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Don’t give me a chance to die


By Boomatt TutorialsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

In the heart of a decaying, long-abandoned asylum, there was a legend that sent shivers down the spines of even the bravest souls who dared to whisper its name. They called it the "Chance to Die."

The asylum, known as St. Agnes Asylum, had been closed for decades. Its walls bore witness to countless stories of suffering and despair. But one tale was darker and more sinister than the rest—the legend of the Chance to Die.

As the story went, many years ago, a sinister doctor had conducted a series of gruesome experiments within the asylum's bowels. Dr. Nathaniel Harlow, driven by madness and obsession, sought to unlock the secrets of immortality. He believed that by depriving his patients of the chance to die, he could conquer death itself.

Patients were lured into his clutches under the guise of treatment. Once inside, they would become subjects of his terrifying experiments. Dr. Harlow would surgically remove their vital organs, one by one, replacing them with grotesque, mechanical contraptions. The patients endured unimaginable pain, their screams echoing through the asylum's dark corridors.

The doctor believed that by preventing death, he could achieve ultimate power and knowledge. But his experiments were an affront to nature, and the asylum became a house of horrors where the line between life and death blurred.

One night, as a violent thunderstorm raged outside, the patients rebelled against Dr. Harlow's reign of terror. They overpowered the doctor, shackled him in his own operating table, and exacted their revenge. They left him to rot, his body a mangled mess of scars and mechanical limbs.

The patients escaped the asylum, leaving the doctor to his gruesome fate. But before they left, they etched a chilling message into the walls: "Don't give me a chance to die."

Decades later, the asylum became the stuff of local legend—a place where brave souls ventured to test their mettle. Some came to debunk the stories of horror, while others sought the thrill of the unknown.

One evening, a group of four friends decided to explore St. Agnes Asylum. They were drawn by the morbid curiosity that had captured so many before them. Armed with flashlights and their own bravado, they ventured into the decaying structure.

The asylum's dark corridors were alive with the eerie echoes of its tortured past. The air was heavy with the weight of forgotten souls, and the walls seemed to breathe with malice. The group descended deeper into the bowels of the building, guided by a morbid fascination that they couldn't escape.

As they explored, they came upon an old, rusted door. It bore the words, "Dr. Nathaniel Harlow's Laboratory." It was a place they had heard of in whispers—the epicenter of the horrors that had unfolded within these walls.

With trepidation, they pushed open the door and entered the laboratory. It was a place of nightmare, filled with rusted surgical instruments and the cold, lifeless gaze of twisted mechanical creatures. They found the remnants of Dr. Harlow's monstrous experiments—bodies that had been subjected to the doctor's deranged vision.

Then, they saw it—a message scrawled on the wall in faded, blood-red letters: "Don't give me a chance to die."

Fear gripped them as they realized that the asylum was far from empty. In the dim light, they saw a figure, hunched and broken, shuffling towards them. It was the wretched form of Dr. Nathaniel Harlow himself, kept alive by the very contraptions he had used to torment his patients.

The doctor's eyes, once filled with madness, were now filled with a twisted, vengeful intent. He had been denied the chance to die, and in his torment, he sought to claim the lives of those who had intruded upon his domain.

The friends fled in terror, pursued by the relentless, mechanical abomination that was once Dr. Harlow. Their screams echoed through the asylum's dark corridors, as the doctor's mechanical limbs clanged and whirred behind them.

In the end, only one of the friends escaped the asylum's malevolent grasp. The others were not so fortunate, their lives claimed by the relentless pursuit of the Chance to Die.

To this day, the asylum stands as a chilling reminder of the horrors that unfolded within its walls—a place where the line between life and death was crossed, and where the desperate quest for immortality led to unspeakable darkness. And the legend lives on: "Don't give me a chance to die."

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work! Good job!

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