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Different world who

Chapter 20 The medicine

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 8 min read
Different world who
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Nie Qingfeng did not stay too long, only said a few words and then left, but left two "Hui Ling pills" for Nie Kong before leaving.

Walking to the gate of the courtyard, Nie Qingfeng seemed to think of something and jokingly said to Nie Kong, "By the way, Nie Kong, looking at your expression, is it difficult to repair for another progress?"

"Yes, ALREADY GATHER SPIRIT SIX GOODS." Nie Kong said with a smile.

"What? You got another grade up?"

Nie Qingfeng stared at Nie Kong with two eyes like a bell.

He was casually asking, which thought only a day not to see, Nie Kong actually broke through to gather six products, even if known as "Nie family the most outstanding genius in history" the eldest son Nie Fenglei, at the time of gather spirit realm, there is no Nie Kong so magical training speed.

The previous time was a day to break two products, this time a day to break one product, so fast, Nie Qingfeng really can't think of what words can describe Nie Kong, if not to tell, who can believe that the person who created this record of practice a few days ago is a dying sick young.

After a long time, Nie Qingfeng sighed with a wry smile: "I really do not know how you this monster is cultivation? Is the psychic potential of the wood constitution so amazing?"

Nie Kong chuckled. It was actually very simple to put it bluntly, but he wanted this kind of effect now, so he only smiled modestly.

Nie Qingfeng, after all, is a straightforward person, quickly adjusted his mood, slapped Nie Kong on the shoulder, and said with a smile, "Boy, keep working hard. I also want to see if you can continue to create miracles in the future to surpass that Nie Fenglei, and win voice for our Nie family."

After a pause, Nie Qingfeng advised again: "In addition, you should be more careful in the future. Nie Faddish has suffered a dark loss, I'm afraid he will take revenge on you."

"Thank you, Uncle. I'll see to it."


Looking at Nie Qingfeng's disappearing figure, Nie Kong felt a warm feeling in his heart.

This time, Nie Qingfeng is specially to send "Hui Ling pill" and. For more than ten years, Nie Kong has tasted almost all of them. Hui spirit pill in yipin muti, effect is good, though the ongoing NieKong ineffective, but NieQingFeng this intention, NieKong sincerely grateful, after all, his father, and NieQingFeng and not too deep friendship, but only for that day at the gate of the muti hall NieQingFeng word from muti, this kind of behavior is particularly valuable.

Besides, Nie Qingfeng helped him out this time.

If Nie Qingfeng had not arrived just in time, he and Wudong would have had to take action. Although he has no fear, he can also use gold needles to stimulate hidden acupoints at critical moments and instantly dissolve the spiritual power of multiple meridians so that the repair can be greatly improved in a short period of time, but this means is very damaging to the body, so it is best not to use it.


The flower eyebrow walks to Nie Kong side, light call way.

Nie Kong turned to smile and said, "Sister-in-law, don't worry about the 'spring dew' in the future. However, it is best not to leave home recently. If you need anything, you can ask the next door neighbor to bring it back for you.


Flower brow nodded heavily...


Before long, the kitchen tinkled, Huamei became busy, Nie Kong also returned to his bedroom. Calculate the time. It's been more than 12 hours since last night.

"Xiang Xiang, are you ready?

Nie's eyes closed slightly and he leaned back casually in his chair. Last night, Nie Kong made a total of two "Hui Chun Lu", the first time or failed to end, the second time finally succeeded in refining the "Hui Chun Lu", which is the bottle returned to Nie Faddish this morning.

Nie Kong himself was not satisfied with the bottle of "Hui Chun Lu", because in the process of refining medicine, he always felt that the cooperation with Xiang Xiang was not tacit enough, and the refined "Hui Chun Lu" did not fully integrate the medicinal power of the silk glass root and white star powder.

There was still enough medicine left for refining once, so Nie Kong didn't want to waste it.

"Ah, ah, ah," he said.

Hearing the little guy's sweet and childish cry, Nie Kong took a breath and said in his heart: "Medicine tripod magic body!" Violet magic fragrance suddenly changes into small and exquisite mini medicine tripod.

With the previous three times of medicine refining experience, Nie Kong is not impatient this time, fragrant silk glaze root, white star powder, Lingmeng grass, dragon bud algae in turn entrance. When Nie Kong finally took the ice dish water, he was so careful that the water poured from the gourd's mouth was wrapped by the spirit force before it even made contact with his mouth.

The medicinal power is drawn out one by one, into the medicine tripod...


A few minutes later.

Nie Kong moves the five stars and moves the formula, the three orifice of spirit and God vibrates slightly, and the spirit continuously infuses the ding body.


The medicine tripod spins lightly.

Nie Kong put aside miscellaneous thoughts and concentrated his mind on the medicine tripod. After a while, the frequency of the tremor of the spirit and God acupoints became irregular, but it seemed to contain some wonderful rhythm, and the spirit force transmitted to the medicine tripod also became suddenly light and suddenly heavy, suddenly disease and slowly, unpredictable.

For Nie Kong, the control of spiritual power is like the control of fire when decocting medicine. Only when the fire is well controlled can the decocted medicine give full play to the best effect. The use of "medicine tripod Magic Body" has higher requirements on the control of spiritual power. The input spiritual power cannot be fixed or changed randomly, otherwise, Nie Kong will be waiting for failure. This is the experience and lesson that Nie Kong summed up when refining medicine last night.

As THE CHANGE OF THE SPIRIT FORCE, the medicine TRIpod is like a light elf, dancing in the spirit of God above the three ORIFices, the rhythm of rotation is also more and more consistent with the tremor of orifices.

Gradually, the mauve line THAT DING is in becomes more and more clear, the SHAPE THAT combines purple LUO ILLUSION SPIRIT IS SWEET UNEXPECTEDLY finally, BLOSSOM in whirl GIVES full-bodied purple awn, hand in PHOTOGRAPH reflect with that GREEN.

Nie Kong and Yao Ding seemed to enter a magical mood together. At this moment, he seemed to be able to clearly capture the process of the continuous integration of various medicinal powers.



Nie Kong woke up from that kind of artistic conception, the aftertaste in his heart is endless, and the perfect coordination with Xiang xiang, can appear such a wonderful effect.

This is the real medicine refining!

Nie Kong could not wait to see the results of this medicine refining. As soon as the medicine tripod was still, he took the small jade bottle which had been prepared long ago on the table.

An idea, a group of milky white passion from the medicine tripod flew out, was wrapped in the spirit, and then spread to the right hand as silk as a wisp.

It took Nie Kong nearly two minutes to transfer the ball to his right index finger. The spirit force urges, the spirit force drops from the fingertip into the bottle.

Soon the thumb-sized vase was full.

Bowing his head and sniffing, a intoxicating fragrance blew on his face. Nie Kong felt relaxed and happy, and the spiritual breath was at least twice as strong as the "Hui Chun dew" made last night. This bottle of "Verbalina" is definitely going to sell for a high price.


Nie Kong smiled with satisfaction.

Hui Chun Lu can improve the quality of a master. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for people like Nie Kong who have already taken Hui Chun Lu twice. Otherwise, Nie Kong would really like to try his masterpiece. At this point, the bottle of Verbalina will have to be put up for sale.

Nie Kong's mind is running fast. He has two choices. One is to sell Hui Chun Lu to Nie's medicine mixing Hall.

Nie Kong only thought about this choice and gave it up. He can't summon the medicine tripod yet. If the people in the medicine mixing hall take a medicine tripod and let him operate in public, it will be exposed immediately. If it is from the hands of others, it needs to tell more lies to justify the lie, and it is also easy to show flaws. Therefore, before the medicine Ding can be called out of the body, it is not possible to disclose the news that you can successfully purify the spring dew.

Can't sell to Nie, that temporarily can only choose the drugstore in the city. Nie Kong searched in his memory for information about those pharmacies in Jistyang City.

"Lingbao Pavilion?

This pharmacy is very famous in the city of Thistleyang, specializing in selling a variety of herbs and finished medicines, a good reputation, even the Nie family and other families will often go there to buy medicines. It is said that its branches not only opened in the Dacheng Empire all large and medium-sized cities, even other countries have a number of semicolons.

"Well, let's wait till we've cleared all the meridians, and then we'll have to think of a safe way of not attracting attention."

Made up his mind, Nie Kong quickly calmed down, and unexpectedly the newly refined "Hui Chun dew" income pet backpack. To him, the bottle of spring dew was like a large pile of shiny gold coins. Whether it was made in his stomach or not, Nie Kong did not care.



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