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Diplomatic Melodie’s

Story content : fiction. Author: Vivek Katib

By Vivek_U_kPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Tone that’s traveled in Air passed over all walls & Tone itself never knew it’s comforts & smoother To a person , He wondering & trying to open his eyes with a curious smile on a face , Person opened a eye looking for the sound that Gave him a feeling of Beauty that can’t be seen, He made a coffee & had a sip of coffee yet He didn’t feel the aromatic flavor of coffee Wondering What’s is the reason convinced himself for a day off from The world.

Curious About a sound lead him dress up like He is going for a date, Yet He doesn’t knew How it’s gonna end up

Parked a bike a way from a lake , walking around a park ,Isolated lake luckily it was rare to see a human being there , Gave him a merit to admire a waving water , Tall tress , herbs around branches of trees. After a wait of 2 hours ,He decided to walk towards water to see his reflection looking down He finds out a war between a blue sky & green trees trying to be dominated on occupation of their reflections on water.

Looking his reflection on Water Gave him a guilt feeling So tired not to look down further , once he looking at those tall tress he finds a Bird Which comes around & around the lake to Find a fish . He wondered why a bird didn’t find a fish yet in vast lake yet a question for us well too , He stepped back & had a sit “ looking at a lake ; Us a wish of everyone ! He witnessed a part of him Running towards the lake & taking a dive , At the same time bird diving inside the water us well ‘ Us he reached inside a depth of the water He finds out a child with deep incision on his heart & bleeding in a red before him . Yet he exactly knew who was that by staring at his eyes ‘ when he wouldn’t able to face a child , He Turned to the left & seen a familiar face of people who he always wanted to spend time & dying to meet in his life, He decided to swim towards them , He finds out they moving further away from him , He Knows us a matter of fact which is not possible to meet with them until his soul leave his cage ,He turned towards right & founds a lightning face of his Parents & friends, finds a reason why He wanna live in this world , so decided to Follow the light coz He understood only way to swim out of water is followingThe light Not Darkness, when his forehead Reached the surface of water ; Sun shine on his face gave a warm welcome .part of him witnessing him on land gave a hand to raise him up ; sound of beating a water Been a sign of celebration of a mother bird that flew out of water with a tiny fish on her mouth. Flying towards her home to feed the first meal for her baby, with a feeling of being New born Person walked out of lake with an anxiety Of will the tone & melody of birds will be there for him in near future?

By Casey Horner on Unsplash

Moral of the story : we’re living in the world ,where ground water & Breathing air get pollutant. I grew up listening to these melodies Tones of migrating birds, in present World I real Miss those beutiful early morning in my life .


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I love writing stories.

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  • Doctor X for nowabout a year ago

    Good work

Vivek_U_kWritten by Vivek_U_k

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