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Decadent Delights

by Catherine Guillotte 11 months ago in Fantasy
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A Tale of Sin

Decadent Delights
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The manor was bustling with activity as the staff prepared for the wedding of the Dutchy’s eldest daughter. Cecilia Ganet was known throughout the land for her beauty, kindness and charity. It was no wonder she would one day be queen.

Decadent scents filled with the stone walls as the gourmet and his assistants tried their hardest to form a magnificent feast from the available scraps. A famine had hit the land during the harvest season, so the food stores were unusually low this year..

Taking in a deep breath, Millicent Ganet, youngest daughter of the Dutchy of Gula, savored the sweet scents filling the air. The famine had affected all citizens of the kingdom, but none quite so harshly as Millicent. The portly girl was used to her breakfast and second breakfast followed by a nice brunch then lunch with a wide variety of snacks keeping her company until supper. Where Cecilia caught the eye of princes, Millicent caught the eye of bakers and gourmets, all eager for her coin.

“Oh gods, I’ve missed this.” Millicent sighed pleasantly, almost tasting the sweet desserts, the warm breads and the savory pork. This was going to be the biggest event of the year, and she would not waste the opportunity to sate her hunger.

Her parents tried to teach her about self-control and charity, that gluttony itself was a sin. The fact that her people starved while she gorged on rich pastries and hearty meats hardly bothered her. After all, she was born a noble. It was her right to enjoy life and its many luxuries.

“Can you believe it, Millie?!” Cecilia exclaimed, her tall, slender and blonde sister twirling through the hall and interrupting her peace. “I’m getting married! This might be the most wonderful evening of my entire life.”

“Oh yes… thrilling.” Millicent nodded in agreement, “I’m so happy for you.” Her tone was bland, trying to hide her disdain..

Cecilia laughed, turning to smile down at her. She always hated her perfect, older sister. Cecilia’s was flawless with her flaxen hair and sapphire eyes fixed upon a thin, delicate face. Millicent was the complete opposite with a short stature, round face and unremarkable brown hair. Cecelia had all the talent, charm and luck in the world, while Millicent had only her treats.

“Whatever will you do when I’m gone?” Cecilia asked, “Oh I’ll miss you.”

“I don’t know.” Millicent replied, her mind fixated on the fact that once Cecilia was gone, that’d be one less plate at the table.

Giggling with mirth, Cecilia spun around her once more, before gasping. “Oh dear, look at the time.” She stared out the window, “I have to get ready.”

“Yes, you should! You should not be late to your own wedding,” Millicent shook her head, before shooing her sister along. “Go, get ready. I will go check on the kitchen staff, make sure everything is perfect.”

“Oh thank you, Millie!” Cecilia exclaimed, hurrying up the stairs with the grace of a gazelle.

There were days she wished she were a lion, preying upon slender gazelles, but she would just seriously miss cake.

Humming to herself, Millicent headed downstairs, making her way through the dark corridor of the Gulastra Manor. Soon that darkness faded to reveal the soft, warm and inviting glow of the kitchens. Saliva began to pool within her jaws, threatening to overflow as the irresistible scents of the fresh baked goods and roasted meats assaulted her senses.

Licking her lips like a starving animal, Millicent turned the corner and gasped with shock, and relief. Oh gods, it was so beautiful seeing the kitchen in full operation. The staff was on break and she was free to admire the scenery without interruption. Every counter and table was covered with tasty treats and salty starters. In the hearth, a massive bowl of stew was resting while a whole hog dripped fresh juices into the pot. This was as close to heaven as she would ever get in this life.

With a happy sigh, Millicent entered the kitchen, reaching out and fondly touching a platter of fresh fruit. Fruit was nice, but she preferred it baked in a nice, sweet pie.

Scanning around, she smiled as her gaze settled upon three fruit pies. That was a good place to start.

She picked up a fruit tart and a cookie along the way and finished both before she came to a stop in front of the pies. Licking her hands clean, she reached forward, dipping her finger into the warm berry glaze leaking out of the crust.

“Mmm…” her eyes closed as she tasted the sweet, but tart filling. Gods, she missed this.

She picked the pie up and turned to leave, only to freeze.

What was that?

Turning to look back, she gasped as she saw a magnificent five tier cake smothered in chocolate icing. Unable to resist, Millicent found herself drawn to the cake like a moth to a flame. The cake was five layers tall with expertly crafted chocolate flowers with sliced strawberry centers.

She stood in awe of the multi-tiered cake and didn’t notice her hands go limp, but she heard the resounding splat as the pie hit the floor.

“What- aww…” she huffed, crossing her arms as she looked down to the ruined dessert.

Just one bite.

The thought crossed her mind, but somehow, it seemed foreign, like perhaps it was not her own.

She paid it no mind, because deep within her heart, she agreed.

Just one bite would not hurt. In fact, that was a 5 tier cake. It was taller than her, taller than Cecilia! They wouldn’t notice if a bite was missing.

Looking around, she was relieved to see the staff had not returned.

Sneaking around to the other side, she lifted her hand to pluck one of the chocolate flowers off the side. She smiled a moment at the delicately crafted petals, before plopping it into her mouth. The chocolate melted immediately, but she could just barely taste the hint of strawberry. Shrugging, she plucked the matching sliced strawberry next.

“Mmm-mm…” her eyes closed with delight at the sweet, tangy finish. That was good, but she knew it would be better together.

She reached up to grab a chocolate flower and the strawberry at the same time. The combination of cocoa and fruit was perfection, but her hunger was far from satisfied. In fact, her stomach began to hurt, craving more. The pain began to grow, gnawing at her innards in anticipation. At this point, she didn’t want the cake, she needed it.

Lifting her hands as high as she could, she grabbed hold of the top tier. Grunting, she struggled to lift it, her bosom brushing up against the other larger layers. Gritting her teeth, Millicent lifted with all her strength and the top tier came free, only to immediately crash to the ground.

“Damn!” she exclaimed, staring at the stone floor now covered in cake and pie. What a waste.

She was hungry, but not hungry enough to eat like an animal off the floor. Turning her gaze, she settled on the next layer.

Stepping over the ruined desserts, Millicent made off with her prize.

Her intention had to been to take it upstairs and eat in the seclusion of her room, but with the cake in hand, she looked down and the pain returned. Her mouth began to salivate as her breathing became labored, her stomach writhing beneath her skin, seeming to stretch and bump the cake.

Just one bite.

Knocking off a plate of fresh vegetables, Millicent set the cake down in its place. Manners said she needed a fork, but the hunger said she could do without.

Her fingers slid into the cake, the icing and soft, spongy layers mushing like mud between her fingers. Some part of her brain registered that this was wrong, but that thought was overwhelmed as she tasted the cake for the first time. It was magnificent, overflowing her senses with a rich, dark chocolate foundation combined with a tangy and sweet strawberry cream. Her eyes went wide and her other hand immediately reached into the cake.

She tore the dessert apart with ravenous delight, flinging icing, cake and strawberries alike in the air and onto her hair and clothes. By the time she devoured the cake, the pain in her stomach only increased.

Looking back, her gaze focused on the remaining three layers of the wedding cake.

Just one bite.

Millicent had just started on the final layer of cake when she heard a shocked gasp.

“Millie!” she heard someone scream her name, the sound horrified, and betrayed.


Millicent’s head snapped up, her eyes widening with shock and embarrassment. Uh-oh. Looking down to the cake, Millicent gasped. What had she done?!

“Cici, I… I am sorry, I did-

“Why do you hate me so, Millie?” Cecilia demanded, her sapphire eyes glistening with tears.

“I, I don’t…” Millicent spoke softly, knowing it was a lie. She hated Cecilia, envied her sister of everything she ever had or had done.

Just one bite.

The thought ricocheted through her mind and Millicent focused on Cecilia once more. She was beautiful with a tall, slender figure, but her flesh seemed as supple and tender as the pork in the hearth. Millicent shook her head, looking away from Cecilia. She should not have such thoughts.

“Cecelia, I…” Millicent trailed off as she felt pain in her distended and bloated stomach. She lurched forward, gagging as she felt her stomach writhe, twisting and turning within her like an angry snake. Bile rose up in the back of her throat, tears on the edge of her vision as she tried to resist the urge to vomit.

“Millie! Are you okay?” Cecilia’s voice was frantic with concern, her older sister rushing to her side.

Millicent felt her sister’s hand gently on her shoulder and turned to look up at Cecilia’s face. In that moment, her stomach wrenched violently and she choked as pain lanced through her stomach, and her skin.

Cecilia gasped and Millicent’s gaze met her sister’s. Cecilia looked terrified, agonized even, her mouth open and quavering, but no sound coming out.

Strangely, as she stared at her sister, Millicent’s own pain began to cease. The hunger slowly dissipated.

Blinking, Millicent looked down, her eyes widening as she saw a bloody appendage reaching out of her stomach, attaching itself to Cecilia’s abdomen. Blood ran freely from her sister’s stomach, the strange attachment undulating as if it was swallowing.

Cecilia choked a moment, blood welling up in her mouth, before she collapsed to the floor.

Immediately, the white growth detached itself, lifting up like a snake.

“Just one bite.” The white growth spoke with a strained, gravelly voice, its thousands of razor sharp teeth filling its head. There were no noticeable eyes, just a round head full of teeth.

Horror should have been on Millicent’s mind but as the creature looked up to her face, the pain in her stomach returned.

“No… need more… make it stop.” Millicent shook her head, and the creature turned to look back at Cecilia as her sister laying bleeding out on the floor. The worm-like creature lunged forward like a serpent, attaching itself once more to Cecilia. The beautiful relief of pain spread through Millicent’s gut once more as the creature gorged itself on Cecilia’s flesh, devouring a hole through her abdomen till the worm’s head was hidden inside the fleshy cavity.

Millicent sighed with relief, settling down onto her knees as the creature continued to feast.

Looking to Cecilia’s face, Millicent’s gaze focused upon Cecilia’s tearful, vacant eyes. The tears made her blue irises glisten as if they were glazed.

Her hand reached forward upon its own accord, her index finger plunging itself into Cecilia’s socket.

“Just… one bite.” Millicent told herself quietly, but deep in her heart, she knew she needed this.


About the author

Catherine Guillotte

Writing, gaming and creating art are my passions. Along with cats. All hail the mighty felilne overlords! Fantasy- traditional and urban- are my forte, but I dabble with romance, sci-fi and occasionally horror. Let me know what you think!

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