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'deja vu'

you can also caught

By armaghanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
don't let it be

Alice had always been a curious person, but lately, she had been experiencing something strange. Every now and then, she would have a moment where she felt like she had already experienced what was happening. She would suddenly remember details of the event, but she was sure she had never been there before.

It started with small things, like walking down the street and feeling like she had seen the same car pass by twice. But soon, it became more intense. One day, she was sitting in a coffee shop, and she knew exactly what the stranger at the next table was going to order before they said a word. Another time, she felt like she knew the plot of a movie she had never seen before.

Alice couldn't explain this strange feeling, but she was determined to find out what was going on. She started to keep a journal of every time she experienced these moments, trying to find patterns or connections.

One day, she received an invitation to a party. As soon as she walked into the room, she knew she had been there before. She could remember the colors of the decorations, the sound of the music, and the people she had met. It was all so vivid, but she was sure it had never happened.

Alice decided to confront the host of the party. She approached him and asked him if he had ever thrown a party like this before. The host looked surprised and told her that he had never met her before, let alone thrown a party like this.

Alice was confused and frustrated. She couldn't explain what was happening to her, and nobody seemed to have any answers. But then, she met a woman at the party who seemed to understand. The woman introduced herself as a psychic and explained that Alice was experiencing something called "deja vu".

The psychic told Alice that deja vu was a glimpse into another life, a parallel universe where the same events were happening. She explained that Alice was sensitive to the vibrations of this other universe and that's why she was experiencing these strange moments.

Alice was amazed and intrigued by what the psychic had told her. She started to embrace her sensitivity and began to explore the possibilities of parallel universes. She realized that her curiosity had led her to something truly extraordinary, and she was excited to see where this newfound knowledge would take her.

As Alice delved deeper into the mysteries of parallel universes, she found herself experiencing more and more intense moments of deja vu. She became obsessed with the idea of exploring these other worlds and started to conduct experiments to try and find a way to travel between them.

She spent long nights studying physics, mathematics, and metaphysics, trying to understand the nature of reality and how to manipulate it. And then, one day, she had a breakthrough.

Alice discovered a way to create a portal between universes, a wormhole that could transport her from one world to another. She was ecstatic and terrified at the same time, but her curiosity was too strong to resist.

With trembling hands, Alice stepped through the portal and found herself in a world that was familiar but different. The people she met looked like people she knew, but their lives were different. The places she visited were the same, but they had different histories.

Alice explored this new world with wonder and awe, but she soon realized that her actions had consequences. Every time she changed something in this world, it would have a ripple effect on her own world. And the more she explored, the more she realized that there were infinite possibilities and infinite consequences.

Alice became addicted to the thrill of exploring these other worlds, but she knew she couldn't keep doing it forever. She knew that her actions could have dire consequences, and she needed to be careful.

So, Alice made a decision. She would close the portal and return to her own world. She would continue to explore the mysteries of parallel universes, but she would do it with caution and respect.

With a heavy heart, Alice stepped back through the portal, and it closed behind her. She was back in her own world, but she knew that she was forever changed by her experiences. And she was excited to see where her curiosity and her newfound knowledge would take her next.


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A lover for all lover of my wife a lover of my kids lover of my parents and friends. A traveler a foodie and full deep diver in the ocean of thoughts and bring some different ways to see about this universe and nature and human behaviour

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