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Different world who

Chapter 17 Poly Ling six pin

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Different world who
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To Nie Kong's surprise, Xiang Xiang didn't absorb all the medicine in his body, and there was still half of it left. It was estimated that he could only last through tomorrow.

The little guy is full of food and drink, full of energy, small leaves shaking vigorously, convey a strong desire to continue to practice "flower explosion". Nie Kong ignored it, but continued to knead the needle to dissolve the psychic power blocking the meridians.

The Ren, Du and chong veins of the eight Qi Meridians had been unblocked. This time, Nie Kong's target was Yin and Yang.

In fact, with Nie Kong's nine-turn golden needle, all the meridians can be completely cleared in a day. But his body is now on the "healthy muscle strong bone soup" transformation, temporarily not as good as all the years of training and natural quenching out of the body, suddenly dreg all meridians, that suddenly melted out of the boundless spirit force is afraid to support burst meridians, smash spirit God three body, let him completely become a waste.

It is much more prudent to proceed gradually every day. Nie Kong has enough time to digest the dissolved spiritual force, and the meridians and the three spirit-God orificescan also gradually adapt to the surge of spiritual force.


Under the eaves, Hua Mei sat in front of a large wooden pier.

Above the wooden pier is a half-meter-long wood carving, the right wrist of the eyebrow vibrates, the small carving knife is like a living thing, flying between her fingers, the sharp knife points quickly move on the wood carving, wood chips like fine raindrops, one after another down.

Such a masterful move would have amazed even a senior psychic.

Hua Mei does not have the qualification of practicing spiritual power, but her carving technique is extremely exquisite. However, she worries about Nie Kong's condition every day, and it is difficult to calm down to do this thing. Now, Nie Kong was in good condition and had no need to worry about his eyebrows. Besides, he had lost his job of washing clothes.

"Blah blah blah..."

When the carving knife touches the wood block, it makes a clear sound, which is like a wonderful melody, echoing in the small courtyard.

The flower eyebrow red lips are slightly pursed, the two beautiful black eyes are almost blinking also do not blink to gaze at the wooden block in front of the body, the eyes are full of concentration and serious, it is like the jade charming dimple in the setting sun, through the light of light, glittering and translucent moist, tender to drop, can not say the feast for the eyes.

Trance between, flower eyebrow discovery had not heard the voice of uncle practice spirit art for a long time, could not help but lift an eye toward the front to see the past.

This look, the flower eyebrow that with a point of rosy rosy cheeks become more purples, uncle how to take off clothes in the yard to tie up a needle?


A painful shout, flower eyebrow back to God, can not help but Dai eyebrow micro Cu, but the left index finger was carved out a hole, blood gurgling.

"What's the matter, sister-in-law?

Nie Kong, who was not far away, sprang up with his hands in front and behind him. Nine gold needles had fallen into his palm. Without waiting for Huamei to answer, Nie Kong jumped over with three or two steps, grabbed her small hand, looked at it, and said softly, "It was hurt hand, it doesn't matter, I will handle it."

"I, I..."

Nie Kong **'s upper body was in front of him, and there seemed to be a strong male breath penetrating into his nose. His eyebrows were flushed, and he was a little nervous and could not speak. His left hand subconsciously pulled back, but he could not escape Nie Kong's grasp, and his heart was pounding.

The DAY IS pitiABLE, ALTHOUGH FLOWER EYEBROW MARRIED A PERSON, CAN IN fact WITH the GIRL WHO did not go out of the CABINET no difference, almost never so touched by the man, besides, this man is her uncle.

Nie Kong smiled at her, and his right palm flashed. The extra gold needle went into the pet backpack, leaving only the slender human needle. "Hum" a pleasant ringing, green spirit from a flash on the gold needle, the next moment, the gold needle has been stabbed in the flower eyebrow left index finger root.

Flower eyebrow is ashamed some ashamed, a look at this scene, small mouth suddenly slightly open. She had seen Nie Kong put a needle into himself many times, and had also had a vision of how it felt when the gold needle went into his body. Now, after experiencing it herself, she realized that all she had thought before was wrong.

It was only a little numb, but there was no pain. As Nie Kong continued to knead the needle, Hua mei only felt the left index finger like soaking in a hot spring, warm and warm, not only the wound stopped bleeding, the pain of the finger is also continuously alleviated, very comfortable.

"Well, it will heal in a few days."

Two or three minutes later, Nie Kong took out the gold needle and smiled with satisfaction. After he was able to use the magic power of wood, Nie Kong felt his acupuncture skills became more and more proficient. The eyebrow wound was only a small wound, but the wound was about an inch long. In a previous life, it would be unthinkable to inject such a needle to stop bleeding immediately.


Flower eyebrow subconscious ground should sound, suddenly think of oneself A sound NIE Kong ran over, a little worried of the way, "Uncle, I didn't disturb your practice?"

Nie Kong couldn't help laughing and said, "No, even if you don't say anything, I'm going to suspend my practice. Just now, I've reached the six products of gathering spirit."

"So soon?

Hua Mei was surprised and happy, and wanted to say something, but when her eyes noticed Nie Kong's exposed chest, the blush that had been dissipated with great difficulty covered her face, and she pulled her left hand out of Nie Kong's palm. "I... Uncle, it's getting late, and I... I'm going to cook."

"Sister-in-law, don't get that finger wet."

Still so shy. Nie Kong shook his head and smiled. His eyes turned to the wood carving. Squatting down to look, Nie Kongdun felt surprised. The sculpture on it was an old man. Looking at the eyebrows, he seemed to be a strong man of heaven and spirit in the Dacheng Empire hundreds of years ago, and Nie Kong's predecessor had seen his portrait and was deeply impressed. Although this wood carving is not fully formed, Nie Kong has felt a proud sense of looking down at the world from above.

Nie Kong did not pay much attention to the fact that she was carving with a carving knife. Now he realized that he was really mistaken. Sculpture and cultivation, are exquisite qualifications, if there is no day points, even the super strong of the nine products can not carve out good things.

Did not expect the flower eyebrow to have this unique!


As time passed, the city of Thistlesun was shrouded in black. In the bedroom the candle flickered, and from time to time gave off little sparks.

Nie Kong sat up on the bed and muttered, "Xiang Xiang, I see you are full of medicine and energetic. It is not difficult for you to perform the magic magic of medicine Ding. Why do you have to rest for twelve hours?

"Oh, oh, oh..."

The little guy in Yaochi cave "dancing", constantly distinguish themselves not lazy.

Nie Kong chuckled to himself. In fact, he had known it all along, and was waiting to amuse it. Do not rest enough for 12 hours, will hinder the development of purple Luo illusion fragrance growth, with its continuous upgrading, the display of "medicine tripod magic body" interval time will gradually shorten, perhaps after the ninth order of incense, can call out medicine tripod at any time.

"Xiang Xiang, how many minutes are left?"

"One minute."


Nie Kong took a deep breath and opened the medicine package one by one...



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