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Douluo. Mainland III Dragon King. Legend. Saying31

by Herlond Kobloom 2 months ago in Young Adult
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Douluo. Mainland III Dragon King. Legend. Saying31

Chapter 31 Superb Special Effects

Ask for collection. ★★Ranwen◆ . r-an, we, n-. -

At first glance, this pair of Thousand Refinement Heavy Silver Hammers are inconspicuous, just like a very ordinary forging hammer. But as you get closer, if you look closely, you will see that the wave-like dark lines are all over the hammer body and every corner of the hammer handle. The dark lines seemed to harbor infinite power.

The circles of spiral patterns on the hammer handle extend downward, and the end is spherically narrowed down, turning into a sharp tail.

For three whole days, it was forged bit by bit. During the forging process, the feeling of blood connection was multiplied with half the effort. Even so, it took so long to be truly completed.

"Try it and see what its Thousand Refinements special effect is." Mang Tian said to Tang Wulin. In the eyes of the master craftsman-level forging master, he even showed a look of anticipation.

"Yeah." Tang Wulin nodded, holding two thousand-forged heavy silver hammers in both hands.

After being forged, a series of measurements have been taken, the left hammer weighs 152 kilograms, and the right hammer weighs 166 kilograms. Despite the small size of this pair of small hammers, the weight can definitely be described as amazing.

Tang Wulin held the handle of the helical hammer, and suddenly felt the spirit energy in his body, and instantly communicated with him and the pair of heavy hammers.

Although Tang Wulin's strength has increased a lot, it is not enough if he wants to use this pair of forging hammers to forge with his own strength. He is only nine years old, and his natural divine power is also limited.

However, when the feeling of being connected by blood came, the pair of heavy hammers became a little lighter, and with the injection of his soul power, he was able to pick them up steadily.

A piece of metal that has long been prepared rises from the forge. Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed, and he instantly became focused. Habitually tap the piece of metal with the left-handed hammer.

"Ding, ding, ding!" Three crisp sounds rang out.

Tang Wulin was stunned, while Mang Tian's pupils shrank instantly.

"Try again." Mang Tian said almost eagerly.

Tang Wulin tapped with his left hammer again.

"Ding, ding, ding" is still three crisp sounds. But he clearly only touched the piece of metal with his left hammer once.

"Blow!" Mang Tian shouted in a deep voice.

Tang Wulin's right-hand hammer almost swung up one after another, hitting the piece of metal heavily.

"Dang, dang, dang!" The three crisp sounds sounded almost instantly. This time, because of the large magnitude, both Tang Wulin and Mang Tian could clearly see that the next moment after the hammer was smashed, two afterimages were pulled from the back of the Thousand Refinement Heavy Silver Hammer, and the two roars behind were caused by them.

"This is..." Tang Wulin looked blankly at Mang Tian beside him.

Mang Tian was also stunned and lost his voice: "The special effect of stacking hammers."

"Teacher, what is a stacking hammer?"

Mang Tian looked at him, his eyes became weird, "You kid, you are just a little monster! Even me, I have never forged a forging hammer with stacking hammer effect."

Taking a few rapid breaths, he calmed down his turbulent mood. Although Mang Tian had faintly felt that Tang Wulin's first Thousand Refinement might have good special effects, he never expected that it would be so superb. special effects.

"The reason why the first Thousand Refinements work completed by the blacksmith has to be sacrificed is mainly because the first work often has good special effects, and the blood sacrifice will connect the metal with the blood of the blacksmith, thus pushing the special effects to the extreme. , the first thousand-forged works of most blacksmiths will be their own forging hammers, and will accompany them for a lifetime."

Tang Wulin is a smart boy. He immediately understood that when the teacher took out the piece of heavy silver, he was already ready to give it to him. He didn't know the value of Shen Yin, but it was definitely worth a lot of money. Especially after purification such a large piece of complete immersed silver.

Mang Tiandao: "In the special effects of Thousand Refinements, there are some extremely high-quality special effects. But the best special effects can only be played perfectly when they are in a suitable form. I once told you that Thousand Refinements Metal is only shaped for the first time. When it is in the best state, once it is re-forged into other forms, it will inevitably destroy the internal structure, thereby affecting its quality. Therefore, the thousand-forged products that are sub-shaped and have special effects suitable for the best become extremely rare.”

Tang Wulin already understood the teacher's meaning, "You mean, the stacking hammer special effect of my heavy silver hammer is a superb special effect? And it is especially suitable for the heavy silver hammer?"

Mang Tian nodded and smiled: "I'm a little jealous of you. You can only use the special effects after the blood sacrifice."

"The so-called stacking hammer means that after a single hammer blow, the metal itself will produce a secondary or even a third hammering effect through its own resonance. This is the third stacking hammer, and it is also the strongest stacking hammer. When performing Hundred Refinements and purification, the three-stage stacking hammer can save you at least half of the time. The power of the two stacking hammers is 70% and 50% of your initial strength respectively. Once you control the stacking hammer effect, then, in In your future forging, no matter what you forge, you can get twice the result with half the effort."

Tang Wulin said: "Is the special effect of the stack of hammers easy to control?"

Mang Tiandao: "It was originally difficult to control, but you are a blood sacrifice to the Thousand Refinements Heavy Silver Hammer. The biggest feature of blood connection is that it is integrated into one, and it is naturally not difficult to control."

The blood sacrifice can make people have a wonderful blood connection with the metal. This kind of metal can only be forged by himself. Therefore, in a sense, the blood sacrifice Thousand Refinement is almost a blacksmith. Even if it is a blood sacrifice for other people's thousand-forged metal. The other party also needs to have the ability to forge the finished product.

Therefore, blood sacrifice is not widely used in the blacksmithing world. Blacksmiths themselves do not often use blood sacrifices.

Tang Wulin's bad luck in martial arts and spirits seems to have been recovered in forging. The thousand-forged heavy silver hammer with the special effect of stacking hammers and a thousand forges will undoubtedly make his journey as a blacksmith in the future smoother.

"You have to practice hard and control the stacking hammers as soon as possible." Mang Tian said in a deep voice, "Also, try not to use this pair of forging hammers for forging in front of people. The world of forging masters is also fiercely competitive, and such a top-quality blood sacrifice forging hammer is in your hands. Don't leak it easily until your ability is not enough to protect yourself, understand?"

Tang Wulin nodded in understanding. He only knew that the teacher said it was for his own good.

"I'll give this to you." Mang Tian raised his hand, with two metal rings in his palm. These two metal rings also looked ashen, and they were actually made of Qian Refinement Immersion Silver.

Young Adult

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