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“Don’t Tell Me Twice”: Chapter Eighteen

A Sudden Surprise

By Nicole Higginbotham-HoguePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Buck woke up suddenly and looked at the sleeping woman beside her. Everything had happened so fast that she didn’t even remember getting to her bunk. Buck rubbed her eyes, looking at her phone only to find out that it was the next day.

“Crap,” she muttered under her breath, remembering the details of last night. She felt regretful that she had slept with Ziggy, especially since she still was dealing with moving on from Olive. It was a rookie mistake, and she hadn’t wanted to cause any further tension between her and Ziggy or lead her on.

The other woman was still sleeping, and Buck was thankful that she was. How was she going to explain that sleeping with her was a onetime thing? Furthermore, how was she going to tell the other woman that she had told her that she loved her in a fit of passion and not because she meant it?

Buck slipped out of the bed and put on what clothing she could find. She needed some space. She was going to have to talk to Ziggy about what happened the night before, and she needed to clear her head. Buck walked out of the bunk area and towards the dining area. Three familiar faces stared at her as she did. Buck continued to walk to the refrigerator but instantly did a double take. There were three people. Jemma. Spike. And Olive. Olive? What was she doing there?

“Morning, Buck,” Spike said, waving her over. “Come here for a minute. We need to talk.”

“What about?” Buck asked, walking over to the group. “And what’s she doing here?” Buck asked, pointing to Olive.

“I came back to the band,” Olive stated. “I just apologized to Spike and Jemma for leaving. It was a mistake, and I’m ready to take my place back.”

“You’re ready?” Buck laughed, surprising even herself at how angry these words made her. “How are you going to just decide that you are coming back after we already hired a new band member and restarted the tour?”

“Fire her,” Olive said.

“We’re not firing her,” Spike replied. “I’m okay with you rejoining the band as long as everyone else is, but we are not firing Ziggy.”

“Ziggy can be on vocals with you,” Jemma said, gesturing to Buck. “She already sings most of the songs with you anyhow. Why not just make them all duets? Then, Olive can go back on first guitar, and everything will be fine.”

“Have you lost your minds?” Buck yelled. “Why is everyone so accommodating to Olive? Doesn’t anyone wonder why she suddenly came back after being gone for so long? How can we trust her? She left us for the competition. Why isn’t anyone questioning that?”

“Because everyone knows that I came back because of you,” Olive replied with a smile.

“I find that hard to believe,” Buck replied. “You told me that you never wanted to see me again.”

“I was overwhelmed,” Olive replied. “I needed some time to think things through.”

“I see,” Buck said. She still didn’t believe the other woman, but after observing Spike and Jemma’s nonverbal language, she knew that there was no point in arguing. They were going to do what they were going to do, even if it meant trusting Olive again and forcing her to share her spot in the band.

“What’s going on?” Ziggy asked, walking into the dining room. She was wearing one of Buck’s long t-shirts and a pair of shorts. Buck looked at the others, knowing that the activities of the night before would be obvious due to Ziggy’s attire and found them staring at the other woman.

“Hi, everyone,” Ziggy squeaked, clearly taken aback that everyone was watching her. “Oh, hi Olive. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“And I didn’t expect you to be wearing that,” Olive shot back. “So, much for professing your love, Buck,” Olive stated, glaring at her. “It looks like you had no problem moving on.”

Buck wanted to say that it wasn’t what it looked like, but she knew that was a lie, so she just stood there in silence. She never expected that her morning would be so eventful.


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