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Doom has wings

There weren’t always dragons in the valley. You could smell the emptiness from miles away, a hint of something that wasn’t quite right.

By Edison AdePublished about a year ago 5 min read
(c) Edison Ade

There weren’t always dragons in the valley. You could smell the emptiness from miles away, a hint of something that wasn’t quite right.

That was before the dragons came when the air was still fresh and sweet and clean. The sun would rise over the hills, spreading beams of light across the land as if it was trying to tell us something: something about how bright and beautiful life can be when it isn’t full of fire breathing monsters.

The first dragon we saw was small—younger than most of us—and he looked like he had just learned how to fly.

He swooped down from above, landing awkwardly on his talons as he tried to balance on top of a tree branch. Then, before anyone could stop him, he took off again with a shriek and disappeared into the sky.

We were all scared at first; we thought this was an attack by another tribe that didn’t want us in their territory or something like that.

We ran back home in so much haste, locking all our doors and windows tight while we waited for more news from those who had seen what happened firsthand. But after some days passed without any further sightings of the strange creatures, we began to lose our fear and became curious about them instead.

We started to wonder where they came from, what they ate (if anything), and why they were so different from us. Some people even went out into the woods with binoculars to get a closer look at the creatures. But no one could see any sign of their presence except for the occasional fallen tree branch or broken twig—which we assumed must have been caused by some other animal passing through rather than these strange new arrivals themselves!

People started to relax. We thought it might have been a one-time thing and went out into the streets again to resume our normal lives.

But then it happened again! This time worse than before—the beast was bigger, its eyes glowing red, and its mouth dripping blood as it roared at us. Everyone in my village started panicking as they ran back home, but there was nowhere to hide from this monster!

This dragon was the aura of legends—the size of a small house, its eyes glowing red and its mouth dripping blood as it roared at you. It would visit once a month and scare everyone so much that they would run back home as fast as possible. We knew it was the same dragon every time because it had a unique scar on its tail.

We named the dragon "Doom."

And then one day, Doom came to visit again—but this time, there was a little girl who walked right up to face it. Her mother tried to stop her with tears in her eyes, but she couldn't run as fast as Mary did.

Mary was fearless! She walked right up to Doom and asked him what his problem was.

"What's the matter?" she asked. "Why are you so angry all the time? What happened to you that made you so angry?"

"You're here again,"

"Why do you keep coming back? We don't have anything for you."

The dragon Doom looked at Mary and sighed deeply. He could see that she wasn't afraid of him at all—she wanted to know why he kept coming back. "I'm here to save you from a host of other dragons ready to destroy the land," he said.

Mary looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face. "But why would they want to destroy it?" she asked, her voice calm and sweet.

"Because they're evil," Doom replied. "And they want to rule over humans and take over their homes."

Mary didn't seem too concerned by this revelation, so Doom continued: "They want to enslave humans and force them into labor camps where they'll work all day long without pay."

Why should I believe you are not here to hurt us, Mary replied

"You can trust me," Doom said, and then he took a step forward. Mary backed away, holding her hand out as if to push him back. The village watching in fear. Everyone was afraid Mary was going to die.

Doom took another step forward.

Mary didn't move. She just held her hand out, as if she were pushing him away.

The villagers waited with bated breath, hoping Mary would die so they could be free of their burden. They knew Doom was going to kill them all one way or another; either he would kill them in his rage or else force them to flee into the forest, never knowing if they'd survive another attack by some other monster lurking in the dark woods. But then something incredible happened! Mary began to glow! She glowed brighter and brighter until she was almost blinding, and Doom reached out to her with his loud voice "You are the Chosen One!" Together we will conquer evil, he said.

At the far end of town were mighty dragons dropping down and spitting fire, destroying homes. Mary told the villagers to hide under the woods; Doom was here to help.

Doom had a plan on how to stop the dragons from destroying their village, but he needed help from Mary. They both went over to where the dragons were destroying homes and began to fight them off with flaming swords and magic.

The villagers watched from behind trees, as Doom and Mary fought off dragon after dragon with ease until all of them were defeated by their combined efforts.

Mary and Doom stood side by side, facing off against the dragons. They both raised their hands and moved them in a circular motion, spinning around faster and faster until they were invisible blurs of light. Soon after, there was a huge explosion that knocked everyone back on their feet. When they looked up, all they could see was smoke rising from where Mary and Doom had been standing just moments before.

The villagers came out of hiding and cheered for their heroes, who bowed before them in return for their bravery against such strong foes.

The villagers went back to their homes to assess the damage done by the dragons but found nothing out of place except for a note left on each doorstep: "We'll be back soon!"


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Edison Ade

I Write about Startup Growth. Helping visionary founders scale with proven systems & strategies. Author of books on hypergrowth, AI + the future.

I do a lot of Spoken Word/Poetry, Love Reviewing Movies.

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