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Different World Who

Chapter 23 The Thunder and the Glory

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 7 min read
Different World Who
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After leaving the drill, Nie Kong felt a deep fatigue. His muscles were sore and swollen, and his bones in his body seemed to fall apart. His whole body was weak and weak, especially his hands.

Nevertheless, this kind of state can use "healthy muscle strong bone soup" bath best opportunity, Nie Kong mobilizes spiritual force, with the fastest speed dragging the tired legs back home. And is picking vegetables in the courtyard after the flower eyebrow said, two people will be busy in the kitchen.

About half an hour later, Nie Kong sat in the big tub, his neck down in the hot water dyed red by the medicine juice.

As Nie Kong's fingers rolled, the red medicine continued to drill into the body along the pores at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Nie Kong's body completely relaxed, the drug quickly dispersed in the body, and then easily into the whole body's bones and muscles. This time, Nie Kong absorbed the medicine much faster than the previous time, but in just a few minutes, the purples in the water turned pale red.

A few more minutes passed, and all the power of the decoction had been absorbed. The temperature in the bucket was still quite high, Nie Kong was not in a hurry to get up. After putting the nine gold needles into the pet backpack, he lazily leaned against the edge of the bucket, closed his eyes, and let the hot water iron his skin.

Not for a while, Nie Kong had a comfortable sleep in the past...


Silver shadow.

The dwelling place of Nie family long in the past dynasties is quiet and elegant. In the brightly lit courtyard, two people were sitting on either side of a stone table, drinking together.

The man on the left was about fifty years old, dressed in a purple robe, with a strong face and black beard under his chin. Although he was smiling and laughing with the old man opposite him, there was an air of dignity in his countenance.

This person is Nie's current patriarch Nie Qingsong, is Nie's three hundred years of the most outstanding several patriarchs, under his leadership, Nie's strength reached the highest peak of nearly a hundred years.

Nie Qingsong's children were almost all men.

Among them, the eldest son Nie Fenglei 12 years old to achieve channeling a product, 15 years old into Rong spirit, 19 years old breakthrough to change spirit, 25 years old to achieve change spirit 9 products, and then worship into the "Moluo holy mountain", become the mountain Lord's parents pass disciple, now 27 years old Nie Fenglei is said to have had the royal spirit 2 products to mend.

Although the two sons of Nie Fengguan is not as good as his elder brother Nie Fenglei that kind of shock just absolutely yan, but also is a rare wonderful flower, 23 years old to melt spirit nine products, and then Nie Qingsong into the "heaven and earth", now two years in the past, xiu for sure has already stepped into the realm of the spirit.

The fourth daughter, Nie Fenghua, was as beautiful as a fairy as her name. She not only had excellent qualifications in spiritual cultivation, but also had great talent in medicine refining. When she just entered the realm of spiritual communication at the age of 14, she had successfully refined three kinds of magic drugs, and was finally accepted as a disciple of Moxue School.

Moruo holy mountain, heaven and ink snow are extremely famous strong spirit division sect on the day spirit continent, Nie Fenglei, Nie Fengguan and Nie Fenghua can enter these 3 sects, it is Nie Qingsong's pride all the time, someone mentioned them at ordinary times, Nie Qingsong also quite complacent.

Only the third son Nie faddish, its qualification is not worse than his second brother, but it is not willing to put the spirit on the cultivation, more than 20 years old to understand the spirit of eight products, even many other children are not equal to, weekdays in the city of thistle Yang, even in the family domineering, tyrannizing, let Nie Qingsong hurt his mind.

Lei Guan Xinghua, three son worst!

This sentence is used to describe Nie popular, the whole family is known, now every time to see the third son, Nie Qingsong has a kind of hate the feeling of steel.

"Green pine ah, recently our family out of a wizard, you know?" The old man who spoke had a small nose and eyes, a baby face, and a rather amusing smile. He was the nine elders of the House of Nie, the youngest of the nine elders.

Nie Qingsong smiled and said, "Uncle Nine, who is it? Why don't I know?"



Is to Nie Qingsong is used to numerous strong wind waves of the mind, hear this is also the face dew surprised color, "two days of three products, when the 'speed' two words, Nie home has such a talent, but I do not know, still need nine uncle to tell me, this is indeed I the chief dereliction of duty."

Nine elders shake head and sigh: "NO WONDER you, THIS MATTER IS also SPREAD today. The boy had been sickly since he was a child, and his father had once asked me to cure him, but in vain. But the boy was resolute. Even if he stayed in Juling Yipin all the time, he insisted on penance for ten years with his seriously ill body. Until a few days ago, his illness suddenly improved, and the improvement was also rapid."

"Is that what it is?

Nie Qingsong was moved and said, "Uncle Nine, what is this child's name?"

Nine Chang Lao way: "His name is Nie Kong, out of the side, also belongs to the wind character generation, his father is three years ago when capturing the spirit of the beast died in battle."

Nie Qingsong pondered: "Three years ago? I have a slight impression that he is Nie Qingyang's son."

The nine elders chug down the spirits with a squeak and say, "Green pine, do you know what kind of spiritual power Nie Kong is practicing?"

Before Nie Qingsong could speak, he said in a deep voice, "It's wood!"


Nie Qingsong was stunned at first, then frowned a little, "This is a little difficult to do, this world wood magic formula and magic are too rare, we Nie family have none, it is probably the only applicable wood magic formula, 'five star shifting formula', the rudiments of the practice, the more the more inapplicable."

After a moment's reflection, Nie Qingsong said, "Uncle Nine, let's observe him for a while. If his qualifications are really so outstanding, we will mobilize our manpower and try our best to find the wood system spirit and spirit for him in the Tianling mainland. Such a prodigy, if not properly cultivated, that is Nie's biggest loss."

"You're right."

The nine elders nodded in agreement.

"Dad, nine Grandpa, are you talking about that Nie Kong?" A white youth with a smile into the courtyard, it is Nie faddish.

"What are you doing in the Tibetan front yard instead of going to the Bingyan Cave?" Nie Qingsong's face sank, unhappy way.

"Dad, the baby just came out of the cave this morning."

Nie faddish smile way, immediately talk front A turn, SERIOUS way, "dad, nine grandpa, you say that Nie Kong I also saw, qualification is very good, do not cultivate well REALLY too pity. On the 15TH of NEXT month, THE "MAGIC WORLD" of the back mountain will be opened. The family will arrange a group of clansmen under the age of 20 to go there and experience them. Why not let him go there and have a look at them?

"Fantasy world?"

Nie Qingsong nodded slightly and said, "This is a good idea. This time, ALL THE CLansmen under the age of 20 and ABOVE THE SIX ITEMS OF THE GATHERING SPIRIT are required to enter the MAGIC realm. Since he has reached the six items of the Gathering Spirit, perhaps it is really good for his cultivation to go there once."

See father did not oppose his proposal, NIE faddy secretly proud, but in a twinkling of an eye see nine elders are smiling Yingying to see their own, the bottom of my heart a little bit faint, busy way: "Daddy, nine grandpa, you continue to chat, I go in to see the mother." "And took to his heels.



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