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“Don’t Tell Me Twice”: Chapter Fourteen

Tension Rises

By Nicole Higginbotham-HoguePublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Buck could feel her back tense as she lifted herself to her feet. She looked around, realizing that she had fallen asleep on the hotel couch and wandered over to her bed with the intention of lying down. She still had a few more hours until she had to be at the studio, and she had spent most of her night working with Ziggy to compile the perfect song for Olive. However, the time put into it had been a waste as she had nothing to show for their efforts. Ziggy had done her best to help, but nothing sounded right to Buck. The two worked through the night until she had passed out from shear exhaustion, and Ziggy… What happened to Ziggy? The question stuck in her head until eventually it was answered by the slender silhouette draped across her bed.

Buck stood there and stared at the other woman. She looked beautiful as the moonlight cascaded across her gentle form. Buck was hesitant to disturb the woman for her own needs, especially when she was in such a charming state, so Buck just walked back over to the couch and laid down.

“Buck,” a groggy voice called as soon as she had gotten comfortable. Buck opened her eyes and looked back at Ziggy who had crawled out of bed and was now standing in the middle of the room, rubbing her eyes. “What time is it?” the other woman asked in a half-yawn.

“Four,” Buck replied, sitting up.

“Aw man, did we really fall asleep?”

“Yeah,” Buck said. “And I still don’t have a song for Olive.”

“Well, make some coffee,” Ziggy said. “And we can work on it now.”

“Sounds good,” Buck replied, hopping up from the couch and over to the coffee pot. She had been worried that they wouldn’t get the song finished. After Ziggy had come up with the idea, Buck had been excited. She knew that a song would be a perfect way to get Olive’s attention, and Buck wanted so badly to get her attention. Life had been dismal without Olive, and Buck missed the other woman every day. Her memories of her life with Olive replayed in her mind daily, and Buck was constantly plagued with questions regarding Olive’s departure and what had gone wrong. She was ready to win her love back, and Buck was willing to go to great lengths to do this, even if that meant writing a song and performing it for her in front of thousands of people.

Buck carried a cup of coffee over to Ziggy. “So, after spending hours last night trying to come up with lyrics, I’m a little bummed that we don’t have a song written already,” Buck confessed.

“Well, let’s try something different,” Ziggy commented. “Come here,” she beckoned.

Buck abided, curious as to how standing in front of the other woman would help.

“Now, pretend that I am Olive,” Ziggy told her.

“Why?” Buck laughed. “How will this help?”

“It just will. Trust me,” Ziggy replied.

“Alright,” Buck complied, shaking her head. “Now what?”

“Now, tell me how you feel,” Ziggy encouraged her.

“Come on,” Buck said. “Don’t you find this a little embarrassing?”

“No,” Ziggy said seriously. “If I were Olive, what would you say to me?”

“Well, I guess that I would tell you that I have felt alone since you left,” Buck played along. “I feel like you replaced me.”

“Good,” Ziggy applauded. “What else?”

“I miss you being around,” Buck continued. “And I want you back.” Buck shrugged, still not sure how Ziggy was going to use what she was telling her to create a song, but as she ended her small monologue, Ziggy’s face lit up.

“Now, let’s put it on paper,” Ziggy said, picking up the notebook that Buck had been writing in earlier off the end table and walking over to the couch. Ziggy sat down and began writing, and Buck sat next to her, peering over her shoulder.


On my own


And Replaced

How could you ever leave me?

Look into my face

Don’t you see my eyes?

They’re looking back at you

Ever since you left

My life has been so blue

I just want you to know on those silent nights alone

You’re always in my heart

I feel you in my bones

And I want you back

“That’s all I have at the moment, but it’s a start,” Ziggy said.

Buck reread the lyrics and nodded. “It’s good. How did you get this from that?”

“I just listened to you with both my ears and eyes,” Ziggy explained. “Sometimes, the greatest words aren’t spoken out loud. A person’s body language says a lot about them.”

“You’re not the only one that pays attention to body language,” Buck replied. “I see how you look at me.”

“What do you mean?” Ziggy blushed.

“You look at me like a lover would,” Buck told her.

“I can’t help it,” Ziggy replied. “I’ve felt something for you since the day that I met you.”

“Then, why would you help me with Olive?” Buck inquired. “Or are you trying to sabotage the situation with her?”

“I’m not trying to sabotage anything,” Ziggy said, looking Buck in the eye. “I want you to be happy, and if that means getting back together with Olive, then so be it.”

Buck was quiet for a moment as she took everything in. She hadn’t expected Ziggy to confirm her suspicions. “I’ve never met anyone like you,” she finally said, wondering how anyone could be so selfless.

“I guess you could say that I’m one of a kind,” Ziggy smiled.

“Indeed, you are,” Buck replied. She looked the other woman over once again, noticing things that she hadn’t before like how her freckles highlighted the sparkle in her eyes when she smiled and how dimples formed on her cheeks when she laughed. The more that she got to know the other woman, the more attractive she appeared, and Buck knew that if she wasn’t so hung up on Olive, she would have definitely taken the time to get to know Ziggy more intimately.


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