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Dark Atlantis

by Isavella Ziova 10 months ago in Fantasy
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The stolen kingdom

There were many times when Evan and Berta were traveling to the sea. They often took the boat from their father and were exploring the Atlantic Ocean. They were twin siblings of a businessman who rented floating in Miami. At the age of 16, they knew the sea until someone in their 50s had never met it. But that summer looked different than the others, where a typical trip of their own, brought both of them into an incredible adventure of the bottom.

It was night, when on the open, near the boundary of the Devil's Triangle as they were, Evan saw something on the surface of the water. Yelled Berta to get close to him so they can get together. Once they shed light with the spotlight they had on the boat, they saw a creature out of the fairy tales that they weren't even thinking it could exist. She was a mermaid. The creature was scared by the abrupt light, it plunged again into the dark waters of the Atlantic, but a few minutes later, it came back. He had to talk to someone about all the things that were going on at the bottom.

"Wait, don't go," she yelled at him through the water.

"Are you real? What do you want from us?" Evan yelled at her.

"I'm real. Please help me. The bottom is my house. And my house is in danger."

"Can you get out of the water to talk?" Berta asked her.

"I can, but not on the boat. You see that bay there? You can anchor near there. I'll tell you everything."

The twins, they didn't miss a minute. They drove their little boat to the bay. They docked very close to the land. Fortunately, there were no sharp rocks to endanger. It was a small natural harbor, on an island with no residents. It wouldn't be easy for people to see there are mermaids. That would be the wrong way. They were going to capture her. They'd better talk somewhere lonely.

"Do you have a name"? They asked her when they went ashore.

"My name is Anemone and I need your help."

Evan was surprised as he looked at the mermaid. She was beautiful. It was true that those who said that the beauty of a mermaid, magnetizes the male gaze, with unpredictable consequences.

"Tell us, what's bothering you"? Berta told her.

"The whole seabed is full of sharks," Anemone replied, as soon as she had laid her green shiny tail on the rocks.

The kids looked at each other for a second and laughed.

"Shouldn't I"? Berta said, "I thought the Ocean was their natural environment."

"It is," Anemone said, "but not like that. Not by stealing foreign kingdoms. They have disturbed the whole balance of the Atlantic. They've taken over Atlantis. All mermaids are in danger. They are killing uncontrollable now all over the sea."

"You said Atlantis. Just a moment. Is it real?" Evan asked her .

"Of course she's real, what you thought. It's real, and it's on the bottom, right under the Devil's Triangle. So you're going to help me kick them out?"

"What do you want us to do? We cannot go down to the bottom in such depth." Berta said.

"You can get a queue," Anemone told them.

"No, that's not possible. I'm not going to get a queue for any reason." Evan said he was kind of upset.

"You can't. But Berta is a woman and she can, if she eats the mussel I'll give her, and you can follow me in another form."

"Why should I do that? What do you want to transform me into?"

"Please, guys, help me. You'll only breathe under the bottom for 24 hours. We have to take the black pearl that the king hammerhead stole from us and return it to the queen."

"What are you going to transform me into, Anemone? I need to know before I trust you."

"Honestly, Evan, I don't know. If my act is right, the mussel will give you the form that can help us. Trust me, and in 24 hours you'll be human again. If the bottom is destroyed, people will be affected. There will be no more fish to feed, and you will not be able to swim or travel safely to sea. If the balance is disturbed, the future is predicted dark, as is Atlantis."

"Let's do it, Evan, maybe he's right. Only if we try, will we find out."

"All right, Berta, if you want to. But he has to promise us that in 24 hours we will return home safe and sound."

"I promise you guys. Try this mussel now."

Once the twins ate the mussel that the mermaid gave them, their body looks changed. Berta got a beautiful big blue, glossy tail. But Evan got a different form. The more his sister shouted his name without seeing him, the more worried he was. A few minutes later, a great white shark emerged from the sea. The two mermaids were terrified. But as the big fish gently bit Berta's tail, they realized that that shark was Evan. Maybe he couldn't talk, but he still had the ability to understand human speech and use his logic.

They have sunk in the black waters of the Atlantic. They were traveling for a while, but their distance seemed short. When they changed shape, their vision changed. They were able to distinguish the entire spectrum of colors, even where the light didn't reach. When they saw Atlantis, they didn't believe their eyes. A huge ancient city, beautiful, filled with huge buildings, was built in the depths. A different culture. It was proof that the stories written are true.

"Listen to me. The black pearl is on the King Hammer's forehead. And, Evan, I'm sorry to tell you this, but only you can get close to him so close. We as mermaids will not even be able to cross through the outside gate."

The big white shark started to shake. He's been very nervous since he heard about it, but he felt the girls, maybe they were right. Only a shark among so many of the same species would seem to be a threat. It was a good opportunity to try."

"Evan, don't be afraid," Anemone told him. "They can't recognize you. They'll feel you like one of them. Me and Berta, we're going to the western grave, where the rest of the mermaids have taken refuge with the queen. We won't be late. I promise. Wait for us near the gate."

In less than an hour they had come back with dozens of mermaids. Their colorful glossy queues shined as they were swimming in the ocean waters. But the longest and most beautiful line was the queen's. It was golded and shiny. Evan, as soon as he saw them approaching, was removed from the city. He had already met the other sharks, and had already spotted the king hammer head with the black pearl. They couldn't attack. Swimming next to the sharks was dangerous for everyone, even if you were a mermaid, you were in danger. Everything had to be discreet. They decided to sneak into town, only four mermaids. They had to release all those who were already captives in the deepest caves under the palace.

That was the easy part. They were all four so quiet, they released all the prisoners they found, easily and without anyone noticing. But Evan had the hardest job and had to do it almost alone. The queen promised him all the mermaids would be close, ready to attack to help him.

A few hours later, he met the king on his throne, in his rest. He was all alone, no guards. He assumed it was a good chance to steal it. He approached behind the throne, almost quietly. Not a single oxygen loop came out of his mouth. He jumped over the king's head, and took it off with his sharp teeth. The hammerhead felt like something, but because his eyes are right and left, he couldn't see what's going on on with his head. He saw him when Evan had already reached the palace gate.

"Guards, catch this white shark. He stole my precious pearl. I want it back." The king called immediately a dozen blue sharks took Evan on the hunt. He, though a shark beginner, swiped faster than them. That's how it is when so many people are after you. Just before she reached the city's outdoor gate, the queen stood up with all her mermaids.

"Come on, Evan, throw it at me quickly. Bring it to me and it will all be over," the queen shouted.

The white shark had come so close to the gate, much earlier than the ones who were after him. He hadn't looked behind them at all. Luckily, because if he had, he'd have found out that the whole of Atlantis was after him. He threw away the beautiful, round black pearl, and that was found right between the queen's hands. She just touched it, like something shook the whole ocean. As if there was an earthquake and a huge wave of light, it filled the sea. It was all over.

"Game over, boys," the queen told the sharks. "Leave my kingdom now. And never come back."

All the sharks, they left the city in losers. How is it that the powerful sharks can lose power? They all think they're masters of the oceans, because they're all afraid of them. But things shouldn't be like this, because the sea belongs to everyone. The Queen pardoned the King Hammerhead and all his sharks to sail freely into the sea and hunt for their food needs, but never to try again to assert power, because if ever that happens, the mermaids assured them that they would be expelled from the Atlantic Ocean forever. For their part, too, they agreed to maintain the balance. Who knows what will happen in the future, anyway.

Now that the city has been liberated, Evan and Berta thought the bottom was finally very beautiful and, in fact, they didn't regret what they agreed to do. When the time was approaching to become human again, Anemone put them back on the surface, next to the bay, that they were found the first time. But this time the queen accompanied them. It was the least he could do to please them.

"Thank you for saving my kingdom and the entire ocean. Atlantis owes you a favor and will always remember you with love, as heroes," she said.

"And thank you for trusting me and agreeing to follow me," Anemone said.

"We thank you for showing us a different culture," Berta said as soon as she had legs again.

"We can come and see you," Evan asked, as soon as it became human again. Even though he was reluctant at first to take part in this adventure.

"I'm sorry, my dear. But we live in very deep waters and people can't live down there," Anemone responded to him with sadness and was right. This could not be done. But for some reason the queen was smiling.

The next year, on that same day, Berta, along with Evan, had been in the sea as mermaid and shark forms again and celebrated with all the mermaids at the depths of the ocean. The queen had pardoned them and allowed them to visit Atlantis for only one day a year. The day they took back their kingdom. And in fact, they had become a habit, and they loved it so much, that when the years had passed and the time had come, as humans, to leave life. The Queen mermaid allowed them to change shape forever and live forever in Atlantis. And probably as we speak, they still, have to live there.


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