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Doom Dream

Doomsday Diary Challenge

By Christine J. ReedPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 5 min read
Doom Dream
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

This happened the other day. Right before the world ended, this is what my friend Em wrote on Facebook.

"Prepare for the end. It's coming soon."

Really, I was getting tired of hearing about the end of the world from everybody on Facebook.

It was my day off of work so I was like, "I'm not going to spend all day on Facebook reading this ridiculous crap. Instead, I am going to the library. I want to get back into reading this summer." I actually posted that as my status!

About an hour after that, I was walking to the library. I was taking a shortcut through a grassy park when all of a sudden the sky opened up and revealed a realm of golden and white light. It was truly a magnificent sight! Until the dragons showed up. Thousands of huge dragons were flying out of the light. Some of them had wingspans the length of a football field. Some black, some gold, some red, and some green. The black ones were especially foreboding. They all breathed fire! They were beautiful but terrifying! I just stopped in my tracks, totally stunned. I never moved throughout the entire ordeal. I could hear people screaming and could see them running but I was frozen in place. I have never been so terrified in my life. The dragons breathed fire on everything in their path. They were purposefully incinerating every thing. It all burned super fast. The dragons were super powerful and when they breathed fire on something, they continued breathing on it until it was burned totally up – like they were clearing the earth in a precise and methodical manner.

When it was over, I collapsed and fell asleep in the grass.

When I woke up, everything around me was destroyed and burnt. Except the spot where I had been laying remained untouched. The grass was green underneath me and the air was fresh and breathable here. Although I wanted to stay in this safe little area; I was getting hungry and needed to explore what was my new world. Plus, I needed to pee. As far as I could see was nothing but disaster. I stepped out of my area, walked a few feet, and dropped my drawers to go. What else could I do? Anywho...

At this point, my clothes still looked pretty good but I knew I was about to get filthy walking around in this disaster zone. I was wearing a plain white summery blouse, blue jeans, and white sneakers. At this moment, I really wished I'd worn my boots because it would have made walking through this ashen terrain easier. While almost everything had been cremated, the ashes covering the ground had a sand-like consistency, making it more difficult to move through.

Doom and gloom came and went. The sun rose and shone. The world was bright again. Amidst all the charred remains and crumbled structures covered in soot and ashes, the sunlight struck a shiny object about 18 feet away.

I've got to get out of this city and fast! It was hard to breathe and if the wind began to blow, I would be in trouble. But first, I wanted to see what the shiny object was. My curiosity had gotten the best of me.

I walked over to it and saw that it was a rather large kind of puffy gold heart locket. I picked it up. It was lying on top of the rubble so wasn't very dirty, just a little dusty. It was about the size of my fist. I cleaned it with my shirt. It had some words engraved on it. I began reading the words: You are having a dream. Open this heart and you shall awaken.

I gasped when I realized what that meant. I was under a dream curse! Someone had locked me in this dream! I had a very strong suspicion that it was Em, the Facebook friend of mine who was always posting doom and gloom. But maybe this heart, if opened, will help me escape! Oh thank goodness! I tucked the puffy heart locket into my jean's pocket. It almost didn't fit, but I finally managed to stuff it in. Then, I began to fervently dig through the black soot. The key has got to be here, near to where the heart locket was found. Finally, after about 30 minutes, I was utterly exhausted and still – no key! My long dark stringy hair was getting all in my face because I had no j with which I could tie it back. Some of my hair got into my eyes and I reached up to get it out and got soot in my eye. Then, I began rubbing my eye and that just made it worse.

"This certainly is a vivid dream," I thought. Then, I realized that if I am lucid dreaming, (which I was) perhaps I can turn this seemingly dystopia into a utopia! But, instead, I sat there and cried. I cried until I heard my inner wise voice pipe up. She said, "If you want help from the angels, first – you must ask."

Oh yeah! So, I asked aloud. I simply said, "Angel's, please assist me now!"

Then, "Thank you, angels, for all your help."

Nothing happened for quite some time. Finally, I rose up out of the mess and walked back over to the clean grassy area where all this had begun. I wanted to rest a minute and gather my thoughts.

"Caw!" "Caw!" "Caw!" "Caw!" "Caw!"

A crow was flying around overhead. It began circling directly above me. It spiraled down very close to me and pooped right on top of my head. Yeah, it was truly gross. I felt something hard bounce off my head. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a golden glimmer. I turned my head in the direction of it and looked. Low and behold, that freaking crow had literally pooped the gold key to the heart locket in my pocket. Yay! I was really ready for this gloomy doomy dream to end. I grabbed the key and dug the heart locket I had crammed into my pocket earlier, out! I then, quickly unlocked the heart and opened it up. It worked! Instantly I woke up and found myself lying in my own cozy bed. I knew that I had some spell work to do later today before I went back to sleep in order to break the curse that had been placed on me so I would not awaken in my dreams again. Hey, lucid dreaming can be fun, but not when you are having a bad dream. But for the time being, I was so elated that I had escaped from that doomsday nightmare. Lucid dreaming is cool, but only when done of your own free will. Getting trapped in a nightmare is no fun. I have heard of this happening to lucid dreamers before. Believe me, you want to either not do it at all or be extremely cautious if you do.

I am Simone, an ordinary middle aged woman from the United States of America who has had an extraordinary experience. I share this with you so you will know, if you ever wake up into a lucid nightmare and you need to escape, you must look for the golden heart locket. It will set you free.

Young Adult

About the Creator

Christine J. Reed

She's working on her debut novel about the heavenly intervention of an animal. She currently resides in SE Oklahoma

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