different from a year ago.

Both of them were significantly taller than before. Ling Yumo's eyes were empty, a little out of focus, and it seemed to be a little hazy. In fact, he was brought here by the teacher as soon as he woke up, and he was not fully awake yet.

Ariel's figure has changed the most. He is taller and stronger than before, a little less elegant and a little more calm.

When Dai Ying saw him, she was a little afraid to recognize him. Is this young man with strong breath the same guy who lost to him last year? He really looks different!

Dai Ying was different, and Ariel saw her as well.

Compared with a few years ago, Dai Ying's figure has become more slender, and she is already thirteen years old.

There is a faint breath of life flowing on it, making her look bright and indescribable. The eyes of at least three boys would fall on her from time to time.

Meng Bai is also much taller, his aura is restrained, he can't see any characteristics, his eyes are calm, and there is a faint smile on his face. If you look carefully, you will find that the smile on his face is somewhat similar to Zhou Weiqing.

"We are those 'Easter Eggs'?" Dai Ying couldn't help asking.

"Yes, the four of you are 'Easter Eggs'. You are worth 100 points. When you start killing opponents, the points will go up. If you are killed, in addition to 100 points, you will be given out. The points earned will also be split in half.

"The last one alive is basically the first." Ariel said.

"Almost. If you kill each other, you can also get the hundred points." Zhou Weiqing said with a smile, as if he was not afraid of the big deal.

"It doesn't seem fair." Mengmenbai said helplessly.

Lei Xiang smiled and scolded: "Do you still want fairness? You are special recruits and have been studying with us for a year. If you can't even bear this difficulty, you are useless and we will simply be expelled from us. ."

Zhou Weiqing immediately defended his shortcomings: "If you want to expel you and expel your own student, my student will not be expelled. No matter what ranking he gets, he is my first disciple." Not to mention, the ideas provided by Mengbeibai alone gave him a lot of ideas and changes.

Discussing with Mengmenbai on weekdays and watching him grow was already Zhou Weiqing's greatest pleasure.

"Anyway, you try your best to get a good ranking. It's good to win the final championship, and this benefit is only available to the champion." Long Gongwei said with a smile.

Lei Xiang glanced at him and said, "What's the benefit?"

Long Gongwei shrugged and said, "I haven't thought about it yet. Let's talk about it when the exam is over.

"That is to say, the four of us are also opponents now?" Dai Ying said suddenly. After saying this, she naturally had an invisible murderous aura coming out of her.

The three boys subconsciously backed away.

The one who reacted the most was Ling Yumo, who had always been quite splendid. Almost instantly, a county mask was released from him, isolating the outside world.

"Kick!" Longgongwei coughed, and Ling Yumo then reacted, and quickly put away his mask.

"What kind of stimulation did this kid get? Boss, how did you teach it?" Lei Xiang looked at Changgongwei suspiciously. Ling Yumo's reaction speed is okay!

The old God Longbow Wei said in the tunnel: "Of course I teach it seriously. This is the mystery of the Holy Light, can I tell you?"

Ling Yumo was completely awake at this time, looking at his teacher, his expression was really complicated. Seriously teach? Teacher, don't you feel guilty? You left me in a place where there are only demons for a whole year! Let me face the attacks of demons every day. At the beginning, there was the Holy Light Spirit Array you released, and later, even that Holy Light Spirit Array was shattered. I have lived on my own to survive until now! It's too difficult for me.

"That's it. Later, you will enter the Douluo World simulation cabin to take the test. You should have been in contact with the Douluo World before. During the test, do your best. Anyway, if you lose someone, you can do it yourself." Lei Xiang said lightly, revealing a strange smile.

Ariel couldn't help shivering.

In fact, except for Dai Ying, the bodies of the three boys seemed to tremble, apparently thinking of a bad experience. Looking at the smiles on the teachers' faces, evil spirits were silently brewing in their hearts. Can't lose! If you lose, you will definitely have no good fruit to eat.


Young Adult

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