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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan31

by Jonson Berrko 2 months ago in Young Adult
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Douluo. Mainland. Legend. Shi Lai. Ke Tian Tuan31

Chapter 31: One Bow and Three Strings

"Teacher, can I see what your hated ringless suit looks like?" Meng Liangbai said.

"No. If I put on a suit now, the space here will be unbearable, and I will have a vacant mind. Tangmen and Shrek Academy have to work hard with me, this place is their treasure," Zhou Weiqing shook his head, " I can tell you, though, how my Hateland Ringless suit fits.

"That's fine.

Zhou Weiqing began to tell Mengmenbai the cultivation method of Tianzhu transformation and the characteristics of the ringless suit that he hates.

After Mengbibai calmed down, he no longer had any unwillingness before, and gradually immersed himself in the practice of transforming the dzi beads into the mysterious. A brand new door is opening to him.

three days later.

"Teacher, I have decided." Mengmenbai said to Zhou Weiqing seriously.

"Oh, you decided so quickly?" Zhou Weiqing said in surprise. In fact, he didn't even think about what method he, the great disciple of the mountain, would use to complete the shape of the body beads.

"Thinking, I have already thought about it. I want to learn the method of bow and arrow with you. My first four body beads, I

Hope to condense into a bow sanxian. "Dream's white eyes lit up.

From Zhou Weiqing's remarks, Mengmenbai learned that his teacher was also a master of archery, with extremely powerful abilities in archery.

"What is Gong Sanxian?" Zhou Weiqing stared at his eldest disciple, dumbfounded. Meng Bai said: "Teacher, you said before that if we want our dzi beads to become the ultimate in cultivation and strength in the future, then we need to go on the path of pursuing the ultimate. I have thought about it carefully in the past few days. How can we reach the extreme? How can we achieve such extremes by condensing the body beads?

"You said, generally speaking, when the body beads are condensed, everyone will condense a set of armor for themselves. For those with poor talent, the number of body beads that can be condensed is small, and it may even be half a set of armor. Armor can increase Strength is used for defense. Add one or two weapons to form a system. Just like your Hateless Ringless Suit, it will greatly increase your strength.

"However, in my opinion, this is far from reaching the ultimate. Since we want to pursue the ultimate, then I think that when the body beads are condensed, they should all work hard in one direction and improve in one direction. When these increases are superimposed together, no matter the number of changes in the dzi bead, it will be the strongest of that change. That's why I came up with this method of bowing the three strings.

"My first body bead, I hope it can be condensed into a bow. You said that when the power is strong enough, the arrow can be condensed from the air, so I don't need an arrow. You said that the first The body bead is the most important, because every body bead that appears after that increases the previous one. Then, my first body bead, without even a bow string, is completely condensed into a bow body, then Must be the strongest.

"Starting from the second body bead, it condenses into a bowstring. With each additional bowstring, the power of the arrows that my bow can shoot will increase, and it will increase exponentially. When you reach the third string of the bow, do you want to , how powerful and fast the air arrows I shoot will have. I also plan to continue to practice like this in the future. Every extra body bead will condense more bowstrings.

The inner bow can be strengthened all the time, and in the case of an absolutely powerful attack: force,

When I reach a bow and seventeen strings, I don't know if I can shoot the battleship. "Defense is not important anymore. Looking at Mengmo Bai Liangjingpin's eyes, and listening to him tell his thoughts, Zhou Weiqing gradually felt a cold hair standing up, as if he was listening to a ghost story.

Meng Jubai is still a child, no matter how smart he is, his imagination will be limited to a certain extent. However, Zhou Weiqing knew that after the twelve transformations of the dzi bead, the power of the body bead condensed. In fact, the eighteen changes of the dzi beads are just his thoughts. He is now almost the sixteen or sixteen changes, and Cheng Fang is already the king of gods. If one really cultivated into a dzi bead and transformed into ten people, what would it be like to shoot a battleship with one horse and seventeen strings? I am afraid that even a star can shoot a star with one arrow.

Of course, it is almost impossible to cultivate to a horse and seventeen strings. The superposition of the body bead condensed shape, the demand for strength will also increase geometrically. Even if the body bead can be successfully formed, you won't open the bow! The further back you go, the more difficult it will be.

However, there is no doubt that the dreamy sideburns imagination has opened a whole new door for him.

The ultimate, what is the ultimate power? That is to keep stacking, stacking, stacking again! If Gu really completed such stacking, it would be really terrifying! Unparalleled horror.

Zhou Weiqing looked at Mengmenbai with a deep meaning, and said, "If you can really do a bow of seventeen blues, then it's not just as simple as shooting a battleship, even a planet can't bear such an explosive force. But What I have to tell you is that this kind of superposition is not as simple as one plus one equals two. The more you stack up, the more force you need to pull the bowstring after superposition. That is to say, even if you In the end, a bow of seventeen strings is completed, and you may not be able to play the seventeen strings at all."

After listening to Mengbianbai, his eyes became brighter and brighter, and said: "No, teacher, I don't think so. Since our mechanics department is pursuing the ultimate strength, then I will definitely practice in the direction of the ultimate. and development. For example, when I only have one bow and one string, since the first body bead is the bow and the second is the string, it should be no problem to open the bowstring. But when I have two strings, there are

It may be a little more difficult to pull away, probably only a few times. Once you have three strings, it's more difficult, and so on.

"However, if I practice to the point where the high strings can't be opened, the use of the low strings should be much easier. Because it is difficult to practice on the high strings, after reducing the number of strings, it will become easier. On the other hand, If my low strings are already quite aggressive, then when I switch to high strings, it's enough to give the opponent a strong deterrent, even before the bow is drawn. Also, I feel like I'm constantly trying When you open the high string, it is also a kind of exercise for strength! Also, you are so strong, there are always some secret methods that can explode your power. When you explode your power and use the high string attack at a critical moment, it will definitely have an amazing effect. You are right wrong?

Zhou Weiqing looked at his eldest disciple with a dumbfounded expression.

When Mengmenbai was tortured by him before, he didn't feel much, just thought that the child was very smart and calm. But now the child's pondering after recovering from his strength has really stunned him, the king of gods. This wild thinking has a certain degree of feasibility, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt that he seemed to have found a treasure.

"Okay, then practice according to your ideas. Even if we fail, we can start over." Zhou Weiqing had already made up his mind to accept the disciple Mengbeibai.

"No, teacher, you are wrong. Since you want to pursue the ultimate, how can you leave a way out for yourself? Without the belief that you will become benevolent without success, it is impossible to succeed in cultivation. Don't worry, since I have already gone Cough, cough, this boat, I can only move forward bravely. Also ask the teacher to teach me.

"A thief ship is a thief ship, there's nothing that can't be said. Your teacher, I don't have any other skills, but I'm thick-skinned. I'm not just talking about you, maybe I can try it as a teacher. One. Seven hehehehe!" Zhou Weiqing said with a smile.

Young Adult

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