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"Don't Go To The Cozy-Looking Cabin Next To The Top-Tier Scariest F*cking Woods Ever - Not Even For Free"

A Couple's Haunting Tale of an Extra Cabin Guest

By Megan BakerPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
"Don't Go To The Cozy-Looking Cabin Next To The Top-Tier Scariest F*cking Woods Ever - Not Even For Free"
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"We drove up the snowy, winding road towards the cozy A-frame cabin," began Samantha, "It was gorgeous. We were super excited to be there; it was supposed to be so much fun."

"Little did we know," Jacob continued, "something wasn't right with that cabin. I guess we should have known, as cheap as the place was listed for the weekend. And the woods around the place were just so dark and creepy."

Here, Amanda, the local reporter who had reached out to the couple, jotted down their statements. She then asked the couple, "What were the plans for that weekend?"

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"We were just going out to a remote cabin for the weekend; a little getaway from the usual sights. Thought we'd use someone's hot tub, get a little tipsy, get nice and cozy by the fireplace - you know, the stereotypical romantic night in a cabin, in the woods, in winter," Jacob replied.

"And when did you two first notice things were "off" at this cabin?" Amanda inquired.

"Just a few minutes after walking in," Samantha said. She wouldn't meet the reporter's eyes and twisted the sleeves of her sweater nervously.

"And what happened?"

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"Little things, at first. The lights were flickering or turning off; we told ourselves it was the bad weather or old wiring," Samantha continued.

"Yeah. And then we both started hearing something while we were cozied up on the couch. Like, tapping, scratching..." Jacob replicated the sound by scraping his fingernails across the coffee table in front of him.

"...And the whispers," Samantha added, speaking, herself, in a whisper as she did so. "We started hearing whispers too."

"Yeah?" Amanda asked curiously, "And what did they say?"

"It was really hard to tell at first," admitted Samantha, "We weren't sure if they were in English. But the more we heard them, the more it sounded like they were saying, "get out", "leave", that kinda thing...."

"Did anything else happen?"

"Not the first night. We eventually fell asleep on the couch. But the second day, we noticed that things - our things - were like, disappearing," Jacob explained, "Or not even going missing, but they'd be moved to places we would never place these things."

"Can you tell me what items were... moved?" Amanda pressed.

By Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

"Like, Samantha's phone went missing. She had it with her in one room, but when she went to grab it to take some photos of the views, it wasn't there, on the charger, where she had left it. I didn't touch it. We searched for over an hour before we found it - in the fridge."

"Her phone was in the fridge?"

"Yeah! And then, after that, I was looking for the car keys. I was gonna run to the gas station and pick up some snacks. We were planning on watching some movies. But the keys weren't anywhere I normally keep them; they weren't in my pant pockets, jacket, or on the coffee table where I usually throw them at places we're staying."

"Did you eventually find the keys?"

"...Yeah... We uh, found them in the washer."

"The washing machine?" Amanda repeats, incredulously.

"Yeah," repeats Jacob hesitantly, "We found them in the washer... when the washer started up on its own and we heard a bunch of loud clanging. Key fob got water in it and it won't even work right now." As evidence, he pulled the keys in question from his pocket and clicking the buttons on it. Nothing happened. He even took off the back to show Amanda the battery still in it.

"You have the new one we asked you to pick up?" he asked Amanda. She nodded and handed him a new battery she'd bought that morning on her way to the interview. He replaced the old battery with the new and clicked the buttons, and still nothing happened.

By Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

A long pause filled the room as Amanda wrote down what the couple had told her so far. When she caught up, she met Jacob's gaze, and he continued, even more hesitant.

"But it kept getting weirder. The scratching started again - sounded like it was coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. Think we'd zero in on it and it would move to the opposite side of the cabin in seconds. And then..."

"...and then, what?" Amanda prompted gently. Jacob refused to speak more on the matter, standing up and leaving the room.

"...And then, we started hearing the whispering again," Samantha stated, again in little more than a whisper herself. Amanda leaned in closer to hear her better.

"Go on, Sam. It's okay," urged the reporter; her curiosity was peaked at the couple's reluctance to tell her what happened.

"We both heard it. It sounded like Jacob's mom at first, which confused us. Why would she be there? It got worse when we both remembered that she had passed away a few months ago... And then once we realized that, they changed... They sounded like us, but neither of us was speaking."

"And how long did this go on for?"

"A couple hours. Once it got dark, it got very quiet. So quiet. We'd packed up most of the things we wouldn't need the next day, so we'd be ready to head home early in the afternoon. We were pretty tired. Still freaked out, but tired. We fell asleep early...."

Here, Samantha paused to take a drink of tea and clear her throat before continuing. Amanda followed suit, eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this tale.

"We both woke up at the same time to a terrible, screeching scream. It sounded like it was right over us. We bolted up in the bed and... we both saw something at the foot of the bed."

"What did you see?" asked Amanda patiently.

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"I saw... I saw a woman. She was like... wispy? Kinda see-through. But there - she was there. Her eyes were just black sockets. And she was just screaming this terrible, terrible screeching shriek. It was so loud and piercing and... and chilling. Jacob saw the same thing. Heard the same thing. We hopped in the car and took off in the middle of the night down this snowy, windy road surrounded by the creepiest, twisted forest. We even left most of our stuff; we had to have the owners mail what we left. We'll never go back."

As the interview concluded, Amanda thanked the couple for their time.

"Any last statements?" she asked. She often got an extra tidbit from this prompting.

"Yeah, actually," stated Jacob, "Don't go to the cozy-looking cabin next to the top-tier scariest fucking woods ever - not even if they offer to let you stay for free. It's not worth it. Zero out of five stars."

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