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“Don’t Tell Me Twice”: Chapter Fifteen

Just Take a Deep Breath

By Nicole Higginbotham-HoguePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Ziggy sat on the bunk in the tour bus, taking deep breaths. The crowd outside roared as they waited for the band to exit the bus and go on stage, and Ziggy could feel butterflies roam around in her stomach as she prepared for her first big show. She had done her best to get some practice in before having to perform in front of such a big audience, worried that she might forget the lyrics to a song or accidentally play a wrong note. However, practicing on the bus was different from performing in the sound booth or even on stage, and Ziggy was worried about how she would sound when it counted.

“Ziggy,” Spike called from the front of the bus. “Security is ready to escort us onto the stage.”

Ziggy stood up, fighting the queasy resistance of her stomach and joined the rest of the band. The door to the tour bus opened, and Ziggy’s heart began to beat through her chest. She was in total shock as she walked with security through the mass of screaming fans, and by the time she had made it backstage, she wondered if she had made the right choice.

The band prepared themselves as Two Hearts finished their set, and then, they made their intros. Ziggy wandered on stage after Buck, watching the other members of the band smile and wave. She felt awkward and out of place, but she had worked so hard to be there, so she knew that she needed to play the part. Ziggy took a deep breath and forced a smile on her face. She looked into the crowd, but the lights were so bright that the crowd was difficult to see.

This newfound fact calmed her nerves instantly and made everything just a bit easier for her. The band took their spots and when they were given the signal, they began to play. Ziggy felt the music flow out of her guitar, and she let this beautiful expression of emotion become her focus. The crowd faded to the back of her mind as she felt the feelings depicted in the first song, and when it came to an end, she was satisfied with her performance.

Just when she was ready to applaud herself for doing a good job, Ziggy saw Buck wave her over. The next song of their set was a duet performed by the two of them, and that brought Ziggy a whole new sense of fear. She looked at Buck, and apparently, Buck had noticed her apprehension as the other woman came over to Ziggy and draped her arm over her shoulder, leading her to the front of the stage.

“It’s okay,” the other woman whispered in her ear, and Ziggy felt security in her words.

The song began and as it did, Ziggy looked into Buck’s eyes. Buck looked back as she sang her part of the song, a smile in her eyes. Ziggy could feel passion flow through her body as the two shared a special moment on stage. It was as if they were speaking to each other in their own language, composed of the phrasing of the lyrics. The two performed song after song, creating a beautiful depiction of intuitive feeling, and by the roaring of the crowd, Ziggy knew that their efforts were appreciated.

It finally came time for Buck to perform her impromptu piece for Olive, and Ziggy stepped back, knowing that Buck had to sing it alone. The feeling of closeness that she had just felt seconds ago for Buck were replaced with feelings of sadness, because she knew that the connection that she had with the other woman was about to be forgotten, and the only thing that would be on Buck’s mind would be Olive.


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