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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan33

by Jonson Berrko about a month ago in Young Adult
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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan33

Chapter 33 Final Exam Preparation Begins

Lei Xiang smiled and said: "Then I want to see what kind of style you can show as a student. Anyway, when the assessment is over, it will be clear. Duh, what happened to your female student? You are cheap. It's a lot of money! Yuhao's daughter, she has a good foundation. That's Tang San's grandson

Ah'Dai smiled slightly and said, "She worked very hard and performed well."

Lei Xiang raised his brows. He knew Ah'Dai's character. He was definitely the type who didn't speak much of cruelty. If he could praise him, it could be seen that Dai Ying's performance was quite good.

Lei Xiang turned his head to look at Zhou Weiqing again, Zhou Weiqing immediately said vigilantly: "What? You want to spy on the military situation? Don't even think about it, I can't tell you how good my apprentice is."

"Apprentice?" Lei Xiang raised his eyebrows.

Apprentices and students are two different things. An apprentice is an existence that inherits the mantle, and students are just ordinary students. Here they are teachers and can teach many students, but if they are recognized as apprentices, it is a completely different matter.

In such a short period of time, Zhou Weiqing has already recognized that child as his apprentice? It seems that what he said before is not so simple!

Zhou Weiqing smiled smugly: "I'm afraid. That's right, I have officially accepted him as a disciple. My great disciple, in the true sense."

"It's useless to play tricks, you still have to see the real chapter under your hand. Just like you can never beat me, your apprentice is definitely not as good as my apprentice." Lei Xiang said disdainfully.

The old god Zhou Weiqing said in the tunnel, "If your apprentice loses then, don't cry..." It's you who should cry. Don't blame me for making your three sisters feel distressed. , "There are more than three in your family. It's even more spectacular to cry together with four." Zhou Weiqing immediately retorted. Ah'Dai frowned: "Is there a lot of people?"

"Crazy God, I'm not someone who picks things up, I don't know what your temper is, if I were you, I wouldn't be able to bear it.

"You don't have to do this. You can't bear to try it. It's like you can beat him. If you want to pick the relationship between our brothers, it's impossible!"

"Don't make any noise!"

"Dai, don't go too far! Do you really think I can't take care of you?"

Time passed by, and Shrek Academy was still the same Shrek Academy.

The students who study here never need to be urged, because each of them has a very strong sense of urgency.

The pressure of eliminating manufacturing at the end is not the greatest. The key is that everyone hopes to pass the assessment of the inner court when they graduate from the outer court and become a member of the inner court.

It was extremely difficult to pass the Shrek Academy's inner court assessment, but once he became a Shrek Academy inner court disciple, he almost stepped into the god level with half a foot. And to become a real god paper, there is the possibility of longevity. Although it is only a theoretical longevity, it can also escape from the realm of mortals. This is the dream of almost all practitioners!

Therefore, every session of Shrek Academy's students worked very hard, and this session was no exception. For a year, for those who really work hard, it is just a flick of a finger.

Four God Kings joined Shrek Academy from the lower realm to form the Shrek Academy Teacher Heaven Group. In a blink of an eye, a year had passed, and it was almost time for the final exam at the end of the year.

The number of students admitted this year is quite large, more than a thousand people.

At the beginning, after the four newly established departments selected special recruits, other departments selected some members for the next assessment. In the end, because of the excellent overall quality of this group of students, thousands of people were selected.

To the surprise of the students, the four departments that were initially recruited for special admissions did not appear again, which caused some discussion at the time. However, these discussions quickly disappeared, because these four departments seemed to have never appeared, and they were silent. The four selected students have never studied with them.

In the past few days, the first-year students have been working very hard. Because everyone knows that the final exam is coming. Final exams will test their learning over the year.

Because there are a lot of students in this phase, rumors have already spread that after the final exam, fifty students will be eliminated. In other words, the students who ranked in the bottom 50 in the assessment results will leave Shrek Academy and lose the opportunity to continue their studies here.

Therefore, the students have all worked hard and are ready to get a good result in the assessment.

"Beep, beep, beep!

Before it was time for class, the communicators on the wrists of the first-year students rang. The students all subconsciously looked at the communicator on their wrist.

This is uniformly distributed by Shrek Academy, in order to facilitate students to study, contact, and record. The communicator is very advanced, it is an exclusive tool of Shrek Academy, and it has powerful functions.

The first-year students all received the same message.

"The final exam will be held in three days, and classes will be suspended from today. Students, please take a good rest and prepare for the final exam in three days. The final exam will be ranked, and the bottom fifty students will be After finishing his studies, he can no longer stay in Shrek Academy."

It's one thing to hear rumors before, but it's another thing to actually get the news. , especially the students who have no confidence in their own cultivation base, almost instantly

Fifty-four people! Will there be myself here?

The outstanding students are thinking about whether Zipin will have the first place in Niancheng. Arctic knows that the higher the ranking, the more resources he can obtain in Shrek Academy. The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

The senior students have already taken the final assessment before, and the first grade is the last one. Until now, no one knew what the content of the final exam was.

Different test methods will naturally result in different results for different students. Shrek Academy's exams are known for their fairness, but the exam questions have a certain emphasis, and they will pay more attention to assessing the overall quality of the students.

In the office of the dean of the outer court, there are six people in the office.

Sitting behind the dean's desk is Lan Mengqin.

There were five people sitting on the sofa in front. On the sofa closest to Lan Mengqin, a tall young man sat with a faint smile on his face, his eyes drifting to Lan Mengqin from time to time. "Mengqin, haven't you decided yet? Time can't be delayed any longer, a notice has been issued, and the assessment will be done in three days." The tall young man said with a smile.

Lan Mengqin said angrily: "You don't care. Do you know how troublesome this time is? Putting the four god-king disciples and ordinary students together for assessment, is it fair to ordinary students? The point is, now we I don't know what the level of the disciples taught by the four god kings is. You give me an idea. And all of you, help me think about it."

The tall young man shrugged his shoulders and said, "We must increase the difficulty of their examinations! This is the first time the students of the Holy Light Department, Awakening Department, Life and Death Department, and Mechanics Department have been trained. It is inevitable to increase the degree of examination. How about I test them myself? I summon a Behemoth?"

"You can rest for a while." Another slender young man said angrily, "Qian Lei, you

Don't be afraid to play, the four god kings will take care of you? Mengqin, have you asked the god king's inspection, how do they want to conduct the assessment?"

Lan Mengqin shook her head. The other five present were her friends, except Qian Lei, because Qian Lei was her husband.

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