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Demon in You

Dax and Lily

By Kristine Jay Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Dax and Lily

In the mystical land of Inferno, there lived a demon named Dax. As the prince of darkness, he was feared and respected by all the creatures of the underworld. Dax was known for his powerful magical abilities, his sharp mind and his ruthless nature. He was the epitome of evil and nothing seemed to stand in his path.

But one day, while wandering around the mortal realm, Dax came across a village where a young girl caught his attention. She was a simple minded, god fearing girl named Lily who lived with her parents in a small cottage on the outskirts of the village. Dax was immediately drawn to her innocent and pure soul. He had never seen anyone like her before.

Despite being a demon, Dax couldn't help but feel intrigued by Lily's kind and gentle nature. As he observed her from afar, he started to realize that he was developing feelings for her. He was perplexed by this sudden change in his emotions. How could he, a demon from the underworld, be falling in love with a mortal girl?

Dax couldn't shake off the feeling, so he decided to pay a visit to Lily's village in disguise. He transformed himself into a handsome young man and introduced himself as David. Lily was immediately enamored by his charming personality and they started spending more and more time together.

As they grew closer, Dax started to understand the true meaning of love and compassion. He saw how Lily's faith in God brought peace and happiness to her life, something he never knew existed. He found himself drawn to her faith and started to question his own beliefs.

But just when everything seemed perfect, an unexpected twist turned their love story into a hilarious comedy. Dax had forgotten to hide his demonic traits when he was around Lily. One day, while they were on a walk, Dax's true form was accidentally revealed when he got too excited and accidentally set a tree on fire with his powers.

Lily was shocked and terrified, thinking that her beloved David was actually a demon. She ran away from him, screaming for help. Dax tried to explain himself and convince her that he had fallen in love with her. But Lily didn't believe him and thought he was trying to deceive her.

In an attempt to win her back, Dax turned to prankster tactics. He would hide in the bushes and scare her, pretending to be a ghost. He would transform into various animals and follow her around, trying to make her laugh. His antics were so outrageous and funny that Lily couldn't help but laugh and eventually forgive him.

This incident made Dax realize that he didn't need to be feared and respected by everyone. He just wanted to be loved and accepted for who he was. And in Lily, he had found someone who loved him for his true self, demon traits and all.

Their love story became the talk of the underworld and the heavens. It was a love that transcended all boundaries and norms. Dax had found his true love in the most unexpected place and Lily had found a love that was beyond her wildest dreams. And as they say, love knows no boundaries, not even the boundary between heaven and hell.


About the Creator

Kristine Jay

I have the widest and wildest imagination, but it's hard for me to express them sometimes ...

I like writing short stories, especially fictional love stories, fantasy and drama.

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  • Test2 months ago

    Beautifully written story!

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