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Different World Who

Chapter 25 The fire of the heart

By 肖湾Published about a year ago 6 min read
Different World Who
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"Nie Kong, come on, if it's a man, point your head!" Listening to the noise, the black-faced boy Chong Nikong ticked his fingers, his face more and more proud, and he looked forward to his future.

"What are you doing?" Nie Kong smiled abruptly.

"Just gather spirit seven products."

As he spoke, the blackfaced boy's huge fist hit the red wood, and a rich red light burst out from the psionic tattoo. "Don't be afraid, brother. I will show mercy. I promise I won't let you get hurt. If you still don't dare, then lie down on your stomach and learn to meow three times, and I'll give you the red wood as well."

"Yes, yes! As a spiritual master, you have to show some blood. If you can't even agree to play games between your people, you'd better go home and marry a wife and have children."

"Ha ha, well said!

"What's the point of imitating a cat's meow? In my opinion, I'd rather let him change into a woman's dress and say three times, 'Husband, don't do this, don't do this... '"


A burst of laughter broke out, and everyone around him laughed and joked freely.


The feeling of attention made the black-faced boy's male hormones secrete rapidly. He roared like a ** * gorilla and banged his chest loudly. Then he looked down at Nie Kong with a lofty gaze, and his smile showed obvious contempt.

Nie Kong showed no sign of anger.

In his previous life, Nie Kong cured a patient who was waiting for death at home after being given up by many western medicine experts with the technique of "nine turns of the golden needle". He wrote a paper on that case with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. After the publication, dozens of medical experts attacked Nie Kong in turn and mocked him on various media. At that time, the overwhelming abuse only made Nie Kong laugh off, now this point of ridicule is too child.

Wait around a little quiet, Nie Kong look calm to the black face of the boy is waving his arms: "Can you tell me your name?"

"Brother my name is Nie Xiuge!"

The blackface boy cocked his head and grinned, and put his fingers in his ears. "Boy, are you ready to lie down and learn to meow?"

Nie Kong said with a smile, "I am a student of Chinese calligraphy. When it comes to generations, you still have to call me uncle. Come, nephew, call Uncle first."


There was a sudden end to the laughter and a stunned look at each other. In the Nie family, the direct line must be named according to the seniority chart, but there is no such requirement for the side line. Before they came, although they had heard that Nie Kong belonged to the Fengzi generation, they had never thought that Nie Kongjing would suddenly utter such a sentence.

"Are you kidding me? Shall I call you uncle?" Nie Xiuge stared like a bell and seemed to want to swallow Nie Kong.

Nie Kong complexion slightly heavy: "How? When you were young, you gave back to your master all the things you learned in the Lingtong hospital, and you don't even know how to write the words' respect your elders'?"


Nie Xiuge was so angry that everyone around looked at each other. Not to mention, in addition to their own father, all men of the style generation, whether they are legitimate or adjacent, are their uncles and uncles.

Nie Kong chuckled, shook his head and sighed: "For such a boy who does not know his rank, to tell the truth, I am not interested in playing with him."

Yi? Game!

Listen to Nie Feng's words, it seems that he intends to agree to play with Nie Xiuge. Hey, hey, what is a cry uncle, I will play later and then beat back!

So, they repeatedly to Nie Xiuge to make a wink.

"Uncle... Uncle..."

Nie Xiuge's dark skin swelled into purple sauce. After holding back the two words for a long time, his eyes were full of humiliation.

"Poor baby."

Nie Kong gave a secret voice compassionately, and then laughed, "This is right, Xiu Ge, my dear nephew, come, come, since your hand is itchy, I'll give you some Pointers..."

"Take that!

Before Nie Kong's words were finished, Nie Xiuge, who had already filled his chest with anger, gritted his teeth and stared at the ground with a roar. Like an angry little lion, he brandished his right fist fiercely to Nie Kong and quickly ran toward thunder.


Nie Xiuge fist face red, scattered overflow of hot as if the air is burning up, the void between the two people suddenly broke out a burst of harsh sound.

This is the "Blazing Heart Fist"!

In Nie's family, it is a very good art of a lower quality. In THE LAND OF HEAVEN AND SPIRIT, SPIRIT FORMULA AND SPIRIT ARE DIVIDED INTO LOWER QUALITY, MIDDLE QUALITY, TOP QUALITY AND DAY QUALITY. The better the practice of SPIRIT FORMULA AND spirit, the higher the need to practice, and the spirit division OF THE following NINE products can only practice the lower quality SPIRIT formula AND SPIRIT.


Nie Kong's eyes were slightly fixed. Although Nie Xiuge was born with a tall cow and a big horse, his punching speed was not slow at all. He was much faster than Nie Kong who had only practiced spiritual skills for two or three days.

Yesterday and Xiangxiang countless times to cooperate, let Nie Kong had a strong reaction ability. At the critical moment, Nie Kong did not have any idea in his mind. It was almost a reflex. "Crackling" left arm threw out, and his five fingers, like cones, pecked at Nie Xiuge's fist surface.

Flowers burst!

At the moment of contact between the two sides, the green awn flashed away, and the flowers condensed in the fingertips had no time to be caught by the eyes, then exploded.


The extraordinary intense sound of the shock, so that has gathered over, are laughing and pointing to the crowd stayed for a while.

The next moment, a large figure flew out of the air and fell heavily into the trees a few meters away, hitting the ground seemed to tremble.

"How is it possible that Hugo was defeated in one blow?"

Everyone on the face of the smile froze instantly, gaping at Nie Xiuge holding his right arm sitting up, eyes revealed unbelievable meaning.

In their opinion, Nie Kong only had six products of gathering spirit, and the time for his promotion was too short. Moreover, there was no spiritual art applicable to the wood spiritual master, so the disadvantage was very obvious. However, Nie Xiuge was strong and had seven products of Gathering spirit, and the spiritual art "Fierce flame blazing Heart fist".

Has absolute advantage in NieXiuGe, in absolute inferiority NieKong, on the "play" should be very clear, that is set to NieKong NieXiuGe with thunder down, according to his will on the ground after hard beatings, made the claim to be "the genius of genius" guy know what self-knowledge, swept away just now was forced to call him "uncle" silent anger. And by the way, they can get around and throw a three-punch punch.

Everything, will be perfect, very happy!

However, the reality is cruel, the result is completely reversed. This huge contrast, let everyone stunned for a long time to come to their senses.

"You, you absolutely more than gather spirit six products..." Nie Xiuge struggled to his feet, eyes red, pointing to Nie Kong hissed, his right arm seemed to have burst open, drooped weakly at his side, bursts of pain made his cheek twitch, forehead covered with sweat.

Nie Kong was surprised. Even though he had experienced the power of "flower explosion" yesterday, he found that he had underestimated this skill. The explosive power produced by "Flower explosion" in the battle was completely beyond his expectation.

Hearing Nie Xiuge's hysterical Shouting, Nie Kong let out a light sigh and said with a smile, "My dear nephew, I'm really sorry that I forgot to tell you that it was yesterday that my uncle was in the" Seven products of my uncle ", just like you."



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