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“Don’t Tell Me Twice”: Chapter Seventeen

No Looking Back

By Nicole Higginbotham-HoguePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Ziggy watched out the windows as the bus took the Dupont exit off Interstate 5 and headed into the city. The scenery in the area was lit up by the streetlights, making everything look like a gorgeous painting, and as they toured further, she began to see vintage shops come into view. “This is beautiful,” she said mostly to herself. She had never seen anything as peaceful as this place looked and was excited to see how the nightlife was.

“It sure is,” Buck replied as they pulled onto a loopy road.

“This is our stop,” Spike said as they parked at a small bar called the Red Salmon Way.

The group piled off the bus quickly and walked into the small tavern. As soon as they entered, Ziggy’s mouth dropped to the floor. Though the outside of the bar made it look small and serene, the inside was spacious and lively. A wooden dance floor stood before her, and in the back corner, a man crooned into a karaoke microphone. People were dancing and having fun, and the large bar against the wall was full of people in deep conversation. Ziggy’s mood was instantly lifted by the sight.

“Want to dance?” Buck asked as soon as she looked her way.

“Maybe,” Ziggy replied with a smile. “Are you going to show me those moves that you’ve been bragging about?”

“Maybe,” Buck winked, taking her hand gently and guiding her onto the dance floor.

Ziggy felt her body press against Buck’s, causing sexual tension to flow through her almost immediately. The two swayed against each other in perfect rhythm, and somehow everything around them faded into the distance. “Wow, you really are good at this,” Ziggy commented, looking into Buck’s eyes.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” Buck said, smiling.

Ziggy pressed her head up against Buck’s chest, enjoying the moment. She closed her eyes, wishing that it would never end. Ziggy could feel Buck’s heart thumping against her chest as they danced one song after another, and she felt goosebumps ripple across her body as Buck firmly relocated her hands to Ziggy’s hips.

“Want to try karaoke?” Buck asked, breaking the silence between them.

“No, but I would take you up on a walk,” Ziggy chanced. Normally, she would have jumped at the idea of singing karaoke, but at the moment, she was enjoying her time with Buck and saw the walk as a good way for the two to share some private conversation while they explored the city.

“A walk sounds nice,” Buck said, taking her hand and escorting her outside.

Ziggy breathed in the cool air as they exited the noisy bar. “Where do you want to go first?” Ziggy asked looking at the other woman.

Buck looked into the distance, pointing to a trail that led them down by the river. “Let’s take in the sites down there It looks nice and peaceful.”

Ziggy agreed, and the two walked the trail, talking about random things as they did. The air was crisp as they got closer to the river, and Ziggy instantly found herself shivering.

“Here,” Buck said, pulling her close. “Sometimes, it gets cold by the water at night.”

“Yeah, it is kind of cold here,” Ziggy said, taking in Buck’s body heat. “Do you mind if we walk back and just talk in the bus?”

“That’s fine,” Buck said.

The other woman held her close as they walked back, and when they got to the bus, she opened the door for her. Ziggy smiled at this small show of chivalry and sat down at the dining room table.

“So, how do you like it so far?” Buck inquired, looking across the table at her.

“Touring?” Ziggy questioned, lost in thoughts of her own.

Buck nodded.

“It’s definitely not what I expected, but I am having fun,” She replied.

“Good,” Buck smiled. “Thank you for coming to my rescue at the concert.”

“No problem,” Ziggy smiled back. “Anytime.”

“You really are different from anyone that I have ever met,” Buck told her.

“You have no idea,” Ziggy laughed. “Get to know me better and see if your thoughts on me are the same.”

“Actually,” Buck said, edging closer to her. “I’d like to get to know you better.”

Ziggy looked at the other woman, realizing what she meant and leaned closer to her. “I’d like to get to know you too,” she said, feeling the tension increase between them.

Buck didn’t hesitate in the silence. Instead, she put her lips to Ziggy’s. Passion coursed through Ziggy as she felt herself being pulled against Buck’s firm body, and Buck’s hands explored hers in return. Articles of clothing came off one by one until they were embracing each other skin to skin. The two explored each other’s body, taking in every curve, and as their passion increased, Ziggy felt Buck’s lips trail down her body. She arched her back in response to Buck’s gentle touch and as the other woman hit her slick center with the tip of her tongue, Ziggy felt a moan escape her lips.

When Ziggy’s body finally relaxed from the remarkable explosion, she felt Buck embrace her. Ziggy looked at the other woman, rubbing a stray hair from her face. Buck looked back, a hint of vulnerability in her eyes and kissed her softly on the lips. “I love you,” the other woman said, taking Ziggy by surprise.

“I love you too,” Ziggy heard herself say without any thought, and the two got lost in each other once again.


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