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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan34

by Jonson Berrko about a month ago in Young Adult
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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan34

Chapter 34

Among them, apart from Liu Feng's wife, the others were Lan Xuanyu and Tang Xuanyu, the Dragon God of the Divine Dragon Realm, who were the Shrek Seven Devils of the same generation. Tang Xuanyu established Shenlong Realm City and wanted to let them all go, but the six finally decided to stay in Shrek Academy to teach.

Lan Mengqin is now the dean of the outer courtyard, and the remaining five are all members of the inner courtyard, and they are all members of the Shrek Academy Library God Pavilion. They are the core strength of the entire Shrek Academy.

"Pavilion Master, tell me. What should I do? You, the pavilion master, can't ignore it!" Lan Mengqin said angrily, looking at the woman with a beautiful face and a smile who was sitting far away.

Tang Yuge laughed and said: "This is the assessment of your outer court. Of course, you have the final say. What did the god-kings say?" He is also the contemporary Poseidon Pavilion Master and the true head of Shrek Academy. If you only looked at her appearance, no one would have imagined that this woman in her twenties was actually the top leader of the First Academy of Douluo Federation. In terms of cultivation, she is also the strongest among the six.

Lan Mengqin said helplessly: "They just didn't say anything! Just let us figure it out, whatever.

Tang Yuge said: "Then you can handle it. Let me give you a suggestion, you can be the least. Since you are a disciple of God, there must be something special. God King has the pride of God King, and he must teach his disciples. No effort was spared. Therefore, I think that in terms of assessment, it is okay to specifically target the four disciples and treat them a little.

Lan Mengqin's eyes lit up: "Be ruthless? What do you mean?

Tang Yuge smiled slightly. Beside her, an extremely handsome young man smiled and said, "Just be as ruthless as you can. Sister, don't you think so?"

Tang Yuge rolled his eyes at him: "How many times have I said it, don't call me sister. I'm not your sister." They used to be siblings, but it was later proved that they were not siblings. By fate, they eventually became husband and wife. Yuanen Huihui's address to her never changed. Every time he called her sister, she couldn't help but blush a little.

"The pavilion master is going to break the power! Hehe." Lan Mengqin laughed.

"Okay, that's it. You decide as soon as possible. When the time comes, we will all come to see the situation of this class of students. Let's see what kind of disciples our Shrek Heavenly Group has taught."

"Well, I see. Isn't it just a little bit more ruthless? No problem, just be as ruthless as possible." Liu Feng's wife, Xingxuan couldn't help laughing: "I was a little scared when I heard it. Fortunately, back then I have never met a dean of the outer court like you."

Lan Mengqin said angrily, "You think I'm willing to do this! But this is the first time, so it must be done well. Let's also see what the disciples of our brand-new Four Elements are like. I hope it's a good thing for us Shrek, not a bad thing. In fact, what I'm more worried about is that the original balance has been destroyed because of the four god kings. In that case, it's not good for the academy either." Tang Yuge said : "I have consulted the four God Kings and the God of Destruction, and the balance will not be destroyed. After that, they will have other ways to cooperate more deeply with our academy. It is still planned. Wait for a while. , Uncle Tang may come over. Let's discuss it together at that time."

Uncle Tang, the God of Destruction in her mouth, was the former Dragon King Douluo Tang Wulin, the son of Tang San, the Sea God, and now the God of Destruction in the Douluo God Realm.

Lan Mengqin smiled and said: "First of all, we still have to see what level the four disciples they have taught this time have reached a level. If it can really reach a level that shocks us all,

Ah! With the Shrek Heavenly Corps formed by them, our academy may not be so good in the future. Maybe it will move towards the direction of the first academy in the universe. "It's just a flash of yearning in the eyes of Tang Yuge, the first federal student: "Although the Cosmos College is a free rent, when we are the homemakers, if we can carry forward the college, at least we have not come here in vain. "

It was still the three wooden houses. When Ling Ximo walked into the room and saw the bed he had slept on, he cried, and he immediately fell on the bed and fell asleep.

Tan Dan's light loomed over him, as if guarding his body. The soft light flashes music, there is an indescribable peace and comfort.

Just now, Changgongwei found him and brought him back, telling him that now he has initially acquired some qualities of a lazy person and can enjoy the treatment of a lazy person. So, he can come back and rest.

It's really not easy. It turns out that being a lazy person is so difficult.

However, at this moment, Ling Yumo doesn't care about these things at all. He just wants to sleep well, just sleep and sleep like this.

On the shore of Sea God Lake, the rich life energy lingered, and a delicate figure jumped out of the lake. She stared at Ah'Dai who was waiting for her by the lake.

"Teacher, do you want to start?" Her right hand had already been raised, pressing it on her chest, her eyes full of sharpness.

"Not today, you have a good rest, the final exam is coming.

"Are you about to take the final exam?" Dai Ying was stunned. "It's been a year? But, I think I haven't learned anything yet."

Ah'Dai smiled: "No hurry, just continue after the final exam.

"Okay, I'll definitely get first place!" Well, come on. "

mountain top.

"Bang!" A figure was suddenly blown away, and slammed into the mountain wall.

The violent aura swept through, accompanied by a low roar, the purple-red light flashed out, the figure rushed out again like lightning, the fist bombarded out, and the wings behind it flapped violently.

"Boom!" The fist was caught by the palm, and the body that was rushing forward stopped.

"It's not enough, it's still a little bit, it's never been able to come together. It's a pity. I thought there was a chance of success with the power of destruction. You're still not crazy enough, you're still too rational. You have to remember that when you want to really inspire When you reach your full potential, at the moment of stimulation, you must release frantically and release everything you have before you can succeed. After being stimulated, try to maintain a little clarity, the shorter the time of the explosion, The power that bursts out will be stronger. But, remember to recognize the enemy and me, understand?"

Lei Xiang released Ariel's fist.

Yi Chen landed on the ground, the scarlet color in his eyes gradually disappeared, and he breathed a little. After a year of not seeing him, he is much taller and stronger than before. Even the temperament has a bit of Lei Xiang's taste.

"Teacher, let's continue!" A firm voice came from Ariel's mouth.

"No need to continue, the final exam is coming, come back with me.

"Ah? But, I haven't practiced it yet."

"External stimulation is the best training for you. This exam is not easy for you. If you want to win the first place, you must make a breakthrough in the exam."

"Om!" A stream of light flew out like lightning, drawing a graceful arc in the air, quietly leaving no one far away.

The carved hole shrank as if it were shrinking, and the dream was that the longbow in Bai's hand slowly fell, and he let out a long breath. "Teacher, is my guide simple enough?

"Well, it's almost the same. It's basically the same as what I expected. If you want to improve further, it will take a longer time to accumulate. Exactly, it's been a year, and you're going to take the final exam." "All It's been the past year? No wonder my fourth bead has been condensed successfully. However, you said it was only the fourth bead, so I can't draw the bowstring."

Zhou Weiqing smiled slightly and said, "This is pretty much what you expected. In the future, the number of times you can't draw the bowstring will increase, but every time you improve, your strength will increase, and it will become easier to draw the bowstring in front of you. So let's go, let's go back, it's time to surprise them. Let them see how powerful our mechanics department is!"

"it is good!

Young Adult

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